20 Types Of Homemade Hummus


These straightforward hummus recipes make it so simple to make this beautiful food at home. If you have a blender, a few pantry staples, and five minutes, you have everything you need to make it home. Chickpeas and pine nuts are not the only ingredients in hummus. Sweet potatoes, chocolate, and tangy feta cheese are all present in these recipes!

1. Lemon Hummus

This recipe injects fixings that permit the lemon to become the dominant focal point. It calls for a lot of lemons, tahini, oil, salt, and chickpeas. Make sure to use fresh lemons for a stronger lemon flavor. To give your lemon a more robust flavor punch, zest one tablespoon of the rind before you squeeze it.

2. Pumpkin Hummus

This savoy, bursting with autumnal flavors, super-simple pumpkin hummus, goes perfectly with the hearty fall vegetables. It adds a savory kick by combining cumin, a quarter can of pumpkin puree, and traditional hummus seasonings.

3. Roasted Pepper Hummus

Roasted red peppers and a small amount of cayenne pepper give this roasted red pepper hummus a smoky, almost meaty kick. It is decadent, rich, and the ideal substitute for mayonnaise on any sandwich. Pre-packaged roasted red peppers are an option if you’re short on time; however, making your own is a breeze!

4. Classic Hummus

It calls for cumin, tahini, garlic, chickpeas, lemon juice, and other typical hummus ingredients. Blend everything in a food processor until it is creamy and delicious. Paprika or fresh herbs can be used as a garnish.

5. Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

This basic hummus with sun-dried tomatoes tastes like summer on a plate. The fresh green basil stands out against the rich and irresistible pale orange of the tomatoes as they blend. Sun-dried tomatoes’ savory and slightly sweet flavors complement fresh basil perfectly. A creamy base made of lemon, chickpeas, and tahini holds it all together.

6. Easy Feta Hummus

The tangy and creamy feta cheese pairs wonderfully with the rich, savory, and nutty hummus base. Cheese makes everything better, right? The decadent flavors of chickpeas, lemon, garlic, and tahini go well with feta cheese. It transforms those intense flavors into something lighter and a little creamier.

7. Garlic Hummus

The five fixings incorporate chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and olive oil. Blend these ingredients in a food processor until smooth and rich.

8. Smoked Hummus

Though there is no meat in this recipe for smoked hummus gives it a meaty flavor. It takes extra effort to smoke all your ingredients before putting them in the food processor, but it is well worth it! It is time to step away from barbecue ribs and pork shoulder in your smoker. Cook the chickpeas around 45 minutes on lesser heat for massive smoked flavors.

9. Butternut Squash Hummus

This hummus dish’s texture is slightly altered by the higher moisture content of butternut squash for added moisture, making it ideal for dipping. This hummus contains a variety of fall-flavored staples and butternut squash, which has a slightly sweet flavor. This hummus merits looking at with a dash of cinnamon matched with splendid kinds of lemon, garlic, and nutty tahini.

10. Mediterranean Hummus

While many cooks at home take the time to peel each chickpea, not all do so on time. The secret to vibrant hummus without expecting to strip those chickpeas is adding a baking soft drink to your fixings. Baking soda works to break down the tough chickpea skins and raises the pH of your hummus.

11. Romesco Hummus

Romesco is a traditional Spanish sauce made with toasted almonds and charred tomatoes and peppers. This Romesco hummus is a decadent dip that goes well with just about anything. It has all those savory flavors combined into one. This type of hummus uses a chickpea and tomato base that includes a powerful flavor punch, unlike other hummus recipes.

12. Spanish Hummus

Be assured that this recipe is as straightforward to prepare as transition hummus. Mediterranean hummus is transformed into spicy Spanish hummus by adjusting the added seasoning. Mix your hummus in the same way you would with regular hummus. When you add toppings, the magic happens! Spanish paprika and toasted pine nuts impart a meaty, smoky flavor that is ideal for dipping.

13. Chocolate Hummus

This recipe tastes like brownie batter, despite its odd name. In addition, it’s a great way to indulge in chocolate without feeling guilty. This recipe calls for black beans instead of chickpeas. In a blender, combine the black beans, cocoa powder, sweeteners, oil, and vanilla extract.

14. Cucumber Hummus

This cucumber hummus with dill packs enormous hummus enhances that are light, splendid, and make an effort not to stress about the calories. Cucumbers help transform the hummus’s dense ingredients into something vibrant and summery.

15. Sweet Potato Hummus

Easy to make, this sweet potato hummus is vibrant, flavorful, and colorful. This sweet and smoky dish perfectly combines sweet potatoes, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper. This hummus is a little heartier than your typical hummus and has a lot of creaminess from the sweet potatoes.

16. Broccoli Hummus

This broccoli hummus is a must-try if you adore broccoli. The finished product is a light, summery shade of green, and it tastes great! It looks amazing! The luscious hummus base complements the abundant fresh parsley and rich broccoli perfectly.

17. Cauliflower Hummus

It substitutes roasted cauliflower for the traditional base of chickpeas. It has half the calories and tastes just as good and creamy. Roasting cauliflower rather than steaming it is the key to flavorful chickpea-free hummus.

18. Greek Hummus

If you want to make your favorite restaurant or store-bought hummus again, this dip is a great option. The fact that this recipe can be made in just five minutes and is simple to prepare is the best part.

19. Lemon Spinach Hummus

This lemon spinach hummus is an excellent method for slipping some additional sustenance into your regular nibble meetings. It has a lot of lemon juice, making it light and bright. The earthy flavors and beautiful green color come from the spinach.

20. Slow-Roasted Tomato Hummus

With only a few ingredients, this slow-roasted tomato hummus recipe packs a powerful punch. Slow-roasting your tomatoes in salt, herbs, and a little amount of sugar is the key to this flavorful hummus. Cooking them in the oven takes about two hours, but it’s well worth the extra time and effort.