Not Just Pizzas – The Right Choice Of Pizza Lovers!


Not Just Pizzas is a restaurant which can even overpower the dominos and pizza hut. People call this place NJP. This is actually the best and right choice for pizza lovers. They have the taste of freshness with overloaded cheese.

People, who taste the pizzas here, will recommend it over dominos. NJP has a big menu and they charge nominally. As their name Not Just Pizzas, they have a big menu loaded with pasta, salads, pizza, calzones, and breadsticks.

The shop is open until 2 am. So if you ever feel hungry at midnight, NJP’s doors are always open for you. Three Musketeers is a type of Pizza with cheese of three varieties. Desi Tandoori Paneer Pizza available here is delicious.

Authentic Italian pizza crust, mozzarella cheese, and sauces are also available here. They always ensure that the pizza they serve, be it a delivery or dine in, are always fresh and hot.

Cheese garlic bread sticks will never disappoint you and you can enjoy it with coke or any other beverage. Overall this place should be rated 5 out 5 in terms of food, quality, service, cost, and ambience. It is the right choice for pizza lovers.

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