20 Cafes You Can Visit In Kolkata

20 Cafes You Can Visit In Kolkata

Sitting in Cafes and chilling out is the new vogue. Cafes are space which allows you to sit for hours, work, study or chat accompanied by good music, food and beverages. Cafe craze is rising in Kolkata and especially amongst the youth. So here are some amazing cafes in Kolkata which you can visit, even when you are broke.

1 Indian Coffee House

 Indian coffee house is one of the aged cafes in Kolkata. If you are passing through the lanes of College Street do visit this place. This place is always over buzzed with students, professors, office goers, and intellect thinkers. It is the best place to sit for hours and give “ADDA”. The nostalgic environment of this place adds up to make it more alluring. A cup of coffee will cost around Rs.20/-to Rs.40/- at an average. And the cup of coffee will taste even better with a Chicken Kaviraji, as they serve the best Kaviraji in the city.

indian-coffee-house2 Thhek

 Thhek café is a boutique café. Here with a cup of coffee or tea, you can drool over their amazing boutique collection and can, of course, get a grip over them. So when in a mood to shop and chill, do visit this cozy boutique café. A cup of tea or coffee will cost you around Rs35-Rs60 and the cost of drooling over their boutique products are absolutely free. This place is situated in Kalitala road, Kalikapur.

thhek3 Hope Cafe

 Hope cafe is located near the Triangular Park, Gariahat. The cafe is run by the NGO Hope. The hospitality of this café is the best part. A cup of coffee or tea will cost you around Rs15-Rs60. They serve Italian, Chinese and north Indian cuisine and all the prices are quite reasonable. A good place to work or study as the ambiance is quite and pleasant.

hope-cafe4 Cafe Ekante Eco Park

The main attraction of this café is their ambiance, they have beautiful open air sitting arrangements. Best place for evening snacks and gossip. A pleasant weather is a cherry on the top. A cup of tea or coffee is just Rs30. A cup of cocoa, fish fries and the beautiful view is just perfect. It is situated in Eco Park, New town.

cafe-ekante-eco-park5 Mud

Mud is situated in Triangular Park, Gariahat. It was singer Debabrata Biswas’s house which has been refurbished into a picturesque cafe with charming décor and delightful music in the background. The food and beverages are luscious and pocket-friendly. They have a wide variety in the food menu. A cup of tea or coffee will cost you around Rs.60/- to Rs.80/-


6 Cha Bar

  Cha bar is the best place for book lovers. It is located in the oxford store at Park Street.You can just pick a book and head out to the café area, read your favorite book with a perfect cup of tea or coffee. The wall décor and the smell of the books will set the ambiance for you. A cup of tea or coffee will cost you around Rs60-Rs120 at average.They have a huge variety of tea, so tea lovers should definitely visit this place.

cha-bar7 Cinnabon

Cinnabon is a small outlet in Acropolis mall food court. The place is famous for their cinnamon rolls and their Chocobons are just divine. The best place to sit and have a cuppa coffee and cinnamon mini rolls. It will cost around Rs.300/- for two. Perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

cinnabon8 Mr Burger

 Situated near Shyambaar metro. It’s a small café with pretty décor and soothing ambiance. The best part of this café is they present the food and beverages in a unique way. They usually play classic songs which will make you feel nostalgic. A cuppa will cost you around Rs60-Rs100 but do have it with their awesome burgers.

mr-burger9 The Chaiwala

The Chaiwala is a cafe with a cosy interior and great food. It is located near Tollygunge metro. The place has a quirky boho environment. The striking part is their dessert, they have varieties of mind-blowing desserts. Coffee and tea will cost you around Rs.60/-to Rs.100/- at an average. The food and beverages worth every penny of yours. So be in Tollygunge or not do visit this cafe.


10 The Brewich Cafe

 The Brewich Cafe is located in Lords More. The cafe is small but have beautifully done up the interior. Good food and very nicely plated. They have lip-smacking sandwiches and burgers. Have few innovative dishes in the menu like chicken pizza fries you can try them out. Overall it’s a nice place to sit for hours and chat. A regular cuppa can cost you around Rs.60/-to Rs.100/-

the-brewich-cafe11 Stargezzy

Stargezy is a small cafe with a pretty interior. It is located opposite to carnival cinemas. Their food and beverages are as perfect as the location. A cup tea will cost you Rs.25/-to Rs.30/-Perfect place for quick meet ups. The best part is the menu is tax inclusive and very pocket-friendly.


12 Cafe Valley

Cafe valley is located on the northern side of Kolkata in Lake Town. This place will offer you various kinds of coffee from regular coffee to cappuccino & Lattes with exotic hints. Its tastes as good at it looks. A regular coffee will cost you around Rs-60 to 90 if you choose to experience the exotic hints. If you are in Lake Town for a quick bite u can visit this place.


13 Food Path

This joint has two location in the town one in Bangur and the other is located in Sinthi. It offers a huge spread menu for you from different shades of pasta & egg-lick-ious options. A cup of coffee will cost you around Rs.50/-The interior of this cafe has pretty cool and amazing wall art, which makes the cafe look cheerful and vibrant.


14 Chill Maar

 As the name suggests this place is to chill with your friends. At the same time, you can enjoy amazing cuisines like Italian to Continental at a mouth-watering price. A regular espresso will cost you around Rs50.They serve cuppa, some fries, this place is perfect and affordable.


15 Cafe Bong Bing

 Café bong Bing is a teeny-weeny café near Jodhpur Park. They have amazing board games. The place is very snug and homely. They have amazing varieties of food, shakes, and coffee. A regular cup of coffee will cost you around Rs59-Rs79. Pretty cool place to have coffee and play some board games.


16 Calcutta 64

 This place is close to City Centre 1, sector1, Salt Lake. The staffs are very efficient and responsive. They have outdoor sitting arrangements as well. Pretty interior decors and wall hangings, which you can buy as well. They have a great continental cuisine. A regular cup of tea or coffee will cost around Rs.40/-to Rs.80/-


17 Seedz Beanz N Aroma

Nice cozy little café tucked away in a back alley of Jodhpur Park. Well behaved staff and attendants. Though the menu is short but the prices are quite reasonable. A cup of regular coffee or tea will cost you around Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- at an average.


18 Bon Appetit

Bon appetite is a crunched up place in the lanes of Hazra Road. This cafe is quite popular amongst the youth as they have a variety of menu and they are quite reasonable as well. You will fall in love with anything and everything about this place and especially their chocolate avalanche.  Coffee or tea will cost you around Rs.50/-to Rs.75/- only.


19 The Cafe Store

 The Cafe Store is located in the lanes of Golpark, near Santa’s Fantasea. A pretty tiny café with a ravishing interior. Pretty good place to catch up with your friends and having chats over a cup of coffee. A cuppa will cost in an average around Rs.90/-to Rs.150/-. The ambiance is quite blissful. So looking for a peaceful environment for a nice chat or study, this place is recommended.the-cafe-store

20 Mrs Magpie

Mrs. Magpie is a sung little café with a lot of colors. Their decor and cutlery stands are vivid and vibrant adding up to the gleeful aura of the cafe. Great for a sudden cup of coffee or hot chocolate, which will cost you around Rs.45/-to Rs.130/- on an average. Their cupcakes are drool worthy both taste wise and visually. So ever gazing near Hindustan Park, or Sector 1, Salt Lake do try out their cupcake with some aromatic hot chocolate.