Top 20 Delicious Marshmallow Recipes You Should Try


We love to snack upon some sweet marshmallows but using them in various daily recipes is quite rare. Though the use of these sweet marshmallows is common for party celebrations and birthdays. These sweet treats melt inside our mouths and we love to have them whenever we get a chance. Desserts can be quickly made using them and you can easily prepare some appetizers by using them in various recipes. Marshmallows have a unique taste and flavor of their own and the sweetness gives us a refreshing feeling amidst our hectic work schedule and pressure. Let’s look at some delicious marshmallow recipes.

1. Candy Cane Pie

Marshmallows are soft and sweet treats that can enlighten our moods no matter how bad our days have been and therefore we must learn something new from them. This dish includes marshmallows, whole milk, vanilla extract, salt, peppermint extract, red food coloring, crushed peppermint candy, heavy whipping cream, and chocolate crumb crust.

2. Brownie Affogato Sundaes

Readily make this sweet recipe for small parties at home and relish it with joy along with your guests. This dish includes marshmallow creme, heavy whipping cream, prepared brownies, fudge ice cream topping, coffee ice cream, hot brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and sea salt.

3. Warm Rocky Road Cake

Quickly make this delicious recipe and you’ll love the deliciously creamy texture of this dish and your guests won’t stop praising and eating till they are full of sweetness. This recipe includes German chocolate cake mix, instant chocolate pudding mix, sour cream, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, cook-and-serve chocolate pudding mix, mini marshmallows, semisweet chocolate chips, toasted chopped pecans, and vanilla ice cream.

4. Milk Shake

This is a super delicious recipe that your kids will love to drink whenever they feel upset or sad and it will instantly lift their mood. Try to make it as it’s quickly made with a few sweet ingredients. The health quotient of this dish is amazing and the flavors won’t disappoint you. This drink includes marshmallows, milk, vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers, and chocolate syrup.

5. Cherry Gelatin Supreme

This is a go-to dish whenever you’re planning a house party. You can quickly surprise your guests with some sweet flavors. This recipe includes cherry gelatin, water, cherry pie filling, lemon gelatin, mayonnaise, softened cream cheese, mini marshmallows, heavy whipping cream, crushed pineapple, and chopped pecans.

6. Vanilla Almond Hot Cocoa

Winters are harsh with the chilling winds and freezing ice and all we want is some warm comfortable things to keep us cheerful. This drink is a must for winter. This drink includes sugar, baking cocoa, salt, milk, water, vanilla extract, almond extract, and mini marshmallows. Sweet cute treats make our mood happy most of the time and we can concentrate on our work without thinking much about the bad timings.

7. Marshmallow Fruit Dip

This is a quick recipe that you can easily make and have with various fruits and never get bored of their delicious and refreshing flavors. Sometimes our kids don’t like to have fruits and this dip can be your way to make them have some. This recipe uses cherry yogurt, softened cream cheese, frozen whipped topping, marshmallow creme, and assorted fresh fruits.

8. Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut Butter Squares

One of the easiest dessert recipes that you can make for a quick fix when guests arrive surprisingly at your home. This dish includes sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, creamy peanut butter, milk chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, mini pretzels, and Rice Krispies. Make these flavorful dishes with marshmallows and increase your creativity regarding foods.

9. Marshmallow Ghosts

This is a delicious recipe that you can quickly make for Halloween parties and let your kids have fun with the other guests at your party. This recipe includes water, vegetable oil, gelatin, light corn syrup, sugar, vanilla extract, icing sugar, lollipop sticks, and black gel food coloring. These small treats look alluring and you’ll love how they taste.

10. Apple Nachos

You can quickly make this deliciously creamy recipe for breakfast and let your kids savor the goodness of this dish. This recipe includes apples, marshmallows, butter, caramels, evaporated milk, mini semi-sweet morsels, peanuts, and chocolate syrup. Quickly make this healthy meal and the flavors and taste will surprise you and dupe you to have more.

11. Granola Breakfast Pizza Cups

This is a kick-start breakfast recipe that you can quickly make and have delicious refreshing fruits. This recipe includes butter, mini marshmallows, granola, greek yogurt, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, green apples, bananas, and some honey to garnish. Make this readily and have something refreshing in the mornings.

12. Blackberry Toasted Marshmallow Dip

Quickly make this refreshing dip and use it in your tea parties for delicious flavors and your friends will thank you for the creamy dip. It’s a perfect fit with various cookies and biscuits with tea or coffee. This dip includes marshmallow creme, cream cheese, blackberries, and Triscuit crackers to dip and enjoy in the dipping.

13. Marshmallow Skewers

Quickly make these amazing appetizers for small house parties and enjoy the refreshing flavors and taste of them with your family and friends. This recipe includes strawberries, blackberries, cheese cubes, and mini marshmallows. Use skewers to fix them and you’re ready to serve your guests a refreshing dish.

14. Sweet Potato Casserole

Quickly make this recipe for Christmas parties and you’re set to celebrate and welcome a new year with smart and hardworking resolutions. This dish includes sweet potatoes, packed brown sugar, salt, softened butter, vanilla extract, chopped pecans, cooking spray, and mini marshmallows. Have some healthy dishes and lead a healthy lifestyle.

15. Popcorn With Marshmallows

This is an easy recipe for movie nights and you’ll love the sweet and salty taste of this recipe with just two ingredients anyone can make it quickly and enjoy it with a soft drink and other snacks with friends. This recipe includes popcorn and melted marshmallows. Next time you’re watching a movie try making this recipe and you’ll love the amazing flavors tickling your taste buds.

16. Marshmallows With Bananas

This is the perfect recipe to blend sweetness into your life in a healthy form and satisfy your small fits of hunger throughout the day. This recipe includes bananas, Nutella or peanut butter, and mini marshmallows. Make this for your kids and they’ll thank you for this brilliant idea. Make the mood of your kids better as well as their health with a simple idea of snacks.

17. Cranberry Fluff Salad

Quickly make this amazing dish and enjoy the delicious flavors and taste. This dish includes fresh cranberries, crushed pineapple, sugar, mini marshmallows, and heavy whipping cream. Make this quickly and relish the refreshing and healthy fruits and stay healthy for a long. You can quickly make some easy recipes with marshmallows and have some fun.

18. Ambrosia Salad

This is a quick-fix salad that you can make using marshmallows and refreshing fruits. This is a healthy recipe that you can easily make and have some fun with. This recipe includes orange zest, navel oranges, red grapes, strawberries, fresh pineapple, maraschino cherries, mini marshmallows, and vanilla yogurt.

19. Watergate Salad

Readily make this salad and enjoy the delicious flavors. This dish includes pistachio instant pudding mix, crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows, chopped pecans, flaked coconut, and whipped topping. Make this amazing recipe and relish the yummy goodness of fruits. You can serve this salad for dessert too and let your kids enjoy it.

20. Hasselback Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallows

Quickly make this dish for dinner and enjoy the delicious flavors with your kids and husband. This recipe includes canola oil, salt, sweet potatoes, butter, mini marshmallows, and finely chopped fresh sage. Make this delicious recipe for the Thanksgiving celebration and you’ll save a lot of time. Quickly make amazing cuisines using marshmallows and leave your near ones amazed.