Top 20 Ways To Make Manchurian

top 20 ways to make manchurian
top 20 ways to make manchurian

Manchurian is a combination of Indian-Chinese dishes. Manchurian originates from India. Nelson Wang, a cook at the cricket club of Mumbai, invented Manchurian in 1975.  Now, it is the staple food of Indo-Chinese cuisine. It has two different variants, one dry and one gravy. Both tastes better than any other snacks. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Manchurian has the craziest recipes. In the further article, we have the top 20 ways of making Manchurian. Let’s move one by one to each of them.

1. Veg Manchurian

Veg Manchurian is a good appetizer dish. In which more crisp fried balls dipped in favor of finger-licking sauce taste good. It is the most popular type of Manchurian. Hence, it comes first in the top 20 ways to make Manchurian. You can add all the vegetables like Cabbage, carrot, onion, and garlic, and coated with bread crumbs to make them more crispy. This is prepared as a dry, semi-dry, and gravy dish. It goes with steamed rice, roti as well as chappati. Remember, Vegetables are a rich source of essential vitamins.

1.Veg Manchurian

2. Chicken Manchurian

It is the best dish for those who love non-veg and is popular in the Indian subcontinent. It comes at the second position in our list of top 20 ways to make Manchurian. In this soya sauce gives the authentic taste of this Manchurian. It is unique too Usually, use the cubed or diced chicken fried first. It shows more impression in color & taste.

2.Chicken Manchurian

3. Baby Corn Manchurian

“Baby corn has a good source of Vitamin A”. It comes third in the top 20 ways to make Manchurian. Deeply fry baby corn immersed in the Manchurian sauce makes our mouths watery and comes second on the list. You can easily make it at home by adding an egg. Add corn flour to make it more flimsy, making the dish soften. Specifically, the veggies used will remain crunchy more.

3.Baby corn Manchurian

4. Paneer Manchurian

It has Sweet paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) spread with corn starch & spices. Paneer has protein that strengthens the immune system. Hence, it is worth eating. It can be either shallow fried or deep fried to taste delicious.

4.Paneer Manchurian

5. Fish Manchurian

The specified fish for Manchurian is Salmon pink raw chili fish which is more fleshy to consume. We can choose any fish without bones.This dish tastes sweet, sour, and hot and goes well with the sauce “Fish contains proteins and Omega acids.”

5.Fish Manchurian

6. Soya Chunks Manchurian

It is a protein-rich food that vegetarian people choose wisely for snacks. It is a party recipe and especially is a starter dish. Soya chunks regulate the hormonal imbalance in women and act as a meat substitute. “Soya chunks regulate the weight loss and keep body health.”

6.Soya chunks Manchurian

7. Idli Manchurian

It is a fusion food of Indo-Chinese and is an innovative dish. It is spicier to balance the softness of idli It is very healthy as it goes through the fermentation process. Idli is low in calories & helps in digestion as well.

7.Idli Manchurian

8. Mushroom Manchurian

It is a vegan dish served with Schezwan or red chili sauce. Mushroom is rich in B vitamins. Trying it once will set your decision right. You can make it as both dry & gravy served with onion greens or celery. Mushrooms can prevent diabetes. It has low fat and high protein and can dine with roti or rice.

8.Mushroom Manchurian

9. Crispy Brinjal Manchurian

It is a new veggie in the shape of the brinjal. It’s a mouth-watering recipe. Brinjal is a good source of antioxidants. Transforming it into the form of Manchurian can be the best combo. Eggplant contains essential vitamins that can consume during the monsoon season.

9.Crispy brinjal Manchurian

10. Bottle Gourd Manchurian

It is a very healthy water vegetable and can be deep-fried after peeling the outer scale and grating it. It can be made with paneer balls and should squeeze the inner water of the vegetable gets the dry recipe.

10.Bottle gourd Manchurian

11. Maggie / Noodles Manchurian

Coat the ball of crushed noodles with flour. Flour makes it more crunchy. We can add some veggies and mold with sauce along with Maggie’s tastemaker are value adds to the dish.

11.Maggie Noodles Manchurian

12. Prawn Manchurian

It is a Chinese seafood dish had Vit-B6 and fusion with noodles & fried rice Prawns produce energy, build muscle, and replenish red blood cells. Prawns are low-calorie nutrition rich food.”

12.Prawn Manchurian

13. Aloo/Potato Manchurian

To make the shape hold of the potato is very difficult in this dish. The sauce made the dish tastes different. Aloo is a good source of fiber. It is full of antioxidants and is everyone’s favorite vegetable.

13.Aloo Potato Manchurian

14. Momos Manchurian

It is a combination of Momo Manchurian. They can be both veg and non-veg in momos according to preference Momos contain monosodium glutamate. It does not lead to obesity and nausea.

14.Momos Manchurian

15. Lotus Stem Dry Manchurian

Take half of the lotus stem and mix it with veggies. A non-fried Manchurian is healthier. Lotus stem controls blood pressure, stimulates digestion, and gives healthy skin and hair. Lotus stem dry Manchurian is available in many Indian restaurants.

15.Lotus stem dry Manchurian

16. Stewed Rice In Manchurian gravy

It is a Chinese dish that usually uses basmati rice, steamed and cooked, and spread over Manchurian Gravy. It is used as a main dish and a complete meal and makes the stomach full.

16.Stewed rice in Manchurian gravy

17. Egg Manchurian

It is a quick egg recipe in which boiled eggs are present. The whole eggs are dipped into flour. They can be fried and dropped into soya sauce which turns more delicious. Eggs raise good cholesterol in the human body. Also, having them in the form of tasty Manchurian is the icing on the cake.

17.Egg Manchurian

 18. Tofu Manchurian

This recipe is made from mashed soya beans called tofu, which is good for health. Fry tofu to make it easy to enhance the quality of the dish soft. It is vegetable meat tastes delicious and contains high proteins.

18. Tofu Manchurian

19. Vada Manchurian

This should make urad dhal vadas and mixed with tasty spicy gravy, which is full of proteins, can give it to children’s which would become their favorite one. Such a different fusion recipe has more benefits and can consume with a heart happier.

19.Vada Manchurian

20. Cabbage Manchurian

Cabbage Manchurian has grated cabbage with Manchurian sauce. It is popular Indian- street food having both dry and gravy versions. Cabbage consists of beta carotene that helps to clear heart diseases. Cabbage Manchurian is easy to cook at home. We are sure you must have tried making it at least once in the lockdown.

20.Cabbage Manchurian