20 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Chandigarh!

20 Best Cafes You Must Visit In Chandigarh

1The Willow Café

This cafe gives you that quaint country cafe feel all over. The English-themed cafe which has two floors is ever ready to sweep you away from the colossal noisy city with a great meal.


Backpacker’s Café

Popular as one of the most well-renowned breakfast places in Chandigarh, Backpacker’s Cafe is mostly full during the day, especially during rush hours. It is visited by people with young hearts looking for a gorgeous meal. Do not miss on their Caesar’s salad!


Nik Baker’s

Nik Baker’s is a bakery destination which has become very popular in the Tri-city area with four outlets already. If you are looking for scrumptious dessert options, you wouldn’t have to think twice before you end up here!


Chandigarh Baking Company

One of the most original bakeries in the city of Chandigarh, it is the perfect choice for those who are intending to quench their thirst for a dessert.


Oven Fresh

Oven Fresh, much like its name, provides you with freshly baked bread in the meal. Although it once had started with one cafe, it now has quite a few chains of outlets all over the city. Their grilled sandwiches, enchiladas and chocolate cakes among other things will bring you back a second time.


Indian Coffee House

What list would be complete without the mention of any legendary Coffee House? The Indian Coffee House is a classic addition to this long list, and is most famous for the amazing food at minimal rates! Do try the cold coffee with cream, while you’re here.


Gusto Cafe And Restaurant

With the perfect ambience, great service, and intricate menu this place has climbed the charts pretty quickly. Looking for a great meal? Look no further than the Gusto Cafe and Restaurant.


Rustic Door

It’s very difficult to find another place much like the Rustic Door. It is located opposite to the Mountain View hotel, thus being easy to locate. It has an extremely inviting ambience and a couple of great dishes, which you wouldn’t regret! The interiors are beautiful, least to say! A perfectly rustic ambience and delicious food await you here. Do try their salads.


Cafe Books N Brew

As one of the oldest standing cafes in the city, this cafe has been a very popular venue for events for many years now. Be it book reading or poetry or even art exhibitions, this place has been doing all of it for a long time now. The ambience otherwise is meant for you to have a cosy evening. Or you could just read a book and enjoy your coffee.


Big Wich

Located near the Rose Garden, Big Wich is a new joint in the city to look out for! Their interiors aim at making you feel comfortable and let go of worldly worries. You’ll hardly ever find such a quiet and peaceful place in the city. This has turned out to be a serene destination for vegetarians.


Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is unusually charming with its fancy decor. Their vintage menus and painting of books adorning their walls will help you enjoy your coffee a lot! This is a great place to enjoy a good meal with your friends and family.


Aja Fresh

AJA Fresh has a unique eye-catching ambience, which cannot be replicated! One can only wonder how dull grey walls could look so fancy! The hale and hearty theme is a bestselling one, which will keep bringing you here for more. Everything they serve is entirely made by the cafe and not outsourced like the bread. They have an interesting collection of the menu, making it difficult to choose from so many varieties.


The Baker Brothers

For a cupcake craving, The Baker Brothers are hereto your rescue! Surprisingly, this bakery is even famous for its Hyderabadi Biryani!


Brooklyn Central

Brooklyn Central is such a place, which will make you forget that you’re even in the country. With such an international spread and name, their food is anything like Indian food. The food items are Americanized with their name based theme. Do not miss out on their Lamb Meat Load!


The Rumour Mill

The Rumour Mill is located in the Sector 7 market along with the many others on this list like Gusto Cafe and Chapter Seven. On entering, you’ll find a guitar and hear retro rock which should grab your attention. Not only does it have choices of great food, but even an interesting collection of books for you to enjoy your read. The menu is printed to give a college notebook feel especially with handwritten descriptions detailing the dishes. The menu is a fusion of Indian and international palettes like Italian or Mexican. So don’t be surprised if you find your favourite bottle of wine here, both international and Indian.


Girl In The Cafe

This cafe located in one of the most popular locations in the city is the reason for its popularity. They have both outdoor and indoor arrangements for seating and are hardly ever too crowded. With an open kitchen at the centre, this cafe has a chic look.


Midpoint Cafe

Midpoint Cafe, owing to its location in Sector 21 has become a young generation favourite. It is mostly frequented by college goers. They have an option of salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. and of course coffee. The prices are quite reasonable thus making it extremely affordable for people looking to get a quick bite within a budget.



With so many coffee places on the list, we bring you a tea place. The perfect place for some chai and pakora on a rainy day, they have quite some varieties of tea for you to choose from! So for all the tea lovers in Chandigarh, for some chai pe charcha, you know where to end up!


Cafe Nomad

A contemporary cafe, by one of the leading brands of cafes in Chandigarh- Backpacker’s could hardly disappoint us. Although it is less crowded than its contemporaries, the food gives you very little to complain about! Visit this place for the best for experiences!


The Back Room

Get ready to blown away with one! The Back Room has a classic London Pub feel which will get you hooked. The interiors are done carefully to go with the theme and are accentuated with the leather chairs, cloth walls, and even old law books! If you haven’t come here already, you’ve found yourself a new favourite!