Top 20 Restaurants That Serve The Best Food & The Best View of The River Ganga Around Rishikesh

Top 20 Restaurants That Serve The Best Food The Best View Of The River Ganga Around Rishikesh
Top 20 Restaurants That Serve The Best Food and The Best View of The River Ganga Around Rishikesh

Rishikesh or as many of you might know this quaint little town by its self-styled moniker “Yoga Capital of the World” is on the way to becoming a hub for everyone that visits. Situated in Uttarakhand (India), Rishikesh’s main source of livelihood depends upon the hordes of tourists that throng the thin lanes of Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula all year round.

With a backdrop of mountain ranges and rivers as far as the eye can see, this town has managed to create a niche for itself not only with the multitude of activities to keep all age groups busy but also with the variety in the kind of cuisine that one can come across here. With numerous restaurants in Rishikesh to choose from, you get a chance to indulge in diverse culinary delights. With an option for going for a fine dining experience with your loved one night and/or changing it up to a fun family dinner the next- you will have a multitude of options to choose from.

If munching on amazing food, sipping cold drinks, and relaxing in colourful restaurants with scenic beach views is enough for you then Rishikesh will for sure have your heart!

The Top 20 Restaurants that serve the best Food & the Best view of the River Ganga around Rishikesh are mentioned here as below:

1. The Arches By Salvus

Re-Opened in 2021 after a major rehaul, Arches is a part of Hotel Ishan- A Riverside Retreat. With a motive to “Buy Local Be Local” they aim to serve the freshest homemade organic food and claim they use only Olive oil in all their cooking. Their organic menu supports vegan and gluten-free diets. If you have the luxury of time and are looking for a cosy seating arrangement with fabulous interiors- Arches by Salvus is a must-visit.

The Arches By Salvus

2. Jal, Jalebi & Beyond 

Setting a perfect example of a snug and sunlit riverside eatery JAL, JALEBI & Beyond really does have it all. Upon visiting, you are first spoilt for the view as they have a panoramic view of River Ganga, and the surrounding mountains, and then their multi-cuisine delicacies will leave you confused as to what to order. This restaurant is a part of the Ganga Kinare Hotels where you can also visit to enjoy Ganga Aarti on their private ghat as you enjoy your meals.

Jal Jalebi Beyond

3. Chidiya Ghar, Roseate House

On the lookout for a peaceful, leisurely meal served with a picturesque view of the hills- Chidiya Ghar by the Roseate House provides an experience where the old and the new seamlessly amalgamate. Theirs is an exclusive and handpicked menu created keeping in mind the local seasonal produce which they utilize fresh from the farm and change as per the availability of the ingredients.

Chidiya Ghar Roseate House

4. The Sitting Elephant

One of the top most rated rooftop restaurants of Rishikesh, The Sitting Elephant will never disappoint you. As you look outside this roof-top restaurant into the mountains across River Ganga, you witness an illusion that depicts an elephant sitting amidst nature and this was the inspiration behind the name and the theme. The entire interior and set-up of this restaurant have been done keeping in mind the attributes and traits of elephants. This is a part of the Ell Bee Hotel and due to the central location of the hotel, it has become of the most approachable restaurants catering to a multitude of local and outstation diners daily.

The Sitting Elephant

5. Patio By Aloha On The Ganges

“Patio” is an el fresco restaurant beautifully situated overlooking the majestic Ganges. Providing 360°breath-taking views you can visit them anytime and be guaranteed to be blown away by the tranquillity of the locale. If you are looking to truly destress your mind and body, come and spend a day at Aloha for mouth-watering dishes and unparalleled hospitality.

Patio By Aloha On The Ganges

6. Las Brisas BY Antalya Hotels

A part of the Divine Ganga Cottages, Las Brisas’s main aim is to offer their visitors an experience- a connection between each dish, pulling from the town of Rishikesh.  They do go out of the way to ensure their goal of “Where no craving is left unattended to” stands true. Located on the main road leading to Laxman Jhula, this property manages to filter away the mainstream rural noises and leave you with unparalleled tranquillity.

Las Brisas BY Antalya Hotels

7. Vj’s By The Ganges

Located away from the main hustle and bustle of Rishikesh Vj’s has become a frequent haunt for people on the lookout for mouth-watering food served with an extremely generous serving of Mountains and Rivers. With a variety in cuisine ranging from Local Garhwali Thali to wood-fired Pizzas, they cater to keeping a variety of cravings in mind. Do go there a little before the sunset time so that when the sunset does occur you have the advantage of enjoying the food with the most breath-taking and humbling views.

Vjs By The Ganges

8. Zorba Organic Restaurant & Café

Zorba is a pocket-friendly, all-vegetarian food joint that has an exclusive raw vegan menu so if you are on the lookout for a place that is offering a variety in cuisines from Middle Eastern to Japanese to desi Indian cuisine do give them a try. Their hospitable staff will go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable experience and this quality charms you to keep returning to their establishment.

Zorba Organic Restaurant Cafe

9. Tattva Restaurant

Perfectly combining Western and Indian cuisine- Tattva has been satiating food cravings since 1978. The restaurant welcomes guests as early as 08:30 and until 22:30 so walk in at any time as per your schedule for a hearty and healthy meal. They have the expertise to turn any dish on their menu into a Vegan version which makes them a favourite with diners.  Some of their top dishes- are Soya Chai, Tofu Pakoda, and Vegan Brownies.

Tattva Restaurant

10. Devraj Coffee Corner German Bakery & Restaurant

With a never-ending beeline of customers, Devraj offers great food, impressive music, and a calm vibe that leaves a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts. Lined by glass windows that let in a cool breeze to make you feel as if you sitting right in mother nature’s lap and not in one of the most crowded areas of Laxman Jhula. Quiet staff is working continuously in the background to ensure a smooth service for all the guests.

Devraj Coffee Corner German Bakery Restaurant

11. Ganga Beach Restaurant

Looking for a relaxing atmosphere to take things slow and get away from the fast-paced lifestyle then come here to take a breather and loosen up those tight nerves. The main attraction here is the gorgeous view of the Ganga River and the soft sound of waves and chirping birds all around help lighten the mood. Theirs is an extremely pocket-friendly menu with a very easy-going vibe for you to just veg out and take things slow.

Ganga Beach Restaurant

12. The Big Fiddler

The Big Fiddler’s rooftop arrangement is perfect for long family dinners/get-togethers where everyone can enjoy freely without worrying about getting home late as they are very approachable from the main town.They have a multi-cuisine menu with vast Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian choices to order from. Do visit them when celebrating special occasions as they go out of their way to create memorable experiences.

The Big Fiddler

13. Riverside Restaurant By Taj Resort And Spa

Riverside’s main focus is to bring the cuisine of the entire Himalayan belt to your tables. They have managed to recreate a multitude of lost recipes from the provinces of Kashmir, Himachal, Kumaon, and Garhwal all to ensure that the rustic charm of the Himalayas is never forgotten. The menu is as classic as could be but with an exploratory touch as wild Pahadi herbs and seeds have been used to lend that local touch. The only other element close to competing with the extremely high quality of services provided is the majestic mountain range that surrounds you and the truly breadth-stealing river that flows alongside the property.

Riverside Restaurant by Taj Resort and Spa

14. Organic Café & Restaurant (Divine Resort & Spa) 

Another one of Rishikesh’s top al fresco restaurants Organic serves mouth-watering Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines with panoramic views of the Ganges River. After you have exhausted yourself by exploring Rishikesh and are looking to wind down- Organic’s spacious and relaxing atmosphere with the constant sound of the roaring river flowing just beside it is the perfect place to be.

Organic Cafe Restaurant Divine Resort Spa

15. Oasis Restaurant & German Bakery

When on the hunt for a simple place with good food but amazing views- Oasis is the place to visit. This is an in-house restaurant at Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage, Rishikesh, and is well known for its great service, friendly staff, and reasonably priced widespread fares.

Oasis Restaurant German Bakery

16. Latitude- Aloha On The Ganges

Another in-house restaurant- Latitude is a part of Aloha on the Ganges boutique hotel. They excel in setting up wide and elaborate buffet spreads along with Live counters. As per the wishes of the guest, outdoor as well as indoor seating both are permitted.   The staff is known to go out of their way to suit your needs and make your visit well worth your time. The delicious food and excellent service are only topped by the panoramic mountain-river view.

Latitude Aloha On The Ganges

17. La Bella View Restaurant

Just as the name suggests the view from the restaurant is beautiful. Leaning more towards a casual dining experience they have a low table set up which means you have to sit on the floor on very comfortable pillows and mattresses. As the sun sets, you hear all around you bells ringing from a plethora of temples along with soft chants of the Ganga Aarti. One can easily spend uncountable hours here just relaxing or working as the ambience does its work to relax you.

La Bella View Restaurant

18. Himalayan Kitchen-Rooftop Cafe & Restaurant

Another one of Rishikesh’s rooftop setups Himalayan Kitchen during daytime offers a great view of the Ganga River, Triveni Ghat, and the bustling city. This is a great place to watch the rafters have a jolly time and unwind by the riverside. With an option of both indoor and outdoor seating plans, feel free to request a table as per your mood.

Himalayan Kitchen Rooftop Cafe Restaurant

19. Babylon Restaurant & Pumpernickel German Bakery 

Be it the freshly baked loaves of bread or new varieties of desserts, a selection of Coffees, or a pleasant variety of pasta they have got everything under one rooftop. This is one of the top spots for an early morning or late evening coffee. You will have an array of global cuisines to choose from within their elaborate menu but more importantly, even though the place is always stuffed to the doors with customers the service is extremely prompt.

Babylon Restaurant Pumpernickel German Bakery

20. The Rooftop Bar- Amrit Tara

The IHCL SeleQtions hotels recently opened the doors to their newest property Anand Kashi by the Ganges. This property was formerly the summer residence of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal.  Their rooftop bar was christened Amrit Tara because when the guests look up to the sky at the night time they witness a “pure sky under a stunning canopy of flowers”. The bar provides an outstanding 360° view of the entire property, the river, the mountains, and the lush forests, and truly is an experience to remember.

The Rooftop Bar Amrit Tara