20 Best Recipes Made Using Chickpea Flour

20 Best Recipes Made Using Chickpea Flour
20 Best Recipes Made Using Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour also called ‘Gram Flour’ or ‘Besan’ in Hindi is flour made using a type of Pulse called ‘Ground Chickpea’ or ‘Gram Chickpea.’ It is a widely used ingredient in Indian, Bangladeshi, Burmese, Nepali, and Sri Lankan cuisine. It is a very nutritional ingredient suitable to replace your regular flour occasionally. It contains a high proportion of carbohydrates, fibres, protein and is also gluten-free flour. You can probably make out any delicious recipe using this nutritious and colourful flour, so let us look at such top 20 recipes you can make with this flour.

1.Missi Roti

It is a famous Indian bread, mainly consumed in north India, especially an essential part of Punjabi cuisine. It is prepared by combining whole wheat flour with chickpea flour. You can even make it by adding methi to it.

Missi Roti


Chickpea flour can also be used to prepare soft or crispy cheela. We all have tried moong dal cheela, and it tastes delicious. Now it is time to try the ones made of chickpea flour. The green chutney would surely enhance its taste.


3.Methi Thepla Recipe

Thepla is an essential and tasty recipe of Gujarati cuisine. They are extremely flat and thin sheets prepared using fenugreek leaves ( Methi), whole wheat flour and chickpea flour. Enjoy them with curd or mango pickle; you will surely like them.

Methi Thepla Recipe

4. Bread Pakora

Want to try out a snack recipe in tea time? Then go for this recipe that is filling and delicious. You have to prepare a moderate consistency batter of chickpea flour, and then dip the bread into the batter, followed by frying them in hot oil.

Bread Pakora

5. Cheese Stuffed Bread Pakora

What we discussed above was a recipe of plain bread pakora, but now we are suggesting you try this recipe by stuffing cheese into them. They are even more delicious and can even accompany by the stuffing of paneer into them.

Cheese Stuffed Bread Pakora

6. Besan Toast

Besan toast is prepared by baking the bread coated with chickpea flour paste. To make them more healthy and tasty, you can add veggies to them of your choice. Add chillies in the paste and enjoy these toasts with green mint chutney.

Besan Toast

7. Chickpea Flour Oats Chilla

To prepare a nutritious and quick breakfast, try out this recipe, where you will get not only taste but also nutrition of oats and chickpea flour. Make the batter by combining chickpea flour, oats, and some veggies, and then enjoy them for breakfast.

Chickpea Flour Oats Chilla

8. Thalipeeth

It is a multigrain flour Indian bread that is a healthy, nutritious, and tasty recipe to try out for breakfast. They are soft and can be tasted along with tea, pickle, curd, or vegetables. You can even add makhan on top of them.


9. Chickpea Capsicum

It is a tasty vegetable or sabzi made using capsicums and chickpea flour. The recipe is prepared within 20-25 minutes and can be eaten on those days when you have to try a different vegetable. You can eat them with either plain whole wheat roti or missi roti.

Chickpea Capsicum


Besan Bhindi

This recipe is also prepared by combining a veggie called Bhindi with chickpea flour. You can cook it in any way, though preparing them a little crispy would help to enhance its taste.

Besan Bhindi

11.Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi is a popular North Indian recipe prepared using Chickpea flour and sour curd as the essential ingredients. You can even add fried pakoras into the kadhi and then taste and enjoy them with chawal or white rice.

Kadhi Chawal

12. Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is prominently consumed in the Rajasthan region and is a famous recipe of Rajasthani cuisine. It is made with chickpea flour and curd. You can enjoy them with baati as they taste delicious.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

13.Mysore Pak

It is a famous Indian sweet dish prepared and offered all over the country. You must cook or roast the chickpea flour in ghee along with sugar, and finally, give them the shape of barfi. You can make these Mysore Pak on Diwali or Holi.

Mysore Pak

14.Seven Cup Barfi

It is a south Indian sweet recipe that can be made on festive occasions. This recipe is named as 7 cup barfi as it measures 7 cups of ingredients. It is a finely prepared, delicious sweet dish that complements your taste buds.

Seven Cup Barfi


Yes, we all have eaten laddoos called ‘Besan Ke Ladoo’ popularly in Indian homes. This besan ke ladoo are prepared with this chickpea flour. They are prepared by cooking the flour with ghee and sugar, then giving them the round shape of a ladoo.


16.Chickpea Flour Halwa

This smooth texture, soft, and tasty halwa is ideal to try out once a week for your sweet cravings. You require chickpea flour, ghee, sugar, and cardamom for flavour. It is delicious, and you can even prepare it without the addition of milk.

Chickpea flour Halwa

17.Chickpea Flour Kheer

You would not have tried this kheer which is wholesome, low in fat, delicious, and a perfect sweet recipe or variation of kheer to prepare this festive season. You would require dark chickpea flour in preparing this recipe and would surely love its taste.

Chickpea Flour Kheer


Khandvi is a recipe famous in North India and originally belongs to Gujarati Cuisine. This recipe uses chickpea flour as the main ingredient. They are tempered rolls prepared from chickpea flour batter and are spicy and delicious.



This crispy, thick savoury snack item is prepared using chickpea flour and is suitable for tea. They are moderately spiced with a crisp texture. You can even make a very famous Gujarati dish with this crispy sev.


20.Amitsari Paneer Tikka

This paneer tikka recipe is prepared by marinating the paneer cubes in the mixture of chickpea flour, spices, herbs, followed by pan-frying them. Now, you have a delicious paneer tikka recipe to try out with the ingredients available at home.

Amitsari Paneer Tikka