10 Simple Dinner Meals With Rice As The Main Dish

10 Simple Dinner Meals With Rice as The Main Dish 1
10 Simple Dinner Meals With Rice as The Main Dish 1

Rice is a superb dish that is simple to make and can be stored conveniently. It is the primary staple in more than 100 countries globally. Some households use rice more than once daily. The beauty of rice is that though it has carved a unique identity as an independent side dish, it can also be used as a main course (https://minuterice.com/recipes/15-minute-chicken-and-rice-dinner/).  Now lets see some rice dishes that can be the main meal course instead of playing the support act all the time!

1.One-pot Cilantro lime chicken and rice

 Who doesn’t love one-pot meal? If you are a foodie and love Mexican food, this will surely be a delight for you. It is very simple to cook this dish, and it can be had for dinner. The preparation time is less than 45 minutes. The highlight of this dish that as the name suggests is the chicken, beans, and rice which are cooked in a single pot. The idea behind this is to spread the flavor of the chicken to the rice. The rice is filled elegantly with cilantro flavors and lime. This healthy weekend recipe takes less ingredients and also less efforts. You can just be satisfied with the main dish and needn’t be concerned about what to serve as the side dish.


2.One-pot bacon and egg fried rice

 You can eat this filling dish any time a day. The combination of bacon and eggs is something that one cannot resist. The beauty of this dish is that you are going to cook the bacon, scramble the eggs, fry the vegetables, and mix the rice in a single pot. You can serve it with an asian tinge of chicken and gravy.


3.Spinach Risotto

 Though it may not be loved by certain people for its blandness, spinach is popular for its health benefits.  And when it is prepared together with risotto rice, the blandness is removed. The big and lush pot of risotto is one of the most elegant cooking you can do for dinner. The special tinge that risotto adds to the otherwise dull food is indeed incredible. Add this risotto with fresh spinach, Parmesan, and stock and enliven the flavor with a bit of lemon zest.



 You might have heard of Puliyogare and wonder what makes this south Indian rice dish a great favorite. Tamarind may act as the primary player in this dish, but the work of a set of spices and sufficient amount of sesame give the much-needed flavor to this dish. For the uninitiated, it is the standard food offered in several temples in South India. You can even prepare it while going for travel. Like Biriyani, it can be a major meal for dinner.


5.Bean and rice burritos

Simplicity is it at its best with the vegan bean and rice burritos. This protein-loaded dinner recipe is filled with black beans, rice, and some spice. You can even use leftover rice for preparing this dish. The addition of onion, garlic, and spices gives the needed depth to it, and lime juice can give the flavor to it.


6.Mujadara: Rice and lentils with crispy onions

Want to make a statement with rice as dinner? Why don’t you try Mujadara, which is nothing but a dish made of lentils and rice and is beautifully garnished with onions. Though this is an easy-to-make dish, it will appeal to your taste beds in the best way possible. Vegetarian salad including cabbage or spinach salad can be its accompaniment to get the best out of it.


7.Sweet corn Risotto

This dish is the most underrated dish for dinner. However, don’t you think if you have to pick up a dish for summer it can be the fresh sweet corn?  It will delight your taste buds during dinner. It has a light and creamy shade to it that adds to its flavor. Just set aside your fears of making a good Risotto, and dive into making this sweet corn one!


8.Roasted eggplant and brown rice bowl recipe

 Eggplant and brown rice are the two ingredients that are needed to prepare this awesome dish. If you are raking your mind thinking of a sumptuous dinner meal, this one can be the right choice. This is not only healthy but also filling. Turmeric Tahini is the special guest here! The best part of this dish is that is perfectly customizable to your needs. You can include vegetables like sweet potato, cauliflower etc. to the main ingredients. This is the best way to introduce turmeric into your diet often.


9.Cheesy lentil, mushroom, and rice bake

This is the second dish in our list that has lentils, however with a twist. If you don’t prefer meat, this is the best choice. Make this seemingly boring dish interesting by adding cheesy and mushrooms (which acts as a substitute for meat).


10.Kimchi fried rice with extra greens

If you are pondering over a novel way to use your Kimchi, this dish will do the trick. Though the ingredients look boring independently, Kimchi fried rice does a great job in preparing an outstanding dinner by bringing the best out of these ingredients. Ensure that you prepare this food with great care by properly cooking and storing it. You can use leftover rice for this dish. If you prefer including eggs to this rice, you can go ahead. Adding green vegetables of your selection will give the much-needed taste to this fried rice.


This is a carefully written list of the top 10 rice dishes that can be used as the main meal. Rice as a main course has its distinct flavor and can really fill your stomach. Best cooking is when you use the right ingredients and use your creativity to add a splash of ingenuity to it!