19 Ritter Sport Chocolates That You Have Got To Try!

20 Ritter Sport Chocolates That You Have Got To Try!

Ritter Sport is one of the leading German chocolate companies when it comes to the making of  real chocolates. Not only are they delicious to have, but also delicious to look at it. They come in different sizes. Some chocolates consist a variety of nuts, so if you are allergic to them, then you better read this and guide yourself through the world of these delicious chocolates. All the Ritter Sport bars have a very simple way of opening it, so don’t have to try biting the packet off or going berserk for a pair of scissors. Packaged in a square shape and the regular pack is having 12 cubes of the extremely delicious chocolate bar, this is one kind which will make you want to splurge on it without having to think twice. So, here are the top 20 flavors that you just have to try!

1. Ritter Sport Fine Milk Chocolate

This is the basic flavor that you will find in any category of chocolates. Made with the creamiest of milk and cocoa, this one has a very rich taste. This chocolate melts you gradually as the cube go around in your mouth. And when it finishes, you will be left with a milky flavour which will constantly remind of its great taste.


2. Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate

This one is for the ardent coffee lovers everywhere. What do you do when you are craving a cup of espresso- instead of always going for the regular coffee, you try this one for a change. The Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate will give you the taste of rich coffee with a brilliant aroma. Filled with a rich coffee filling inside, you are bound to become a glutton for this one. One might call it addicting, but this will always be a sweet addiction!


3. Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse Chocolate

You must have always had this flavor while trying a sinful tub of ice cream or a piece of delicious cake. But, here is a twist in the confectionary. The Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse Chocolate is actually filled with cocoa mousse inside, and it will bring out those sweet memories flooding back again. This is worth a shot for any chocolate lover.


4. Ritter Sport Marzipan Chocolate

Marzipan is a white filling that is made with ground almonds and honey. It contains its nutty flavour which is neither too sweet nor too bland. Pairing it up with the chocolate makes it hit right at the sweet spot inside your mouth and head. This filling is put inside each cube, and all of them taste equally great. Marzipan is something which is not commonly had in India so explore this one to know what it tastes like.


5. Ritter Sport Praline Chocolate

Praline is made of a mixture of nuts which is boiled in sugar. The nuts may be solid or grounded. The praline is usually used as an ingredient for filling in chocolate. They somewhat resemble the chocolate fudge in its looks and a kind of have similar taste too. The Ritter Sport Praline Chocolate will meet up to your expectations completely, and the smooth texture and taste will blow your mind away.


6. Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnut

This is a complete nutty delight. Consisting of whole hazelnuts, this is a beauty to eat as well as to look at. The hazelnuts are quite big in size and will keep your mouth busy for a good amount of time until you finish chewing one single cube of it. This is an extremely delicious chocolate bar, and it would be terrible to miss a chance to have this!


7. Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate

If you love that tinge of bitter in your chocolate, then this is just the piece that you are looking for. Having a mildly bitter taste, this dark chocolate will tingle your taste buds just to the right amount. Dunk it in milk, add it to your bowl of cereal or put it in between your Nutella sandwich, this is sure to stick with you!


8. Ritter Sport Fine Extra Dark Chocolate

This is for the ones who love it deviously bitter. The Fine Extra Dark Chocolate is something which requires a strong heart to handle. It rises to the levels of some of the very finest dark chocolates that can be found all over the world. Though, if you like it in spite of being bitter, it will make you want to have it again and again. But a word of caution- it is very bitter! No wonder Ritter Sport reduced the size of the cube of this particular bar. This consists of some very important chocolate planning on the part of Ritter Sport.


9. Ritter Sport Yogurt Chocolate

Who would have thought that you could have yogurt in chocolate! But, this is a unique combination which Ritter Sport has managed to bring forth for you. The white yogurt filling is sure to be a surprise for you when you taste it. Try one for yourself!


10. Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate

This one is the sweet and pink one. Belonging from the yogurt category too, this is a wonderful piece to have. The twist comes in the flavour when the strawberry is added to the yogurt in small red crunchy crumbs. It is like your regular flavoured yogurt just stuffed inside a delicious chocolate bar.


11. Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts Chocolate

Caramel is something which we all love in our chocolates. The soft, chewy caramel which sticks to our teeth is one which we just can’t forget. Now to imagine nuts dipped in caramel and put inside chocolate is a perfect trigger to set the hearts racing. This particular piece brings you the sweet, nutty delight!


12. Ritter Sport Cornflakes Chocolate

Cornflakes are not just for cereals in the breakfast, but also to bring in the crunchy punch in this chocolate. After biting into this bar, it’s a guarantee that you will never look at this breakfast cereal in the same way again. When cornflakes become a chocolaty delight, you just can’t get over it!


13. Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit Chocolate

It will always be a memory to sit in the evening with a cup of tea and the old time butter biscuits. The sheer buttery and smooth taste of those biscuits are something which will always be etched in your memory. This biscuit will always bring back those childhood and youth days, and if you are already in that phase, then this will create some beautiful memories to last a lifetime. This chocolate is a teleporter in this case because the taste of those butter biscuits and chocolate will transport you back to your old days.


14. Ritter Sport Coconut Chocolate

Coconut has always been a cheeky ingredient in chocolates. It manages to give you the traditional taste as well as pair it up with the chocolate. If you have had Bounty, you can guess the taste of a coconut chocolate. This is similar to it, just creamier and more magnificent.


15. Ritter Sport Caramel Mousse Chocolate

Here comes the caramel with a high-level sophistication. The mousse adds the extra class, extra taste, extra sweet and extra brilliance. Filled with caramel mousse inside the cubes, this bar gives you the dreamy feeling of chocolate and caramel. With tiny bits of almonds mixed with the caramel mousse, you are sure to be transported to heaven.


16. Ritter Sport Biscuits and Nuts Chocolate

This is a double bonanza for the crunchy lovers out there. With the combined power of biscuits and nuts, it has double the taste which doubles the crunch and doubles the greatness of its making. The Hazelnuts bits in the chocolate give a unique nutty taste and makes it more worthwhile.


17. Ritter Sport Corn Tortilla Chips Chocolate

You can call this a nacho stuffed chocolate. The corn tortilla chips are very crunchy, and when paired up with the soft, creamy chocolate, it becomes an ideal combination. So, bite into this piece and feel the dual taste of corn and chocolate explode in your mouth.


18. Ritter Sport Whole Almond Chocolate

This nutty piece consists of whole big almonds inside the chocolate bar. Put inside the cubes and all over it; the pieces are distinctly visible. On biting into it, the crunchy almonds give you the nutty taste along with the delicious chocolate. This is worth a shot for those who love almonds.


19. Ritter Sport Peppermint Chocolate

As unusual as this sounds, it tastes unusual too. Filled with the gooey mint inside the chocolate cubes, it’s a mind-blowing taste of cool mint and the creamy chocolate. Because this is a taste you don’t come across every day, it is going to taste very different. You have to be in your senses to understand the subtlety in the taste of this chocolate. Once you have this, it’s a sure shot guarantee that you will have it again and again. This is one thing that you have to try!