Top 20 Biscuit Brands In India


Tea and biscuits are a terrific combination. If you are searching for an ideal thing to fulfill your craving and content, biscuits are a great choice. Biscuits are a tasty nibble for youngsters, teenagers, grown-ups, and seniors and have been found in most kitchen spaces. In this article, we have a rundown of top biscuit brands in India, which will end up being the ideal allies for your evening time.

1. Parle 

Parle food organization holds the highest portion of the Indian biscuit market and is well known for the biscuit brand Parle-G which is likewise the top bread brands in India. Parle-G and a large group of other top-of-the-line marks, the Parle name represents quality, nourishment and predominant taste. This brand is known to convey both well-being and taste.

2. Britannia 

Britannia bread is produced using the best quality fixings to provide you with a bit of goodness. Adding up, it utilizes essential fixings like wheat, sugar, milk, and vanilla, and that is just the beginning. This item is confirmed by FSSAI, guaranteeing all the well-being principles.

3. Sunfeast 

The Sunfeast is a well-known BISCUIT brand in India that was laid out in 2003. Sunfeast has been answerable for spreading joy, happiness, fulfillment, and joy among every individual. The brand produces and sells bread rolls, including Glucose, Marie, and Cream Bread rolls, and is among the well-known bread roll organizations in India.

4. NutriChoice 

NutriChoice ceaselessly rouses and urges individuals to use sound judgment by offering biscuits and treats. The organization provides various biscuits with nutritious parts to further develop your general prosperity. These are made utilizing essential fixings like Oats, Ragi, Wheat, corn, Honey, Rice, etc, that are wealthy in high fiber content to work on stomach-related well-being.

5. Priya Gold 

Priya Gold is among India’s number-one biscuit brands. The brand produces treats, cakes, confectionaries, and juices/refreshments over 20 nations. The organization prepares every day with energy, guaranteeing simply the most significant items get conveyed on the lookout, all day, every day. The organization’s enthusiasm lies in custom, utilizing hands down the best fixings to make the most delicious items. The brand conveys the best cream biscuits in India.

6. Unibic 

Unibic is a well-known Indian biscuit brand that offers various flavors and taste to draw in clients. They have more than 40 flavors to browse, exemplary choco chip treats to sans sugar. You will unquestionably partake in the culinary experience. Besides, it has a wire-slice innovation that assists with holding non-abrasiveness.

7. Orion 

ORION is a Korean brand that makes tasty biscuits and cupcakes. From there, the sky is the limit, making it wonderful to eat at home with family or companions. They utilize the 100 percent veggie lover fixings like sugar, wheat flour, glucose, cocoa, milk, cheddar, and other emulsifiers to give you an authentic taste.

8. Cremica 

Cremica follows the best-assembling processes in the business to guarantee the richest taste and premium quality. They present the ideal mix of chosen fixings, and premium taste comes from deciding the best fixings. The brand makes and sells oats treats, Marie, corn biscuits, and numerous others. They raise wonderful recipes, well-being-focused fixings, and a terrific taste.

9. Cadbury

Oreo cream biscuits and treats are a lot of well-known in India, particularly among kids who entered the Indian biscuit market with Cadbury. An Oreo is a sandwich treat comprising two wafers with a sweet creme filling and is the top chocolate biscuit brand you can go for if you love chocolates. They are a must-try.

10. Anmol 

Anmol Ventures Restricted is a bundled food organization, significantly zeroing in on biscuits, cakes, and treats. They have significant areas of strength in Northern and Eastern India. Likewise, you can browse 61 assortments of biscuits and 26 sorts of cake. Anmol conveys mouth-watering treats and crunchy biscuits treats your faculties to a universe of flavor and crunch.

11. Duke’s Biscuits 

The brand conveys biscuits, wafers, treats, chocolates, cakes and so forth and today possesses 15 conditions of the craftsmanship producing centers all over India comprehensively under three brands by the name of – Dukes, Treff, and Dynas. Duke’s biscuits sell biscuit flavors like chocolate buzz biscuits, whiskey, strawberry cream four tomfoolery, milk buzz biscuits, top spread wafers, Marie break, etc.

12. Wheafree 

Wheafree is the most confided-in without gluten brand in India. The group is continually endeavoring to foster bona fide gluten-free renditions of your number one food sources that one can savor at the best costs. Adding up, the biscuits work out positively for morning tea to help yourself for exercises, late-night studies, and during traveling.

13. Rose Biscuits 

Rose Biscuits are fabricated by Veeramani Biscuit Businesses Restricted, broadly known as VBIL. The brand has been renowned starting around 1987 in the space of Hyderabad. It creates various biscuits like cream, glucose, Marie biscuits, and so on. Rose additionally makes treats, rusks, Wafer assortments, Papad assortments, and so on.

14. Haldiram Biscuits 

Haldiram Biscuits come in three unique sorts, sweet, exemplary, and salted, remembering the diverse taste. This season goes full scale and partakes in each nibble. Nobody can eat only one! The brand produces biscuit flavors like treats, coconut, badam Pista, ajwain, and so forth, and will be one of the Top best biscuit brands in 2022

15. Pillsbury 

The brand carries items like sweet biscuits with icing, refrigerated treats, frozen biscuits, and multiple heavenly biscuit flavors under every classification. Pillsbury is a brand of biscuits that makes numerous other flavorful food items like Pillsbury bread, sickle rolls, treats, pizza, brownies, and so on.

16. FUN2

The various assortments of biscuits are made at the Fun2 store, satisfying the food quality guidelines. They essentially center around consumer loyalty with sterile pressing and convenient conveyance. They have delicious and terrific biscuits.

17. Nature Valley 

Nature Valley depends on natural energy, any place and at whatever point you want it by making the best quality all-time snacks with correct fixings and flavors. They utilize the most regular fixings like grain oats and healthy peanuts, almonds, and nut margarine.

Nature valley fabricates biscuits and biscuit sandwiches of flavors including coconut margarine, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry treats, etc.

18. Horlicks Biscuits 

Horlicks Biscuits were presented in 1992 and from that point forward, the brand has seen expanding fame. These are loved by the two kids and guardians. Each pack gives 100% calcium and the biscuits are accessible in elaichi and other standard flavors.

19. Karachi Osmania Biscuits

Karachi Osmania Biscuits are a superb choice. These are made utilizing refined wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, sugar, margarine, milk, and iodized salt. They hold back regular flavors and are heated new to fulfill your yearning. Additionally, you do not need to stress you’re your well-being as no additives and added substances are being added to it.

20. Sobisco 

Sobisco is essential for the Sona Biscuits Ltd bunch, which was consolidated in 1992. Its administrative centers are in Kolkata. It offers 54 unique items under four significant classes sweet, salted, semi-sweet, and cream biscuits. Most of its yearly creation is finished in sweet biscuits and cream biscuits portions.