20 Best Dishes From The Marathi Cuisine!

20 Best Dishes From The Marathi Cuisine


Vada Pav

No one has met a Marathi who simply doesn’t swear by this delicacy. The entire state of Maharashtra is famous for this dish, which is available at every ‘nukkad’ and ‘gully’ in Mumbai and around. This is a simple vegetarian dish, where an Aloo Vada is stuffed inside a Pav. Due to the popularity of this dish, there have been since then many alternative versions such as one which uses a Vada filled with Chicken Keema inside it.



The land of Vada Pao, is famous for other savoury items as well. Shakarpara is a common snack, which most Marathis eat during holidays and festivities.



Marathis have a habit of naming their dishes with simple names. But do not be so confident that the flavours are just as simple as the name suggests. One example to cite this fact is the Aluvadi which is a deep fried snack. It uses Colocasia or Spinach Leaves, and not Potatoes which normally one would think. This is known to be the snack for monsoons. The crunchy snack is both sweet and tangy at the same time.


Sabudana Vada

Marathis love their Saboo, and so do we! This is a Vada which is light but incredibly tasty. It is made from Sabu Dana and is the ultimate monsoon snack, during the gleeful monsoons Mumbai is famous for. It is best served with a hot cup of Tea.



This snack is famous for having a huge fan following. The dish uses flavours which impart sweetness and tanginess to the snack. The dual flavours are probably the reason why people love it so much.


Kothimbir Vadi

If you are looking for the best of Maharashtrian snacks, then you will be surprised to see the huge list. This is another popular snack, where Coriander Leaves are used. The dish is extremely delicious and easy to make.


Misal Pav

Maharashtra is known for its Vadis and Pavs. Another famous Pav dish is the Misal Pav. You’ll find this dish at any snack corner in the city. The ultimate joy of eating Misal Pav at Juhu beach is eternal. This is also known to be a great dish which can be served at any time in the day.


Pav Bhaji

We see the love the state has for Pavs, don’t we? Pav Bhaji happens to be a famous Mumbai snack and is one of the most famous street food item in the city. But it is also equally popular in other parts of the country, probably because of the fact that the dish is easy to make and can be served at any point in time.



If you have a Marathi friend, you’d just drop by unannounced for a taste of this delectable dish. This savoury Pancake is an incredible source of joy for many and must be attempted at home.


Puran Poli

This famous sweet is traditionally prepared during the festivities and holidays. This sweet happens to an important part of the Maharashtrian cuisine, without which every festival would seem incomplete.



Pithale is a Curry, which uses Gram Flour in it. The dish has tanginess which makes it perfect for those who love such flavours. It can be served with Rice or Roti.


Bharleli Vangdi

This is a dish which is made with Brinjals. The Brinjals are hollowed out and stuffed with grated Coconut and authentic Marathi Spices. The Brinjals are then cooked on a flame. If you want a taste of true Marathi cuisine, then this is a must try.



This is the Marathi rendition of the usual dal. Usually, Yellow Gram or Tuar is used to make this. The Dal is cooked with authentic spices indigenous to the state and region, along with Curry Leaves. The Spices used in its making are known as Maharashtrian Goda Masala, which makes this Lentil Curry so unique and tasty.


Pandhara Rassa

The name of the dish literally translates to the white Gravy. The dish is a simple white Gravy preparation known for its non-spiciness. The flavours of the dish originate from Kolhapur, and hence the dish is a Kolhapuri speciality.


Tambara Rassa

This is another version of the previous dish but is still unique and different from that one. It is a spicier dish, which makes it a hit amongst most. So what are you waiting for?


 Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a delectable Khichdi made from Sabu Dana and Dal together. All you need to do to make this is replace the rice with Sabu Dana and follow a similar procedure until it is done. This dish is mostly prepared during fasts, but in fact is, in general, a great dish to enjoy during monsoons. It is best served with Ghee and Achaar.


Sol Kadhi

The Curry Maharashtra is famous for, is this particular curry. It is a simple dish with rich, authentic flavours from the state. The popularity of this recipe has led to it being cooked all over the country.



We know Ganesh Chaturthi is a huge celebration in the state of Maharashtra. No wonder, the favourite sweet of Ganesh is also a Marathi favourite. You’ll commonly find this sweet during Ganesh Puja and even during other times of the year.



Shrikhand is a popular sweet in the state, and elsewhere. This mouth watering delicacy is commonly available during festivals and also pretty easy to make. This dish is not restricted to the state but also very popular in other states as well. So buck up your cooking skills, and try and make this in your kitchen.



This is another version of the common sweet Shrikhand. It is a simple dish which uses Mango in it, which is how it gets its name. The Aamrakhand is a unique dish and a perfect sweet to offer your guests the next time they arrive.