Top 20 Desserts To Try From Around The Globe

Desserts are a food often consumed following a meal in many cultures. The majority of desserts are sweet foods produced with a variety of components, including sugar and flavourings. Milk is the primary ingredient in homemade desserts from India. Desserts include cakes, pastries, pudding, jalebi, etc. In the past, only the gods in Mesopotamia and ancient India were fed desserts. We are here to introduce you to twenty delicious desserts famous around the globe.

1.Alfajores – South America

A famous sweet from South America prepared with flour, honey, and almonds is called an Alfajore. It is easily accessible in several well-known locations, including Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru. The shortbread is crumbly filled with the rich, creamy dulce de leche.

Alfajores South America

2.Baklava – Turkey

A delicious pastry of the Ottoman Empire is Baklava, made from Phyllo dough. The Turkish baklava is also known as fistikli baklava. It is a layered confection filled with various dry fruits.

Baklava – Turkey

3.Brownies – United States

Brownies are a famous chocolate dessert. It may be rectangular or square, filled with nuts of choice. Rich and fudgy brownies are readily available worldwide. The recipe is easy and time efficient.

Brownies United States

4.Cannoli – Sicily

This Italian pastry has a tube-like shape. The relishing dish is deep fried. A sweet and creamy filling, typically made of ricotta, is found inside cannoli’s. In mainland Italy, it is sometimes called cannoli siciliani.

Cannoli – Sicily

5.Jalebi – India

Although jalebi originated in the Indian subcontinent, it is readily available in all of Asia, Africa, and Mauritius. Jalebi is made with ingredients like flour and covered with sugar syrup for the sweet flavour. The sugar syrup also consists of cardamom to enhance the flavour.

Jalebi – India

6.Creme Brulee – France

Creme Brulee is a French dessert topped with caramelized sugar. Creme Brulee is also known as burnt cream. It has a rich custard base with ingredients like egg, sugar, cream, and vanilla. The desert is a delicious dish to enjoy on special occasions.

Creme Brulee – France 1

7.Flan – Latin America

Flan, also known as Creme Caramel, is a type of custard. Flan consists of eggs, milk, condensed milk, and flavourings like vanilla. It is popular in Spain and Latin America for its light and soft texture.

Flan Latin America

8.Gelato – Italy

Gelato is an Italian word used to describe ice creams. In English, the term refers to a type of Italian ice cream. Artisanal gelato has lower butterfat compared to other frozen desserts. Authen gelato contains more milk than cream and is different than typical ice cream.

Gelato – Italy 1

9.Gulab Jamun – India

India is known for its various sweets and desserts. It is a famous mithai in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Maldives. Gulab jamun made of a flour mixture is fried in hot oil and coated in sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun – India

10.Japanese Cheesecake – Japan

The Japanese cheesecake does not have a crust and has less cream cheese cream, unlike the European cheesecake. The dessert is super light and tasty. The spongy texture and creamy filling are preferred by many.

Japanese Cheesecake – Japan

11.Kashata – East Africa

This sweet snack is famous in Eastern Africa. Kashata is a traditional Swahili snack made from either shredded coconut, ground peanuts, or both. Unlike American or European desserts, this delicious snack is made directly using fire or on a stove.

Kashata East Africa

12.Amaretti Biscuits – Italy

The Amaretti biscuits are a delicious snack that is simple and easy to make. Ingredients for the biscuits include egg whites, almonds, sugar, and vanilla flavouring. Amaretto is another ingredient that makes the dish a perfect gluten-free dessert.

Amaretti Biscuits – Italy

13.Clafoutis – France

Clafoutis is a French dessert made with flan batter and various fruits. The dish traditionally includes black cherries dusted with powdered sugar. Clafoutis became known in France during the 19th century.

Clafoutis – France

14.Pastiera – Italy

Similar to a Neapolitan tart made with cooked wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese, etc. Easter is a particular day for eating puff pastry. Orange flower water is used to flavour the delectable delicacy.

Pastiera – Italy 1

15.Stroopwafel – Netherlands

A stroopwafel is a thin waffle cookie. Two thin layers consist of a sweet caramel filling. The dessert first made in Gouda became well-known throughout the Netherlands. The delicious cookies are crunchy and chewy.

Stroopwafel – Netherlands 1

16.Appeltaart – Netherlands

Appeltaart or an Apple pie is a traditional dish of the Netherlands. The dessert consists of thickly sliced apples, raisins, and other ingredients. Usually, the fluffy and sweet dessert goes well with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Appeltaart – Netherlands

17.Parfait – France

The ingredients for the French dessert parfait are boiling cream, eggs, sugar, and syrup. It is a multi-layered puree with a custard-like consistency. There are numerous varieties of parfait in other nations.

Parfait – France 1

18.Medovik – Russia

Medovik is a Russian layered cake. Medovik usually consists of honey and smetana. It tastes like caramelized honey made from thin wafer sheets. The classic dish is also known as Honey Cake.

Medovik – Russia

19.Tong Sui – China

The Chinese dessert Tong Sui is also known as Tim Tong. The delectable dessert tastes well at the end of the meal. Tong Sui has a unique taste and differs from other desserts in presentation.

Tong Sui – China 1

20.Rasgulla – India

Rasgulla is pronounced differently in different regions of India. The Bengali dessert made from curdling milk and other ingredients is loved by many. Cooked in delicious sugar syrup are tiny, spherical balls made of flour and chenna.

Rasgulla – India