Top 20 Korean Restaurants In Delhi NCR

If you are a k-drama or a K-pop fan, you must’ve wanted to go out and have some authentic Korean dishes every once in a while. This list has excellent and authentic Korean restaurants in Delhi NCR. The food in all these restaurants is delicious and fantastic. They have warm ambiances. All these restaurants are a must-try.

1. Busan Korean Restaurant

This is a terrific Korean restaurant; in Majnu ka Tila market. You’d find an extraordinary assortment of vegan and substantial dishes at this curious restaurant. While you’re here, remember to give a shot their delicious Soegogi Doenjang Jjigae, Bulgogi Tukbap and Kimchi Jeon. This restaurant has a warm ambiance, and a positive vibe.

2. Seoul Restaurant 

Seoul restaurant is an authentic Korean restaurant with delicious dishes. They have a wide variety of Korean items on their menu. Situated in Ansal Plaza, this restaurant is an oversimplified diner that guarantees an extraordinary Korean feasting experience. They have a terrific ambiance and lively atmosphere.

3. Kori’s

Beautiful Korean food joint. Exceptionally practical and comfortable. Strongly suggested that people who love Korean food on a tight spending plan. For an undeniable Korean involvement with Delhi, Kori’s is only the best spot. Their food preparation and presentation are both up to the mark.

4. Hahns Kitchen 

The feel of the spot is excellent, particularly the variety of pots and jars in plain view, which gives it an unmistakable look. The seating was agreeable, and the assistance was immediate and generous. The part sizes of food served is satisfactory, enough for one individual, and the side dishes were delectable. This is a fantastic restaurant overall.

5. Dalgrak 

Dalgrak at the Korean Cultural Centre is apparently fantastic and the most authentic Korean food in Delhi at the cost. The vibe is perfect for a tranquil feast and a discussion. The dessert menu is very significant. They serve to pour-over smooth espresso. The spot is roomy, and the staff is generous. You needn’t bother with a booking as it’s not packed by and large. Generally visited by youthful groups and understudies as the Korean culture community is here.

6. The Bibimbap

The Bibimbap is a legitimate Korean café with humble staff and incredible food. Despite the fact that the café isn’t exactly large enough however, the food makes up to that. So, if you need you space, you can ask the team for a private room. The staff is productive, the Korean starters are phenomenal and the kimchi merits exceptional notice; food is served rapidly and is generally excellent. Costs are sensible for the piece sizes.

7. Gung The Palace

They give an authentic Korean experience wherein you need to take off your shoes and it in rooms with sliding entryways. The food show is likewise regular Korean. The food is costly; however, given the arrangement of the café, it is legitimate. It is generally a rich encounter. The food is delicious, no doubt the best feeling to appreciate Korean dinners.

8. Café At Korean Culture

The is a terrific café for typical Korean food. The food here is delicious. The staff is accommodating and the café has a warm, and cozy ambiance. This bistro is very pocket-friendly, so if you wanted a few mouth-watering Korean dishes for as little as possible, this is the ideal spot for you!

9. Kim’s Korean Restaurant And Cafe

One of the most mind-blowing café ever, the staff is very inviting and sweet. The food tastes exceptionally terrific, one of the most amazing spots to eat Korean food. Cherish Korean music playing behind the scenes and the MVs playing on the TV. Heaps of Korean food sources and snacks to purchase as well. They have affordable prices and a fantastic ambiance.

10. Mr. K Ramayun Cafe

Their Hospitality is simply fantastic. Next second subsequent to entering inside the café, you will feel great energy. Gentle music and all aesthetics are marvelous. The food here is terrific. They have a wide variety of Korean dishes.

11. Le Dragon 

Le Dragon is a bright spot to go to on the off chance you’re with family or companions. It has a beautiful feasting region outside and comfortable indoor lodges. The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and cozy. The food here is delicious. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is generous and accommodating.

12. Dos Amigos Korean Restaurant

This café gives a superb eating experience at a sensible cost. This eatery radiates valid Korean energy, the cooking is delicious. The best spot to appreciate Korean food with a great vibe. The staff here is helpful. They have a fantastic ambiance.

13. Master Kori’s

You should try out this multicuisine Asian eatery called Master Koi’s in Sushant Lok without reconsidering. A piece of their broad menu is “Korean Kraziness,” and it welcomes you to go off the deep end about their good food. Their food has an authentic Korean taste, and the restaurant’s vibe is positive. This restaurant is a must-visit.

14. Gangnam Restaurant

This restaurant is Delhi, is spacious, beautiful, authentic, and Instagram-worthy. they have a wide variety of cuisines. The restaurant’s ambiance is excellent, and their food is terrific. The service of this restaurant is also fast and the staff is courteous.

15. Dongne The Town

This is a terrific restaurant. They have a wide variety of food, with an excellent ambiance. The restaurant makes your meal comfortable as the staff is generous and accommodating. The food is tasty, and the vibe of this place is excellent. Their prices are affordable; therefore, this restaurant is a must-visit for fantastic Korean food.

16. Kimchi Korean Restaurant 

Kimchi Korean Restaurant is a relaxed feasting café serving Korean arrangements. A great spot in Majnu ka Tila, it is lauded for its stylish presentation. It is a pleasant joint to visit when one is hoping to satisfy cravings for food that is delicious, sterile food at sensible costs.

17. Miso

Authentic Korean food, taste-wise they coordinate with Korean Authentic flavor. Exceptionally the flavor of Kimchi is same as Korea. I think, they are bringing in all the sauce and side dishes from Korea. The help is quick, like the eateries in Korea. A spot to appreciate Korean food at a sensible cost. They have a cute and pleasing vibe in the restaurant.

18. Kia’s

Food is delightful and pocket agreeable. The staff is likewise tremendous, and you will have an entire Korean encounter once you visit. You should try Kia’s Cafe. The staff is exceptionally kind and generous. The staff is kind and neighborly.

19. Kalsang 

Kalsang is a decent café close to one finish of the various closures of MKT (Majnu-Ka-Tilla). Simple to recognize, this spot is a pleasant, quiet cooled Tibetan Korean food retreat, away from Delhi’s muggy 48 degrees and searing intensity. There are a few choices: Pork, Thukpas, Momos, and so on to choose.

20. Chungdam

They give side dishes whatever your request. Veggie lover choices are considerably less, and it is a piece costly yet worth the effort. The experience will be flabbergast. They give private lodges, which are genuinely appreciated. They additionally have soju.