20 Best Restaurants of Chennai

20 Best Restaurants of Chennai

True, ten years ago Chennai was famous for its dosa and coffee only, but now, Chennai’s food landscape has changed dramatically. You can now go around the world, on a plate, in Chennai.

Here is the list of top restaurants of the city. Take a look at it

 1 Ciclo Café

It is the first place in India which has the recycling theme. You will get fond of it because of its capacious interiors, and cleverly designed cycle ‘spa’. It is a two storey splash of whimsy building. It has chandelier made from cycle chain swings. As the central theme is recycling they use bicycle parts to make table legs. Bookcase is also made up on a cycle. It serves Continental and Italian cuisines. One will definitely get awestruck by the collection of vintage cycles that is displayed artistically all around.

Ciclo Cafe

2.Winter Palace

The delicious Blinis oozing with honey, delicious, cured, salted fish are just some of the dishes that will leave you speechless. You must try Mahi fish, octopus, snail, masala egg, Moingo, Watlapam, etc at this place. It also has an excellent ambience and definitely relaxes a person.

Winter Palace

 3GoGo Ramen

It has a great ambience. There is a peculiar dish served here which has a mixed flavor of Japanese cuisine with slow-braised pork, soft boiled egg, kombu, leek and ginger.Then the barley tea to gulp it all down with is also served.

GoGo Ramen 1

4.Hotel Saravana Bhavan

It is the most famous vegetarian restaurant and the most affordable, with vadas and idlis of rupees fifteen and thirty-five and the dosas of rupees twenty and forty. It is very close and very accessible  from Egmore station.  It has an impeccably clean kitchen, and dishes are dished up in a traditional style on banana leaves.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

5. The Crown

Cool waters, rocking live music and the view of the city’s skyline, are all the beautiful things that you will find in this rooftop restaurant. Located in Chennai, it will give you the 360-degree experience,mesmerizing all your senses.

The Crown



A place which gives tantalizing food with the soothing view of the surrounding nature. It is a poolside rooftop restaurant in Chennai, with the perfect ambiance for a joyful and a fun-filled evening.




It has a fine North and South Indian vegetarian aura, added with beautiful dining rooms and decorated with paintings and carvings inside a high-rise, located behind the Air India building. In this place, buffet lunches and dinners are also served on the other side of same block. It also supports severalmedical programs for the poor and needy people.


8. Shiraz Art Café

This place is a gift to Chennai from Iran. The waves lapping on the nearby shore help to leave the soggy cares of the outside world behind. One must try the Sunday brunch here, as it is home-style Irani style cooked massive buffet.

Shiraz Art Cafe

9. Inseoul

This place serves the best combination of Korean and Indian cuisines. It also serves octopus, and sea snail for the adventure of taste buds. Masala eggs and Atho noodles with plenty of oil, tamarind, onions, cabbages, all soaked in a gravy,will give you a different motive in life to adapt to the changes and try something new every time.


10. Y Cook

Situated near Elliott Beach with nondescript interiors, it is a tiny restaurant that serves well flakes of cured tuna fish, steamed string hoppers, devilled chicken, and a coconut-infused Sri Lankan pudding.

Y Cook

11. Copper Chimney

It is the best place for meat eaters. It has world’s best North Indian tandoori dishes served in minimalist surroundings. The vegetarian food is also equally delicious here. The chargrilled prawns, biryanis, and fluffy-fresh naan will make your day.

Copper Chimney 1

12. Kaidi Kitchen

It is a must visit restaurant. This place is a theme-based restaurant and has the theme of a  prison. So, those who wanted to visit the Tihar Jail must visit this place . Unlike Tihar, it will serve you the best food with the awesome experience, without any scandal. It serves Mexican, Italian, Lebanese and Indian food. The specialty of this place is that the locker door is to be unlocked by the customer and waiters are the prison inmates.

Kaidi Kitchen

13. Rain Forest

It is for them who love to be in the tropical rainforest, as it has the theme of the exotic Amazon with realistic underground setup. They serve Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisines. So, people who want to do campaigning and want to eat food in a jungle can definitely fulfill their desire here.

Rain Forest 1

14. The Marina

It has attractive display of raw seafood items. and is a natural urban beach along the Bay of Bengal. They have the best international cocktail and wine list on their menu.

The Marina

15. Cloud Nine

It is a roof top restaurant with wonderful aerial view of the city. It serves Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines. It is a must visit restaurant of Chennai and we bet you would never forget the experience.

Cloud Nine

16. Peshawri

It is a five-star splash out, Northern Frontier restaurant that serves inventive, popping creations at the intimate booths alongside a glassed-in kitchen. They are experts in spiced kebabs and dhal bukhara. They have an astounding international cocktail and wine list on their menu.


17. Southern Spice

The candlelit tables, flower bowls, wood carved pillars, silver palm shaped plates with seafood, various non-veg  and veg dishes, in a light version will mesmerize you in a way like no one else did.

Southern Spice

18. Double Roti Restaurant

It refers to the burger buns. The specialty of this place is the semi-open kitchen which gives you the advantage of seeing what will be served on your table. It has unique decorations, witty slogans chalked up on boards and buckets filled with masala fries.

Double Roti Restaurant

19. The Great Kabab Factory

The specialty of here is the delicious Kabab which one can’t resist. It is a must visit restaurant in Chennai.

The Great Kabab

20. The Stop

This is a theme-based restaurant, the theme is formed with ideas of underground and gaming. So, those who need free wifi, games, and food, you know where to head. It serves Italian, and Continental and it has rails on its ceiling making your world look upside down.

The Stop