20 Different Dishes Of Various Places In Tamil Nadu


1 Tirunelveli Halwa

The shop famous for Halwa in Tirunelveli, is Iruttu Kadai Halwa. It will is open only for 3 hours but draws many Halwa lovers to the place where the Halwa is prepared. The shop timing is 5 pm to 8 pm. The stirred wheat berries and the ghee make the delicious sweet Halwa, and its taste is impeccable.




Kadalamittai is a famous snack in Kovilpatti. The mixture of peanuts and honey make the tasty nibble which everyone must buy if they visit Kovilpatti.  The glistening syrup is added at the end of the manufacturing process, and wisps of coconut are spread over the peanut making it look more delicious. The glistening syrup prepared with several types of jaggery plays the most important role in making the sweet delicious.


3 Madurai Jigardhanda and Kari Dosa

As summer comes, everyone in Sothern part arrives at the roadside stall to quench their thirst by drinking Jil Jigardhanda. Jigardhanda comprises of almond gum, milk, root syrup of sarsaparilla and not to miss, yummy ice-cream. One more famous eatable in Madurai, which no one should miss, is Konar Kadai Kari dosa. Mutton chukka is the chief filler in the dosa. It is more famous for its delectable taste in Madurai than other dishes.


4 Ambur Biryani

Ambur is the best city for biryani. The uniqueness in the Ambur biryani is the usage of masalas, which are hand ground.  They avoid green chilies and ghee for making Ambur Mutton biryani. The rice used for making the individual Ambur biryani is Seeraga Samba Rice. Star hotel in Ambur is famous for cooking Ambur Mutton biryani, and they only use the wood fire to prepare the biryani.


5 Sengottai- Border Parotta

The name Border Parotta arises as the hotel is on the margin of Punnaloor in Kerala and Sengottai. The border parotta is crispier since the parotta is cooked in oil. It became famous due to the tourist place Courtallam, which is only three kilometers away from the hotel. The pepper chicken is an outstanding side dish for the parottas in the restaurant. The one more notifying point in the hotel is that they tend to use only country chicken for gravy.


6 Nanjilnadu Fish Curry

Nanjilnadu Fish Curry is the cuisine, which is popular in Kanyakumari and Nagercoil. This type of fish Curry is only available in famous tourist spot, Kanyakumari. Drumstick adds the flavor to the fish curry. The usage of coconut oil to prepare the Curries is prominent in southern part of Tamilnadu.


7 Kancheepuram Idly

Kancheepuram is famous for Silk saris along with the “Koil idly.” It is the easily digestible food, prepared in Kancheepuram. Mandharai leaves after getting dried can use to cook idly, which adds to the taste of this out of the box idly. A chef in Kancheepuram has informed that the idly can be refrigerated for more than a week. The cost of idlies lies between Rs.200 and 250. Sri Krishna hotel is famous in Kancheepuram for making this delectable idly.


8 Thoothukudi Macaroon

Ground almonds are the traditional ingredient for making Macaroons. But Thoothukudi has a different ingredient, Cashew nuts; that make it unusual. Portuguese sailors, who invented the Macaroons in Thoothukudi, used local labors. The recipe then modified by the people in Thoothukudi make a great impact among visitors to Thoothukudi. Coconut milk, egg white, and sugar add the flavor to the cashew nuts Macaroon.


9 Cabbage Fry – Salem

Salem is the city of Mango. Mango, is famous for giving flavour to many dishes prepared in Salem. Salem is known as a ‘Heaven for Vegetarians.’ The one important vegetable that attracts food lovers towards it is, Cabbage Fry. The dish is lightly spiced, and it can accompany with Sambar Rice. A steamed cabbage brings the unique taste to the dish.


10 Ooty-Varkey

It is the best evening snacks, which can be taken along with tea or coffee. It is available in bakeries and roadside stalls. When wheat flour and semolina get deep fried, tasty Varkey is ready. The texture of the snack is crunchy in appearance and puffy inside. Baking soda increases the puffiness of the snack. Ooty is also famous for home made chocolates.


11 Thalappakatti Biryani – Dindigul

The name Thalappakatti aroused from the inventor of this famous biryani. Nagaswamy Naidu, who started preparing this biryani, always wore a turban. Thus the name of Thalappakatti arrived in Dindigul.  It is famous in all over India by the name and the taste. The meat of the goats from big markets serves as taste enhancers in biryani.


12 Virudhunagar – Oil Parotta

Madurai, which is famous for several varieties of Parotta, a nearby city Madurai is more popular for Oil parotta. The special recipe of oil parotta is it gets deep fried until it turns dark brown. The parotta is baked before tossing it into oil. The difference in the appearance from other parottas is its crispiness. The famous hotels for Oil parotta are Burma hotel, Kamaliya restaurant, and Banu hotel.


13 Kara Sev- Sattur

Small besan sticks give the perfect taste of a delightful and a crunchy snack. “Shanmuga Nadar Sevu” is the famous thing in Sattur. He is the one who started selling sweets and bakery items along with the spicy Sevu. People come again and again to the shop especially for Sevu, which has become a famous snack of Sattur. The uniqueness in the recipe in Sattur Sevu is a usage of rice along with the channa dal. The spiciness of the snack is due to the chili and garlic paste in it.


14 Srivilliputhur- Palgova

The simplest form of milk peda is the palgova. It is milk sweet, and Rajput Singh used to make palgova while they were in Srivilliputhur. Simming the milk for few hours gives us the sweet palgova. Its texture is somewhat sticky, and ghee adds aroma to the sweet.


15 Arcot – Makkan Peda

Arcot is called the sweet paradise in Vellore. The Arcot Chettiar sweet stall is the place which has been famous for Makkan Peda for more than 100 years. Arcot has many sweet stalls in every busy market. Arcot Nawab is the one who found the sweet, and it was overtaken by Govindaswamy Chettiar. The small dough pieces in the form of balls are fried in the oil. The stuffing’s in the dough consist of dry fruits like cashew, almond, and walnut. The dough is made of Maida and Khoya. Then the balls fried to brown color one and soaked in the syrup made of sugar.


16 Coimbatore – Buns

The Coimbatore is well-known for its textile factories also have profusion in bakeries. The array of buns arranged in a well-established order and the fillings in the buns is a combination of sweet and coconut. An old bakery named KR Bakes is famous for its coconut buns. It is the teatime snack, which every food lover must taste.


17 Chennai – Vadacurry

The best side dish of idly and dosa and serves as a first-class breakfast in Chennai. Saidapet is famous for the VadaCurry. The pieces of vada are left floating on the spicy gravy which is an attractive dish for any food lover. It is the masala Vadacurry which accompanies the set dosa.


18 Karaikudi – Chettinad Cuisine

The Chettinad cuisine is unique for its spicy non-vegetarian dishes. Chettinad chicken is more popular than other chicken varieties. It is cooked by immersing the chicken in coconut and spices. The spices used for cooking the chicken are made at the same time therefore giving it a unique taste. The Chettinad cuisine is also famous for vegetarian dishes like Pepper Sambar, Keerai Kootu, Paruppu masiyal, etc.


19 Murukku – Manaparrai

Every name given to the dishes has its origin. In the same way, the crispy and savory snack Murukku has its own feature. The shape of the snake is twisted, which means murukku in Tamil. The Tamilnadu government recognized for a geographical indication tag for Murukku made in Manapparai. The main ingredients in the Murukku are Rice and Urad dal. The spiral shaped snack comes from the dough, which gets the shape using a mold.


20 Degree Filter Coffee – Kumbakonam

The special process in making Degree filter coffee is Drip Decotion method. It has many specialties in Kumbakonam coffee. The coffee beans from Tamilnadu hills like Nilgiri, Yercaud makes special coffee from Robusta and Arabica coffee seeds. The chicory used in the coffee is less and quality of the coffee powder is high in degree coffee. The brass tabara vessel for serving coffee makes it special.