Top 20 Places to Have Monster Shakes around the World

Top 20 Places to Have Monster Shakes around the World
Top 20 Places to Have Monster Shakes around the World

Monster Shakes are also known as ‘Freak Shakes’ and are  the current trend these days. It is a combination of sweet milkshakes with desserts. One shake can make you feel beyond full. They leave behind a sugar high which makes you feel happy about yourself. These shakes do not look like any regular milkshake that you have. Think of it like an eccentric friend of yours represented in the form of shakes. Though these shakes might be expensive, who cares, desserts are the best creation there can be.

1.GD Bro Burger, the United States of America

Located in the malls of California in the USA, it is a small eatery run by famous and dedicated chefs who love cooking. Though the word burger might put you off, this restaurant serves monster shakes which taste heavenly like the unique burgers that they serve. Served at extremely reasonable prices, it will make you go back for more.

GD Bro Burger the United States of America

2.Cake Spade, Singapore

In Singapore, Cake Spade is insanely popular among the people of the area of the shop. As the name suggests, it has a wide variety of cakes both sliced and whole. Any type, you want, and they have it. It is the perfect dessert destination. The best thing about this place is the cake shakes that they offer. The cake shakes are usually available on the weekends, but if you have the dessert gods on your side, they might serve them on the weekdays. It might be a bit expensive but well worth it.

Cake Spade Singapore

3.Great Shakes, United States of America

An ice cream parlor which serves top class shakes. You may be wondering how good is this place? Well, it is good enough to hold a rank of the eighth place in the world and the fourth place in the USA. For those who are lactose intolerant, a perfect place to be as they can prepare the shakes without the ingredients you are allergic. The menu is so big that you need time to decide which shake to get. The rates are reasonable and perfect for the shake that you are going to get.

Great Shakes United States of America

4.Burgatory, United States of America

The concept of purgatory changed into Burgatory, which is what this restaurant specializes. Though they serve burgers which will make you keep coming back for more, their shakes which are monstrously awesome are a delight. Their shakes are thick and so tasty that a straw alone won’t be enough. They have a few shakes whichhave a tiny bit, which is two in one. Having dessert at the same time, who wouldn’t want that? The prices are reasonable for the delicious shakes offered.

Burgatory United States of America

5.The Great British Cupcakery, the United Kingdom

This shop is known for their cakes and the other desserts they offer. When you enter the shop, the sweet smell of cakes hits you instantly. Apart from the cakes, the reason you need to come to this store is the freak shakes (monster shakes) that they offer. Located in the area of Newcastle, the milkshakes are available in a jar and is overflowing with a piece of brownie or cheesecake on top.  They have it in different flavors served at reasonable prices.

The Great British Cupcakery the United Kingdom

6.Cake A Boo, Jakarta

Cake a Boo is a dessert and cake shop, which prepares cakes which are a sight to see and it’s a taste to remember. They customize each slice of cake that they serve; you won’t know what to have. The shakes are delicious and look beautiful, that it hurts just to eat it like that. The milkshake is thick, and you will need a spoon plus a straw to finish all up. But what you will need most is an empty stomach, because you will not be able to eat it when you are full.

Cake A Boo Jakarta

7.Naughty Boy Cafe, Australia

Located in the busy streets of Australia. It is an eatery which serves delicious food and out of the world monster shakes. One of the few places in Australia which serve them. They are called as ‘Instashakes’ and are immensely popular among everyone who visits this eatery. This sugary goodness is a tad bit expensive, but it is well worth it. They have only limited options, but each option is satisfying.

Naughty Boy Cafe Australia

8.Black Lion, Dubai

Black Lion is the first place in Dubai to bring in the Monster shakes to that city. This restaurant is in the World Trade Center in Dubai, and the monster shakes here are out of the world. Though this restaurant is a pub, the dessert goodness cannot be missed out.  They have limited options that you can choose from, but those are enough to keep you company. They are expensive, but the things you do for sweets should not stop you just because of the  price.

Black Lion Dubai

9.The Benjamins, Singapore

Located in one of the shopping malls of Singapore, this restaurant serves delicious food as well as desserts. Many  go to this restaurant for the monster shakes that they serve and the over the top burgers. They have a variety of milkshakes, which will leave you wondering what to choose. Their breakfast cereal bowl is also extravagant like the monster shakes. The prices are bit high, but the monster shakes will make you forget about it.

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10.The Sum of Us, Dubai

Another monster shake zone in Dubai. This place serves them only during the weekends as a special offer. If you love Nutella, then you cannot miss out on this heaven. The Nutella Bubble Shake is Nutella mixed with vanilla scoops and Rice Krispies and with a dollop of Nutella of the top that will kill you in one shot. This cafe is immensely popular among the people, and if you want to have this divine goodness, you better be there as soon as possible.

The Sum of Us Dubai

11.Ashvita Bistro, India

You can find this bistro in the busy streets of Alwarpet in Tamil Nadu, India. They serve fantastic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that will leave you hanging for more. As the recent trend is monster shakes, this is one of the few places in India that serve them. There are so many shakes that will make you drool. Though they are expensive, they are worth having.

Ashvita Bistro India

12.Fume, Dubai

Located in the marina of Dubai, this restaurant has a beautiful ambience, which compliments the food served. Apart from the food served here, they have monster shakes which will blow your mind away. A slice of cake on a jar of creamy thick milkshake will give you a straight ticket to heaven. A person with a sweet tooth cannot miss this goodness. The prices of the shakes are reasonable for the taste.

Fume Dubai

13.Patissez, Australia

Located in two hotspot locations in Australia, this restaurant is blessed with delicious shakes that you cannot miss out. They have an insane collection of shakes that will drive you crazy. They  not only serve shakes, but also delicious food. This cafe is one of the few places that have an extensive collection or varieties of freak shakes that you cannot miss out. They are quite reasonable with the prices and have offers on Sundays.

Patissez Australia

14.Wally’s Coffee, France

Located in one of the best cities in France, among the people of Lille in France and they serve the most mouth-watering coffee and food that you can have. The freak shakes, or monster shakes of this place are a delight. It is an overflow of everything we love, chocolate, caramel, thick and creamy milkshake. It will be sad if you miss out on this fantastic place when you are in France. This cafe not only serves food and desserts but also allow them to buy top quality grocery products. The grocery store is mainly for buying refreshing coffees leaves and various other products.

Wallys Coffee France

15.The Lab SG, Singapore

Located in the traditional area of Singapore, this restaurant serves food which is mouth watering and desserts which are mind blowing. Their cake slices are unique and delicious. Even their monster shakes. They have different varieties and are one of the favorite places in Singapore to these several shakes. The prices are reasonable and well worth what you are going to have in this restaurant.

The Lab SG Singapore

16.Waffle Paradise, the United Kingdom

Present in London, this cafe is known for their delicious food, and their freak shakes which will blow your mind. It is small and is located in a shopping mall, and is the perfect location to energize yourself after all the shopping that you do. Apart from the shakes they also serve delicious waffles that are soft and buttery. The milkshakes here are creamy and thick with a perfect consistency. A cafe you must visit when you are in the UK.

Waffle Paradise the United Kingdom

17.145, India

Located in the modern city of Mumbai, India, this eatery is one of the few in India that serves monster shakes. Also one of the best places to have a Monster Shake. Though they have only three varieties Brownie Fudge, Apple Peanut Butter with Banana and Oreo, all of them are equally delicious. Even though the other shakes are good, the brownie fudge is quite famous. The owners of this restaurant claimed that they were going to come up with new crazy shakes. All we have to do is wait.

145 India

18.The House of Robert Timms, Singapore

Another restaurant in Singapore which serves monster shakes that will stir your heart. This restaurant serves not only these delights but also amazingly delicious Australian food. This restaurant has two branches in Singapore, and both of them are equally famous for the monster shakes in this restaurant. They have a variety of dishes that you can choose from and five different over the top shakes which will melt your heart. These are a bit pricey but serve their purpose well. Apart from the shakes they also have various desserts which are tasty and have an appealing view that you cannot forget.

The House of Robert Timms Singapore
The House of Robert Timms Singapore

19.David’s Bakery, Thailand

Considering the growing trends of monster shakes, it is not a surprise that Thailand also has them. David’s Bakery is one of the very few places which have monster shakes that will blow your mind. They serve various kinds of desserts and drinks which are out of the world. Though they have only four different freak shakes they are totally mouthwatering. This Bakery has two locations in Thailand, so it’s convenient for those who want to try monster shakes out.

Davids Bakery Thailand

20.Morello’s, India

In the busy capital of the country, known for their monster shakes and the yummy fast food is this restaurant. The fast food is a mix of both Indian and Western style. This restaurant is immensely popular among the residents of the city and is loved by all. They make shakes with different combinations that will blow your mind. They make use of various chocolates like Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, etc. The best is Nutella with brownies and other nuts. These shakes are enough to send us to heaven in one shot.

Morellos India