20 Classic Food Items To Try These Winters

20 Classic Food Items To Try These Winters

Winter is the most beautiful season of the year. It is accompanied by cold long nights, warm quilt, warm clothes, a heater in the room and snowfall outside. Most of the festivals, the most awaited one being Christmas, are also during winters. Another most important thing to go with this perfect atmosphere is some tasty food items which can keep your body warm. This article brings to you twenty common food items in the world that are perfect for winters.

1. Cream Scones:

It is made with flour, currants, cranberries and heavy cream which make it fluffy. Not much sugar is added to it and that is why it is less sweet. Scones are mainly found in Britain and America, and they serve it with tea. It makes a delicious evening snack.


2. Mincemeat pies:

These pies are prepared mainly during Christmas. The filling of this pie is not made of fruit pieces instead meat. This item is sweet and is one of the main desserts of Christmas.mincemeat-pies

3. Rabdi Jalebi:

Rabdi is a sweet made of milk. Jalebi is a famous Indian dessert made in every street of India. Winter nights in India, especially northern India, are incomplete without rabdi and jalebi. Indian people usually have a Rabdi cold with hot Jalebis.


4. Hot Chocolate:

This is a famous drink all over the world. Made of chocolate and warm milk, most people, especially children and youngsters, love drinking hot chocolate. Hot chocolate forms a great companion on chilly winter evenings.


5. Coffee:

It is the most liked beverage by people of all age groups. Some people like black coffee while some like it with milk. Long conversations or work during winter evenings or even nights are incomplete without a cup of coffee. It warms up your body and also helps you stay awake.


6. Eccles Cake:

The main ingredient of this cake is butter! These are small, round-shaped cakes which look like small French croissants. It is filled with a thin layer of raisins and other dry fruits mixed in syrup. The first taste you get when you take a bite is that of butter. This cake is so soft that it melts in the mouth. It forms a delicious dish to be eaten during cold winter evenings.


7. Kedgeree:

The origin of this food item is India though it is most widely eaten in Britain and America. The ingredients used are rice, fish, and eggs. It makes a filling lunch or dinner and is delicious. It is prepared in butter which gives it a unique taste and smell


8. Rasgulla:

This is another famous dish of India, especially West Bengal. This dessert is made of cottage cheese. The rasgullas are even made of jiggery, which are only found during winters. They are specially prepared during winters. Hot rasgullas after dinner is the most favorite way for Bengalis to end their days.


9. Scotch Eggs:

Scotch eggs and tea or coffee makes a perfect winter breakfast. Scotch eggs are deep-fried boiled eggs encased in sausage. What a better way of starting cold morning! This item makes a sumptuous breakfast which can keep you fill for a long time and also keep your body warm so that you can work efficiently.


10. Toad in the Hole:

Even if the name puts you off the dish, you must try it because it is DELICIOUS! The base of the dish is made with flour, eggs, and butter which are baked with a hole in between. This hole is filled with gravy. The gravy can be made of onions or mustard or anything according to what one likes. It is then served hot and forms a perfect breakfast or evening snack.


11. Welsh Rarebit:

Even though the name is very fancy, this is a very simple dish. This item can be dated back to the 1950s and is one of the oldest dishes in the world. This dish is prepared by pouring hot, melted cheese mixed with butter and egg yolk over bread toast. It forms a mouth-watering evening snack, and once you have it, you will want to have more of it.


12. Hot Cake:

The best dessert at any time of the day during winters is a hot cake. Not many people like having cold things during winters. Hot Cake is the easiest dessert you can find since you need to warm the cake only a bit and have it. It enhances the taste of the cake, and you can barely resist having a lot of it.


13. Steak and Ale Pie:

This is yet another fancy but simple dish. This mouth-watering dish is a baked dish made of meat and a lot of vegetables (well, winter is the time when you get the most diverse kinds of vegetables). This dish is topped with a layer of cheese which makes it even more delicious. After it is baked, the outside becomes crisp while the inside is still soft and has little gravy. It forms a filling dish.


14. Strawberry and Cream:

Strawberries are only found during winters, and it is also the best time to have it since strawberries keep your body warm. This dessert is the easiest to make. All you need are some strawberries, fresh whipped cream, a little sugar and your dessert is ready and it tastes heavenly.


15. Shepherd’s Pie:

This dish is prepared with a meat filling topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. The meat filling is made of ground lamb or beef and vegetables. It is topped with a layer of mashed potatoes and then baked. Meat keeps your body warm, and so this forms a perfect dish for winters.


16. Kheer:

This is another special dish of India. Made with milk, sugar, and rice, this is a must-cooked dessert during the winters. Dry fruits are even added to enhance the taste. It is usually served hot but is sometimes served cold as well.


17. Yorkshire Pudding:

These are nothing but cheese puffs that are usually served with tea in the evening or as a side dish with some particular items, especially steaks. These sometimes take the form of bread also.


18. Kahwah:

This is a drink specially made in Jammu and Kashmir. It is tea made of dry fruits, cardamom and cinnamon and  tastes heavenly. The feeling of drinking a smoky cup of hot Kahwah with snow-clad mountains in front and chilly winter winds blowing across your face is something that cannot be matched with anything else. It melts as soon as you put it inside your mouth. Sometimes pistachios are also added also added which enhances the taste.


19. Fish Fry:

The most widely eaten snack during winter evenings is fish fries. This dish is very common in India. In many places, especially along beaches, there are stalls where fresh fishes are kept. You can choose the type of fish fry you want to have, and they fry it in front of you and serve it hot. Trust me, it tastes heavenly. The taste of hot and fresh fry in the cold winters is mouth-watering.


20. Kebabs:

This is another well-known food item of India. There are various types of kebabs. Hot kebabs are the best thing you can have during winter evenings, especially if it is grilled in front of you. The smell makes you want to have it, and once you have it, you will want more of it.