20 Chapatis That You Have Never Heard Of


All of us love to eat different types of food, most of us have the habit of trying something new every day even though not knowing its proper name but we all are aware of the name of Chapati. Usually, Chapati is a flat bread made up of dough of wheat and rice and is the staple food of South Asia. Most of the North Indians used to eat Chapati daily, but we hardly know the types of the Chapati. Here are the top 20 varieties of chapatis that you never heard of. If you love the simple Chapati, then you love them all.


It is a great dish from Maharashtra. Its flour has different grains. It consists of roasted tapioca, Rajgira, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat, and rice. This dish is unknown in most of the Restaurants but it is one of the great dishes in Maharashtra. This Maharashtrian dish is tasty than the normal Chapati, but you never heard the name of this dish except those who belongs to Maharashtra. Thalipeeth comes in the class of breakfast or snacks along with some butter, yoghurt or some garlic chutney.


2.Beetroot Chapati:

It is the only type of chapatis which has beetroot, that’s why its name is Beetroot Chapati. This dish has different types of vegetables which have vitamins, and are the best for the health of the people. The taste of the Beetroot is not so good, but it is very healthy for the human beings, this Chapati has Beetroot, so nobody realises that they are eating a beetroot. The another good thing about this dish is that it is bright red in colour which is a very attractive colour.


3.Ragi Roti:

This is a famous dish of the rural areas of Karnataka. This Chapati is also the breakfast food of the state of Karnataka. This South Indian dish is made from the vegetables and onions. It has another name as Ragi Adai. As the Thalipeeth Chapati, the name of Ragi Roti is still unknown for many of us, but surely it tastes great may be because of its texture which is thick, so it is also loved by the kids. This type of Roti is served with anything like the simple Roti.


4. Jolada Chapati:

Jolada Chapati is an Indian Chapati type which is made of jowar, originating from North Karnataka. It is coarser than a usual chapati. Well, the texture of this roti may be hard or soft. The meaning of its name is a sorghum bread, not only this but also it has an another name as Bhakri. This dish is served with pulse curries like Jhunka or Enne Gai. Jolada Roti may look like a regular roti, but its taste is totally different from the usual Roti.

jolada chappati


Sheermal is a type of Chapati which has saffron, and this Chapati belongs to Bangladesh, Awadh, Lucknow region and Hyderabad in India. This Chapati is one of the special dishes from Hyderabad. It is entirely different from the other Chapatis. This dish is like a sweet naan which is made out of things like maida and yeast and then baked in an oven. This dish had been ready like a Roti, but now it is cooked like a naan. Its previous recipe is replaced with the warm, sweet milk and then flavoured with saffron.



You can say its name as Taftan or Taftoon or Taftun. This Chapati belongs to Persian, Pakistani and Uttar Pradesh, it is usually prepared in clay oven. This bread is made with milk, yogurt, and eggs. This dish also tastes fabulous. But still, it is unknown to many of us.



Pitha is a type of Chapati originating from the northeastern region of India. It is a snack type dish. It is made up of Rice flour or wheat flour and is served at both hot or cold temperature. It is part and parcel of Assamese Bihu festival.



Pisarattu, a great dish from Andhra Pradesh and one of the most common breakfasts in the Andhra Pradesh. It has only moong dal. It is so special because it is very difficult to make this dish. It is also known as Pesalu.


9.Pesaha Appam:

Pesaha Appam is the type of Chapati made by the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala and served on Passover night. It is a great dish from Kerala.



Pashto is a type of roti from the South India. Well, this dish is also very tasty, it has rice flour and then during cooking, it is fried in the pan along with ghee. People from South India used to eat it with chutneys or kormas. It not a famous dish but it is one of the strange dishes.



It is a type of Chapati or we can say that a type of paper, or it is also known as appadam, pampad and appalam. This dish belongs to Indian Subcontinent. It has lentils, black grain, rice and chickpeas as its main ingredients. This chapati is a unique one because it is like a papad but comes under the class of Chapatis.



Luchi is a deeply fried chapati which is made up of wheat flour. This dish belongs to East India and Bangladesh. Its main ingredients are only maida flour. This dish is like the Indian Poori but it is slightly different to Poori and it can be served with anything like curries or gravies.



Khakara is a type of Chapati, which actually looks like the Indian Paratha but this dish comes from the state of Gujarat. People from Gujarat usually eat it as a breakfast and it is served with anything at room temperature. This dish has mat bean, wheat flour, and oil.


14. Chikkolee:

Chikkolee is a typical type of Chapati, and this Chapati is a spicy one which is made up from wheat. The way of its preparation is like that of the simple roti, but its taste is completely different from the regular roti, and it has one specialty that it is divided into parts and then served.



Boli is a type of Chapati from South India. It is very good in taste and famous in South India, but nobody is aware of this dish boli in North India. This dish can be made by using channa dal and is usually served with payasam.


16.Irachi Pathiri:

This dish is also known as Irachi Pathil and is very popular in North Malabar. This dish is fried and then stuffed with the chicken masala. This Chapati comes in the group of snacks in Malabar area. Chicken, onion, rice flour, water, and garlic are its main ingredients. This dish is non-veg, but still, it tastes too good. It is not liked by the people who like to eat veg food only.



Bhakhri is another type of Indian Chapati. It is a staple food of Gujarat, but it is also liked by the people of western and central India. Wheat flour is its main ingredient, and this roti can be hard and soft in its texture.


18. Tri Color Chapati:

It is a simple Chapati, but the only difference is that of its shape and color. A tri colour Chapati is very attractive, not only it is attractive but also it tastes good, this Roti owns so many nutritious which are necessary for our body, and it reminds the freedom of India because of its color.


19. Mughlai Paratha:

Mughlai Paratha comes under this category and one of the great dishes which comes from Kolkata and Bangladesh. It is a type of Chapati which is stuffed with keema, egg, onions and pepper.


20. Pooran Poli:

Pooran Poli is another sweet Chapati and is a great Maharashtrian recipe which is made during Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali also.


The names of all these Chapatis are strange that you never heard. Although these are very sweet also, many of these are very helpful in maintaining our health because most of them contain necessary nutrients. People love to try different things, and we never leave this habit.