Top 20 Restaurants That Serve The Night Owls in Bangalore

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Bangalore has always been known for its lifestyle of partying and is famously known as the ‘pub city’. However, with the Karnataka government imposing restrictions on the various restaurants and pubs in the city, there has been a dearth of restaurants that remain open for those who have midnight cravings or are just late eaters. Below is a list of the top restaurants and parlors in Bangalore that serve such a worthy cause.


Hard Rock Cafe

Located in the social heart of the city, this is one of Bangalore’s oldest and best restaurant-pubs. Though you will need to shell out a little extra cash at the rate of ₹2500 for 2 the food served here makes up for it all. Famous for American (especially the burgers) and finger food, you must try their non-vegetarian jumbo combo. Also, leaving without trying out their to-die-for ‘legendary 10 Oz burger’ would be a shame! Their cocktails and drinks are equally delicious. This is also one of the most happening music gigs in town with rock occupying the centre stage. It remains open up to 1 AM and is sure to satisfy you in terms of food, ambience, music and a good crowd.
Address: Opposite LIC Building, St. Marks Road.



Toit Brewpub

As the name suggests this is one of Bangalore’s most successful microbreweries that remain open up to 1 AM. You can delight in carefully fermented on one hand and indulge in some of the most appealing pizzas on the other. The pizzas here are all woodfire pizza’s and serve as the main attraction in the menu. However, the chicken wings are as equal as a delight to the taste buds as the nachos are. The cost is about ₹2000 for 2, although the value for food is up to the mark.
Address: 100ft Road, Indiranagar



Fenny’s Lounge And Kitchen

The atmosphere with which one is welcomed here upon entering is that of a joyous, tropical one. The place is beautifully styled in the Goan-Portuguese manner with wooden benches and trees and good music too. It is known for its wood-fire pizza yet again but also serves a tantalising range of Mediterranean and Continental Cuisine including sea food. One must try the vegetarian sizzler and the onion glazed chicken. You’ll need to spend ₹1800 for 2 in this place which remains open till 1AM.
Address: 80 feet road, Koramangala

Fenny’s Lounge And Kitchen


Jw Kitchen

This is one Bangalore’s luxury dining restaurants that is never closed. There is a special midnight buffet which boasts of a range of scrumptious food items. It serves North Indian, Continental and Italian cuisine. The baked fish and Paneer Tikka Masala are famous specialities. For all the coffee lovers, this is the place to go as it has a vast variety of specialized coffee styles. Live Music is played most times making the atmosphere lively. The price is a little on the higher side with a pricing of ₹2200 for two.
Address: JW Marriot, Vittal Mallya Road

Jw Kitchen


Cubbon Pavilion

Another one of those luxury dining restaurants in Bangalore, the Cubbon Pavilion is famous for its European, Italian, Continental, Chinese and Thai cuisine. The ambience is that of the international standards. You can enjoy its famous Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Tikka, Pavilion Tiramisu at any time of the day as it never closes. For those of you who think a simple plate of a Maggie will just do, fret not, as one of their specialities include Maggie farm. This place is ideal for families and costs ₹2200 for 2.
Address: ITC Gardenia, Residency Road.



13th floor

Known for its posh parties, The 13th floor has a rather high entry fee of ₹400 and remains open until 1AM. The place is decorated in a romantic fashion and is the perfect spot for a date night. Costing ₹1700 for 2, it is a favourite for its chicken platter. The wine and cocktails are a delight to the mind and tongue alike
Address: Barton Centre, MG Road.



My Place

Part of the Mövenpick hotel, this restaurant is one of the best places in Bangalore to indulge in some Swiss specialties. You will need to spend around ₹1800 for 2. However, it does stay loyal to the local flavour and produces a delightful array of such delicacies. Another one of those 24/7 open places, you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the night. The potato rosti is a must try here. The good live music here keeps you in lively spirits throughout. There is a strict anti-wastage policy imposed here. So make sure to finish off at least 50% of your plate if not the whole thing in itself.
Address: At Mövenpick Hotel and Spa, New BEL Road


The Raj Pavilion

This is a luxury dining restaurant which remains open throughout the day again.  Costing around ₹2400 for 2, the place is known for Asian, North Indian and Continental cuisine. The Shawarmas, Dim Sums and 5 spice Roast Chicken are a recommendation by the staff themselves!
Address: ITC Windsor, Golf Course Road




A restaurant pub by category, this is a spot for the young crowds predominantly. The nights can get a tad too noisy at times so those of you looking to get some peace and quiet will have to choose your nights carefully. Although there are branches of this restaurant in various parts of the city, the one in Ulsoor alone remains open till 1 AM and costs around ₹1000 for 2. The cocktails are a great delight and the non-vegetarian platter is recommended strongly. The ambience is great with a view of the famous Ulsoor Lake.
Address: Assaye Road, Ulsoor


 Hotel Empire

This widely famous restaurant is many branches around the city, all of which remain open till 1 AM. Out of the 17 different outlets, the one in church street is the best by a decent margin. This is a cheap and delightful place to go to as the pricing is around ₹500 for 2. They have a variety of specialities, like the Coin Paratha, Butter Chicken, Shawarmas.
Address: Koramangala, Jayanagar, Church Street, Kamanahalli etc.

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Plan B

Out of the two outlets in the city, the restaurant-pub in Shanti Nagar remains open till 1AM. This is an iconic restaurant and is known for its famous spicy chicken wings challenge. There is a pork station for all those of you who delight in the meat. It mainly serves American cuisine and finger food. The wine offered here is of excellent quality and the various drinks are not far behind. There is live music to keep your spirits high too. The pricing is around ₹1400 for 2.
Address: Next to Tv9 Office, Richmond Town.



Monkey Bar

As the name itself suggests, the place is extensively designed with various wooden carvings of monkeys for seats and football and pool tables to play a game or two during the dining experience. It costs around ₹2200 for 2 and specializes in American, Asian, European and North Indian cuisine. The burgers are a phenomenon. You can enjoy this high-spirited atmosphere of games, food and drinks up to 1 in the morning after which it remains closed.
Address: 12th Main, Indiranagar

Monkey Bar


 M Cafe

Located in the luxury Marriott hotel, one can enjoy the various delicacies here at any time as they never close. They specialize in North Indian, South Indian, and American cuisine. The Paneer Butter Masala, Dani Keep Kebab, Penne and the Carbonara are the hot picks. The pricing is around ₹2200 for 2.
Address: Marriott Hotel, Whitefield


Richie Rich

Many a time we only crave for some of the creamy delights in the middle of the night and Richie Rich is the perfect destination to satisfy such cravings. Although it is widely known for its ice-cream and umpteen sundaes they also serve Sandwiches, Pizza and Chinese food. It also goes light on the pocket as it costs ₹450 for 2 on an average. There are two outlets in the city, both of which remain open until 1 AM.
Address: Race Course Road, St. Mark’s Road


The Local

One of the most popular places for youngsters to hang out in the city, The Local, has three branches across the city. The ambience here is strikingly old American style with the option of seating in the terrace as well. It remains open till 1 AM and is priced around ₹1200 for 2. One must make it a point to try the Chilli Beef, Chicken Stew and Appam among the others.
Address: CMR Road, Kamanahalli, Koramangala

The Local


Mad Over Donuts

The famous donut eatery is now open till 1 AM in the Koramangala branch. The donuts here are delicious and will definitely drive away all the late-night cravings in you. The speciality in the donuts here is that they are all made from scratch and not from any pre-made dough mixture. They also serve beverages and other desserts. The place also gives your pocket a relief as it costs around ₹250 for 2.
Address: Opposite Forum Mall, Koramangala


Lakeview Milk Bar

As the name goes, it’s a desert parlor located in quite a few spots around the city. All of them close at 1 AM and will cost around ₹400 for 2, letting you indulge to your hearts content. Quite evidently the ice-cream here are the main attraction, but there are other options like milkshakes and sizzling brownie, both of which are famed to be a delight to the taste buds.
Address: Koramangala, MG Road, Indiranagar etc..


California Pizza Kitchen

Located in one of the most entertaining parts of the city, California Pizza Kitchen is a huge attraction for students by large. However, the environment is family friendly. They are a chain of restaurants among which the one in Koramangala is the only branch to remain open till 1 AM. It specialises in Italian and American cuisine. It is widely known for its Thin Crust Pizzas, Pastas, Salads and Appetisers. The Chicken Caesar Sandwich is highly recommended and it often leaves you wanting more.
Address: Near JNC College, Koramangala


Rasta Cafe

Although not located in the heart of Bangalore, this place is a 35 km long drive from the city. A nice long trip on Mysore Road and you can find yourself in this huge café. It boasts of an extensive Mexican menu, of which wraps and nachos are the best. The double decked burger and the English breakfast are one of its best dishes. There are billiards to play with and huge screens which often air late night league matches. You can thoroughly enjoy yourself as the crowd here is good and the place closes only at 5 AM in the morning and has a pricing of ₹1000 for 2.  What’s better is that they even let you take your pets along!
Address: Ramanagaram, Bangalore-Mysore Road, Mysore Road


Crunch Pizza’s

Quite true to its name, this place specializes in pizza’s. The pizzas are thin crusted and woodfire baked. The main cuisine, quite evidently, is Italian. The meat is generously strewn around in the pizza’s and the food is generally served by 20 minutes. The fact that it remains open throughout the night gives the place extra brownie points the pricing is at ₹600 for 2.
Address: HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar