Top 20 Delicious Easter Bread Recipes


We love celebrating festivals but sometimes we get confused about the food menu and get stuck at some point with our choices. Therefore, it is important to select the menu previously based on what we have made at home before so that we can easily make them again because trying new ones may take time and the desired results may vary due from your expectations. Easter calls for celebrations and food is a must during this time. You can quickly make some casseroles and Easter Bread recipes for your guests and family for healthy and yummy meals. Let’s look at some interesting Easter Bread recipes that you’ll be able to make easily.

1. Easter Bunny Rolls

This recipe includes active dry yeast, warm water, warm milk, lightly beaten eggs, sugar, shortening, celery seed, salt, rubbed sage, ground nutmeg, all-purpose flour, and melted butter. You can easily make this bread recipe and celebrate your Easter mornings with unique breakfast recipes. Dinners can be easily made using bread and you’ll be glad you made the dish.

2. Paska Easter Bread

Bread recipes are amazing if you make them at home and use them for dinners and breakfast recipes. This recipe includes active dry yeast, sugar, warm water, nonfat dry milk powder, all-purpose flour, beaten eggs, melted butter, and salt. You can focus on healthy nutrients and achieve your desire for fitness through yummy dishes.

3. Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Easter is an amazing festival and it calls for celebrations. You can quickly make it home and enjoy the recipes made as side dishes with it. This recipe includes active dry yeast, whole milk, softened Kerrygold Unsalted Pure Irish Butter Sticks, eggs, sugar, salt, ground cinnamon, ground allspice, all-purpose flour, dried currants, raisins, and water.

4. Lemon Blueberry Bread

This is one of the tastiest Easter Bread recipes that you can quickly bake and enjoy the dishes along with it. This recipe includes melted butter, sugar, eggs, freshly squeezed lemon juice, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, milk, frozen blueberries, chopped nuts, and grated lemon zest. You can quickly make the glaze using freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar.

5. French Crescent Rolls

This is a yummy recipe that you can make and enjoy with your near ones during the celebrations. This recipe includes active dry yeast, warm water, warm milk, eggs, sugar, shortening, salt, all-purpose flour, and softened butter. You can readily make the icing using confectioner’s sugar, milk, butter, almond extract, vanilla extract, and chopped walnuts.

6. Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread

This is a fantastic source of energy that you can make easy for celebrations at your home. This recipe includes all-purpose flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, buttermilk, eggs, canola oil, and ground cinnamon. You can quickly make the glaze using the confectioner’s sugar and milk. We all need good foods to live a cheerful life ahead.

7. Sour Cream Chive Bread

We all love homemade foods and Easter Bread recipes are all we crave amidst celebrations. This recipe includes milk, water, sour cream, butter, sugar, salt, baking soda, bread flour, minced chives, and active dry yeast. Some homemade foods can quickly turn our sour moods sweet. A healthy lifestyle can make us live longer and happier.

8. Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This recipe includes softened butter, sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and sour cream. To make the filling you’ll need packed brown sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, and fresh blueberries. To make the glaze you’ll need confectioner’s sugar and milk.

9. Grandma’s Rosemary Dinner Rolls

What to make during Easter? Don’t be confused when you have delicious bread recipes at your fingertips. This recipe includes active dry yeast, warm water, bread flour, sugar, minced fresh rosemary, salt, warm milk, eggs, and canola oil. To make the egg wash you’ll need one large egg yolk and two tablespoons of milk.

10. Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

This is an amazing flavorful bread recipe that you can quickly make at home and enjoy with your friends during Easter celebrations. This recipe includes melted butter, dried parsley flakes, garlic powder, garlic salt, and frozen white bread dough. Some recipes can easily make our day and some can spoil them downright. Therefore, make delicious curries along with this bread recipe.

11. Scottish Oatmeal Rolls

This is a quick recipe that you can make and enjoy the maximum time preparing for the celebrations. This recipe includes boiling water, old-fashioned oats, salt, packed brown sugar, canola oil, active dry yeast, warm water, all-purpose flour, butter, and honey. This is a healthy recipe serve it with other side dishes and glaze it with confectioner’s sugar and milk.

12. Easter Bunny Breads

This recipe includes active dry yeast, warm water, warm milk, sugar, canola oil, eggs, salt, all-purpose flour, and small-mill chocolate eggs. For the icing, you’ll need the confectioner’s sugar, water, and red food coloring. You can easily bake this bread recipe at home and can easily serve it alongside desserts. This recipe is healthy and nutritious for your kids.

13. Rhubarb Scones

You can readily make this yummy recipe and serve it without side dishes for dessert. This recipe includes whole wheat pastry flour, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, ground cardamom, salt, unsalted butter, finely chopped fresh rhubarb, heavy whipping cream, fat-free milk, vanilla extract, and coarse sugar.

14. Flower Petal Sweet Rolls

This is a fantastic recipe and you don’t need to worry about serving dessert at last because this can work as a whole meal and dessert too. This recipe includes plain yogurt, active dry yeast, warm water, canola oil, sugar, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and salt. For the filling, you’ll need seedless raspberry jam and for the glaze, you’ll need confectioner’s sugar, melted butter, and vanilla extract.

15. Island Breezes Coffee Cake

This is one of the yummiest bread recipes that you’ll ever make and try and reap the nutrients that it provides. This recipe uses packed brown sugar, sweetened shredded coconut, cook-and-serve coconut cream pudding mix, frozen bread dough dinner rolls, pineapple tidbits, macadamia nuts, and butter. Make this recipe and enjoy a healthy life ahead.

16. Delicious Almond Braids

This is a fantastic source of many nutrients that you can quickly opt for your kid to stay healthy and enjoy the moments of life. This recipe includes almond paste, butter, sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and frozen puff pastry. To make the glaze you’ll need confectioner’s sugar, milk, almond extract, and sliced toasted almonds.

17. Apple Pie Pull-Apart Loaf

This recipe includes milk, active dry yeast, lightly beaten eggs, melted butter, granulated sugar, salt, all-purpose flour, peeled and chopped apples, packed brown sugar, and apple pie spice. For the creamy icing, you’ll need softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. This is the perfect bread recipe that your kids will love to snack on.

18. Egg and Cheese Bread

This recipe includes all-purpose flour, dry active yeast, milk, butter, olive oil, water, sugar, salt, shredded mozzarella cheese, crumbled feta cheese, shredded firm goat cheese, crisp-cooked and crumbled bacon slices, egg wash, eggs, grape tomatoes, shallots, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, fresh chives. Make this yummy bread recipe and enjoy the dish.

19. Orange Bowknots With Icing

This recipe will make you love bread and you can easily serve it as a dessert if you’ve no other options or time to make anything extra. This recipe includes all-purpose flour, active dry yeast, milk, butter, granulated sugar, salt, eggs, finely shredded orange peel, and orange juice. To make the orange icing you’ll need powdered sugar, finely shredded orange peel, and orange juice.

20. Air-Fryer Banana Bread

This recipe includes white whole wheat flour, ground cinnamon, kosher salt, baking soda, mashed ripe bananas, lightly beaten eggs, granulated sugar, plain nonfat yogurt, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, coarsely chopped toasted walnuts, and cooking spray. You must try various bread recipes and you’ll love the outcomes.