20 Best Places To Have Food In Dibrugarh

Best Places To Have Food In Dibrugarh

1.Food Infinity

This is a place you must visit when in Dibrugarh. It provides super delicious food along with an ambience that would make you visit again. The infinity roll and the virgin mojito are some of the best items you can opt for in this place. It’s located in the K.C Gogoi path, Khalihamari, Dibrugarh.


2.De Rock Café

Yet another attraction of Dibrugarh is this place which is the first live music venue cum restaurant in Upper Assam. It serves the tastiest rolls and mock tails in town with a variety of 25 different kinds of rolls and 20 different kinds of mock tails. The Drums of heaven is another item worth tasting in their menu. It’s located at the A.T road, Dibrugarh .


3.Chiphoong, ethnic restaurant

If you want to enjoy a homely ambience with amazing ethnic food, then you should surely visit this place. The authentic food flavours along with the good behaviour of the staff makes the people walk out with satisfaction. It’s located in the Boiragimoth area, Dibrugarh.



This place is great for chicken lovers. The Chinese cuisine and the burgers served are of the mouth-watering taste in an affordable price. Moreover it’s located in Thana Charali which is the centre of the Dibrugarh town.


5.New Tripti

The New Tripti restaurant is an addition to the Tripti restaurant of Dibrugarh. The varieties of chicken fried rice served in this place are the best part. If you are searching for a good family restaurant, then this is the place . It is located in Graham bazar, Dibrugarh.


6.Tibetian Restaurant

This place situated near the Bhutia market of Dibrugarh serves you the best food with authentic flavours and smell. The chicken momo and different mouth watering pork items served here at affordable prices are something worth going for.


7.Mogambo Fast Food

Mogambo, situated in the H.S road is popular among the students for its great price. They serve great food items that are affordable for anyone. This place is also known for its delicious Chicken Biryani.


8.Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a continental restaurant in Dibrugarh. Awesome food and ambience attracts the foodies towards it. This is a place that stays full with young crowd all the time. White sauce pasta is one of the many dishes that are worth trying once.



Assamese cuisine is never complete without the items of fish. Mokeya is specially known for the different kinds of fish items served here. Roasted fish, fried fish and fish curry prepared here is something you won’t get anywhere else. They also ensure that the dishes are made of fresh fish cooked only when asked to.


10.Eat and Repeat

Eat and Repeat is the ideal place to hang out with your group of friends. This is a vegetarian fast food restaurant that provides you with a variety of cuisines to choose from. They also provide you the option to sit and dine in open air. The fresh and creative ambience, the great food and the prompt service makes this place a must visit to all.


11.Eastwood Station

This place is located near the prestigious Dibrugarh University which makes it easy for anyone to find out. The ambience is very suitable to dine in with beautiful low lights all around. Chicken butter masala served in this place is something you should try if you happen to be in Dibrugarh.



A family restaurant that has a great ambience and is spacious too is what Maurya is all about. It’s affordable price and mouth watering recipes are all you need to satisfy your hunger. The chicken pulao served in this place is worth paying for.



Khorika is the perfect place to try the Assamese cuisine when in Dibrugarh. This place serves you a variety of Assamese traditional dishes that has an authentic flavour. The chicken fried rice is one of the best items you can go for at Khorika.


14.Collegian Cafe

This place is mainly a college based restaurant and caters to the need of all the college goers. It provides great food in reasonable prices. It is located in Boiragimoth which is the centre for recreation for many colleges in Dibrugarh. The chicken wings and chicken lollipop served there is one of the best you’ll find in Dibrugarh.


15.Food hut

Food Hut is another fast food restaurant in Dibrugarh that considers the need of the college goers and serves the food items at a very reasonable rate. This place is located in Boiragimoth, Dibrugarh and its chicken pulao is something that is talked about by its customers.


16.Chung’s Fast Food

Chung’s fast food is located in the Milan Nagar area, Dibrugarh. This place serves you the best chicken tandoori in the locality at an affordable price.


17.Food Junction

Food Junction is a restaurant in the Junction Mall located in RKB Path, Dibrugarh. This place is a great stop if you like sizzlers a lot. It provides you the best sizzlers and the ambience is a cherry on the cake.


18.Chawla Dilliwala

Chawla Dilliwala is a popular food chain in India that specializes in Indian cuisine. It has a beautiful atmosphere and provides you the best meal in a reasonable price. This place is located in the K.C Gogoi path and the veg n non-veg combo meal served here is one of the awesome food items of this restaurant.


19.Studio 69 Restaurant and Bar

This place is one of the best restaurant and bar in Dibrugarh and is located on the 6th floor of the Junction Mall. Studio 69 gives you the privilege to chill out with your friends enjoying the beautiful scene of the river Brahmaputra as well. The food, especially the deserts are extremely good here.


20.Mambooz Dhaba

Mambooz Dhaba is an Indian restaurant that looks like a beautiful bamboo house. This place serves you great food in reasonable price and makes you feel at home as well. It is situated in A.T road, Dibrugarh.