20 Bengali Sweet Dishes You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

20 Bengali Sweet Dishes You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

1. Mohan Bhog

Bengali sweet lovers are found all around India as the name itself leaves your mouth watery. Bengali sweets keep you knit with age-old traditions. One among them is Mohan Bhog which is a yummy dish containing semolina. It wouldn’t be surprising to find Mohan Bhog in a variety of shapes and various sizes. Anyone would love to have this rich food on various pretty grand occasions.


2. Lobongo Latika

Lobongo, the word itself reminds of the strength in Bengali sweet pronunciation. This is a sweet loved by all and at any time of year. This is made of Maida includingkhoya in addition to nutmeg powder. Grated coconut widespread on it is an adage. It’s a perfect blend of ghee, raisins, cloves, nuts, cardamom and sugar. The possible attraction would be finding it in a clove structure ready to eat which would resemble a heaven entrance!


3. Nikruti

This dish is a mixture of cardamom dipped in ghee full of Chenna and flour which are further kneaded to have a uniform texture. They can be given elongated shapes to be deep-fried. The jaggery feel can only be achieved by soaking them in thick sugary pulp for quite some time till the sweetness gets transformed immensely in the fried balls. These balls are then dipped in condensed milk which has an after chill effect. This description itself can bring a smile on your face which will compel you to try the same.

4. Roshogulla

Bengal strikes another word Roshogulla within seconds. Nothing can beat their soft and spongy texture which eye fills your mouth. These ‘Mishtis’ are well soaked in sugar pulp to get them that typical sweetness. Bengali cuisine is incomplete without ‘Rasgullas (the abbreviated name).


5. Bhapa Doi

Bhapa Doi another specialty of Bengal is a blend of condensed milk and to its thickness the creamy yogurt. The garnish that attracts this is typically one of those including pistachios and many a times the most commonly used almonds. Almond has no replacement for its taste. Chilled Bhapa Doi can calm you down to earth with its taste.


6. Malai Chom Chom

Malai Chom Chom has its definition in its name. Malai which is extraordinarily soft has an amazing brown hue with a golden shine. The rich and dense texture makes it stand out in all aspects. Its uniqueness is visible when chilled Chom Chom shining in Kesar hint is served on simplest of the simple occasion. I bet you wouldn’t miss it!


7. Nolen Gurer Payesh

If you wish to experience hotness in chilly cold weather outside, then Nolen Gurer Payesh is the one. It is extremely full of milk with rice to be the major ingredient and ‘gur’ which is icing on the cake available during winters only. The dish is almost a caramelized version of jaggery.


8. Pati Shapta

The major ingredients include Maida including ratios of rice and sooji. Pati Shapta has a unique fill of coconut with certain amount of jaggery enfolded in a Maida crepe structure. This can be eaten both hot and cold as per one’s choice. Whether hot or cold, this is one made to melt in mouth leaving you to smile all day.


9. Raj Bhog

This can be considered a clone of ‘Rasgullas’. The Raj Bhog is rich and dense with dry fruits to justify its name to be royal food! These are yellow in color which is nothing but Kesar extract. The sponginess is retained similar to rasgullas giving a heavenly feel.


10. Sar Bhaja

Sar Bhaja is also known as Shor Bhaja. This is thick milk cream which is purely fried sweet dish. Making of Sar Bhaja is very tedious but that effort is worth it. You will soon turn into a foodie at least a sweet lover once you end up tasting this one.


11. Chanar Jeelapi

Here comes the much awaited ingredient in one’s life nowadays – The Paneer! In addition to it, Maida and khoya are also used. Chanar Jeelapi is a delicacy which cannot be missed. One will realize the real charm of this dish the moment you have a tint of it.


12. Darbesh

Darbesh is another name for Boondi ladoos in Bengali. This is also one of the common sweets found in any Indian household on typical grand occasions. But to stand out, try Darbesh which is yet another Bengali tadka.


13. Payesh

Payesh is very commonly known dish as it is easy to cook and in quite less time. It’s usually served as dessert on festive occasions. Kheer is a clone of Bengal’s Payesh. Nut Garnish is must for all desserts. Payesh has nothing to do with seasons. It’s an all-time consume!


14. Kalo Jamun

Kalo Jamun is also called as Kala Jamun due to its immense black color. It can be assumed to be a younger sibling of Gulab Jamun. Paneer being a major ingredient, it’s one of the easiest dishes to make. You can say it to be every household’s sweet cupboard content.


15. Lady Kenny

This is something never heard before. Lady Kenny also known as Langcha is filled with raisin. Its cream coat is of castor sugar. This dish has its name after Lady Charlotte Canning who was wife of the Lord Charles John Canning. She happened to taste this sweet dish once in Bengal and thereafter it got added to her list of favorites forever.


16. Kheer Kadam

This can be called a hybrid dish as it consists of a combination of many other dishes. Mini rasgullas with powdered sugar in grated khoya is all that defines Kheer Kadam. Due to the layers developed, Raskadam was another name given.


17. Sita Bhog

Sita Bhog is another name in the list of Bangla sweets. It has gained popularity all over India. This dish is served with mini Gulab Jamuns to enhance its look and make it more appealing for anyone to stop tasting.  It also has a rich milk base.


18. Khirer Chop

Name has a combination of Kheer with stuffed chop. This one is very rich in sugar. Flour and sooji happen to be the main contents including nutmeg and milk in combo with sugar and bread to form a mishti that is very rare to find. It takes long time to prepare this but the dish is worth its labor.


19. Mishti Doi

Before we end, it’s important to mention this one as Bengali sweet list is highly incomplete without Mishti Doi. This contains lightly blended sweet milk with yogurt and brownie shade of sugar caramelized. This combo is left overnight to ferment together. This is a must on all auspicious days. The elegant sweetness of this dessert will make your tongue get deeply caramelized.


20. Joynagarer Moa

This dish is a version of jaggery extracted from date palm. It also is a mix of ghee with puffed rice. The uniqueness of this dish is also one of the reasons of its less popularity reason being the dish available only in winters.