How To Make Cutlet – Quick One Minute Video


The Cutlet is the common snack variety that is done at every house with the ingredient available at home. The veggies (carrot, capsicum, tofu Paneer,onion, potato) are being used in plenty for the stuffing. Each and every
vegetable has high nutritional value, consider carrot, rich in Vitamin A and C. Tofu Paneer is low in calories and the fat value is lesser than the normal

paneer. The taste buds are aroused when we fry the cutlet with minimal oil in the pan. The best side dish would be tomato ketchup or it can be eaten without any side dish. Since all the flavours are enclosed within the cutlet.

The crispness of the cutlet is due to the bread crumps that are coated over it. So, why do you wait? Just try out the dish

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