Top 20 Delicacies of Lucknow

Deli Lucknow

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is the most famous with its food. From Kebab’s to Parantha everything is under one roof. The sweetness of Lucknow lives in the heart of people but the food is unforgettable. Lucknow is said to be a best place for foodies.

Following is some favorite delicacies of Lucknow : –

1. Chicken Pasanda

Bharwa Chicken Pasanda, one of the most famous dish of Lucknow. Chicken Lovers will definitely love it. It is made up of Chicken having a filling of Khoya and Cheese mixture. It is garnished with white sauce and Coconut Cashew sauce. The taste is spicy and yummy. The best one you’ll get in Chowk area. The best place for non-vegetarian.


2. Shahi Tukda

 Shahi Tukda as the name describes Shahi, the sweet dish is well defined by name Shahi dish. It is made up of bread and milk, garnished with saffron and dry fruits. Shahi Tukda is delicious sweet for the ones who love dessert. A sweet delightful dessert of Lucknow is famous at Hazratganj Falak Numa restaurant.


3. Bhindi Ka Salan

The most famous dish of Mughal Empire. This crispy fried bhindi will water ups your mouth and the gravy with delicious taste will never let you to forget the taste of it. The best of Bhindi Salan is the gravy and Clark Awadh’s Bhindi Salan is the most famous one which water ups your mouth.


4. Kokari Kebab

Lucknow is well known for Kebabs. Non-Veg lovers love it, a spicy flavour of heavy gravy is delicious and served with a chutney. The taste is amazing. The most famous kebabs you’ll get at Hazratganj (Tundey Kebabi). This place is heaven for Kebab Lovers. Tundey Kebabi is the oldest and the most famous place.


5. Lucknawi Biryani

 When it comes to Biryani, Hyderabad and Lucknow is one of the famous places for Biryani. It is made up of rice with different spices and flavours. Biryani is one of the delicious and royal dish of Lucknow served with raita or chutey, the best place to have biryani is Wahid’s Biryani at Chowk.


6. Basket Chaat

 Basket Chaat is one of the famous chaat in Lucknow. It is one of the most famous, delicious, and delightful snack. Basically, it is aloo tikki with curd and chutney, garnished with spicy namkeen. The best basket chaat of Lucknow is near Royal Café, Hazratganj. The spice of flavours are delightful and yummy.


7. Malai Ki Gilori

Malai ki Gilori is one of the most popular dessert in Lucknow for the one who love sweet dish. It is made up of malai, milk, sugar, and saffron. This dish is heaven for the sweet dish lovers. Malai ki Gilori looks like a paan, the shape is different. It really melts up in your mouth, it is so soft and delicious that you can’t step back of eating it again. The best one you’ll have at Ram Asrey.


8. Shreemals

 Shreemal is a traditional dish made up of maida, milk, and sugar, flavored with saffron. Shreemal is a sweet naan looks like roti and had a crunchy flavour. It is baked in oven for crunchy flavour. All over a mouth-watering dish. The best Shreemals you’ll have at Chowk Area.


9. Gulabi Chai

Gulabi Chai is the most famous in Lucknow. It is made up of saffron, elaichi, and kewra. The taste is like typical Indian Chai but the flavours of gulabi chai will never let you to forget it. In Nakhas market gulabi chai is served with Imarti which is yummy and delightful.


10. Kaju Curry

Kaju Curry is for the one who is vegetarian. A pure veggie dish made up of roasted kaju and cooked with tomatoes and onions, the gravy is delicious and has spicy flavour garnished with coriander leaves. It is specially made on special occasions like Holi, Diwali etc. The most delicious curry is served at Royal Café, Hazratganj. The spices of this dish water up your mouth, and let you to be unstoppable. The spicy and delightful dish of Lucknow.


11. Makhan Malai

 A light sweetened Makhan garnished with pista, a light airy texture sweetened your mouth and brings a light taste of sweet water too. It is also called Nimish. Makhan is one of the most tasty and sweet dish in Lucknow. The most famous Makhan is of Chowk.


12. Galawti Kebab

Kebabs are the most famous dish of Lucknow. They are so spicy and delicious. The most favourite dish of Lucknow. If you are in Lucknow you can’t forget to have Kebab. The taste is really unforgettable and yummy. Tundey Kebabi is the best place for this dish.


13. Handi Chicken

Handi Chicken is one of the special dish of Lucknow. This dish is special as it is cooked in earthen pot. The Chicken is cooked in earthen pot, steamed chicken with lovely aroma is delicious. Kalika Hut in Lucknow is best for Handi Chicken.


14. Raja Thandai

When it comes to Thandai, lucknowites always are ready for it. One of the most famous Thandai in Lucknow is of Raja Thandais. Incredibly delicious and delightful. Therefore, good for digestion also. The essence flavour of pista and badaam will let you to have it again.


15. Dahi Badey

 Dahi Badey is the speciality of Lucknow. The sweet taste with meethi chutney will give you a delicious taste. The another of name of it is “Dahi Bhalley”, badey is dipped into the dahi and garnished with coriander leaf. They are amazing in taste. The most famous dahi badey is of Gupta ji near GPO. The taste is delicious and they served it fresh as they are to be served. 


16. Chole Bhature

 Chole Bhature is the most famous dish of Lucknow. Chole Bhature is delicious in taste. Chole are dark in colour, thick gravy having a topping of paneer and bhature is made up of maida. This dish is loved by the people of Lucknow, as it is spicy and delicious. The best Chole Bhature you’ll have in Chowk.


17. Murg Shahi Korma

This is one of the royal recipes of Lucknow. It is creamy chicken curry, with a nutty taste. The non-veg lovers love it. The gravy is tasty and served with naan or roti. To have a good taste of it Tundey Kebabi is the best place. The flavours are so spicy and yummy.


18. Seviyan

 Seviyan is an auspicious dish, specially made on the occasion for Ramzan. It is made up of bit soggy, milk and sugar. People use to serve it as a Shagun and the most famous in Lucknow. Seviyan is a sweet dish. The essence of saffron in it is really loved by all.


19.  Lucknawi Paan

 Lucknow is incomplete without paan. Its cuisine is incomplete without meetha paan. Paan is said to be a royalty for Lucknow. Meetha paan of Lucknow is famous in all over India. Paan is delicious and delightful flavor for Lucknowites. The most famous paan can be found at Hazratganj.


20. Kachoris

 Kachori is a spicy food served with potato curry. Varieties of kachori are being available in Lucknow and the most famous one is Rettilal Kachori. They are delicious and spicy, you can’t stop by having one only. Kachori is the most famous dish in Lucknow.