How To Make Adai Aviyal – Kerala Adai Aviyal – Quick One Minute Video


The adai and aviyal is the best combo to have as a breakfast in the morning. The aviyal is an origin of South India, most common in the Kerala and Udupi cuisines.

Aviyal plays a significant role in the Sadhya, Keralite vegetarian feast served in the banana leaf during special events. It is prepared with coconut and mixture of vegetables. That serves a side dish for rice and adai.

The adai also has its origin from South India and the batter is prepared with the mixture of dhal. The adai tastes exotic when had with aviyal and a good pair to have in the morning.

It is a healthy food and people would love to have it atleast once a week when they have tasted the food. Just try out the recipe and overwhelm in joy.

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