20 Different Types Of Curd Dishes

20 Different Types Of Curd Dishes

1 Flax Seed Raita

Flax seed is the richest source of essential to build immunity as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. It is combined with calcium rich curds to prepare Flax seed raita. Mint leaves and bottle gourd dives a fresh flavor to the delicious dish. Ingredients used are bottle gourd, curd, mint leaves, cumin seeds, salt, and water.


2 Spicy Dahi Tadka

Curd is a popular item all over the country. This spicy curd tadka is a twist with curd making it more appetizing. Ingredients used are onion, tomato, kadi patta, haldi, salt chili, butter, and chilled curd. The tadka is prepared first and then it’s added to the curd.


3 Spicy Gatte ki Sabji

Spicy gatte ki sabji is an authentic dish of Rajasthan. Gram flour is cooked into a dumpling which is added to spicy curd gravy. It’s a mouth-watering delightful dish with spicy and flavorful taste. Ingredients used are besan, cumin seeds, turmeric, baking soda, chili powder, salt, coriander powder, mint leaves, ginger, water, and curd.


4 Dahi Bhalla

Dahi bhalla is the most loved street snack of North-India. It’s a chilled snack served during festivals like diwali, Navratri, or any other festival. Cumin powder and pomegranate is sprinkled for an everlasting taste. Ingredients used are urad dal, salt, chili powder, chironjee, raisins, hing, water, curd, nlack salt, cumin powder, chutney, and boondi.


5 Curd Rice

Curd rice is prepared with steamed rice, plain curd, urad dal, mustard seeds, chili, and coriander leaves are used for tempering. It’s a popular dish of South-India. Ingredients used are rice, water, curd, chili, ginger, salt, coriander leaves, oil, mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal, chili and hing.


6 Beetroot Raita

Beetroot raita is a delicious variation of curd. An Indian food is incomplete without raita. It is very healthy dish as it is made up of curd and beetroot. Ingredients used are curd, beetroot, cucumber, onion, salt and coriander leaves.


7 Pineapple Raita

Pineapple raita is a delicious dish filled with goodness and sweetness of soothing curd and pineapple. Ingredients used are pineapple, curd, green chili, mint leaves, salt, sugar, and black pepper. Chopped pineapple and mint leaves are used for garnishing.


8 Hung Curd

The Hung curd is made by draining all its water. Draining all its water will make it thick. The only ingredient used is curd. The liquid is drained with nylon sieve which has fine mesh in it.


9 Avial Curry

Avial curry is a popular traditional dish of Kerala. Ingredients used are drumsticks, yam, carrots, beans, tindora, melon or petha, pumpkin, plantain, turmeric, salt, curd, coconut oil, curry leaves, coconut, and water. All the vegetables are chopped in same size and cooked together.


10 Himachali Tawa Murg

Himachali Tawa Murg is a delicious chicken dish. Chicken pieces are marinated in cream, curd, and freshly ground gram masala. Red chili and coriander are topped. Ingredients used are hung curd, cream, garlic paste, garam masala, cinnamon stick, clack peppercorns, cumin seeds, green cardamom, brown cardamom, bay leaves, and cloves.


11 Lassi

Lassi is a chilled glass full cool curd. Ingredients used are yogurt, ice cubes, sugar, salt, water. Yoghurt, water, salt, and sugar are blended together and served chilled. To make a namkeen lassi masalas like bhuna jeera and kala namak are added into it.


12 Roast Potatoes with Hung Curd Dressing

A thick paste of curd, salt, chives, and pepper are made for dressing. Potatoes are cooked in oven or microwave for 3-4 minutes. After cooking the skin is removed from it. Ingredients used are potato, hung curd, chives, salt, and pepper. Salt and pepper are used for seasoning.

Baked potato with cream of the cream cheese closeup.

13 Chocolate Curd Cake

Chocolate curd cake is ginger biscuits are combined with butter to make curd and chocolate mixture. Ingredients used are crushed ginger biscuits, melted butter, hung curd, castor sugar, melted chocolate, eggs, vanilla essence, sugar, and whipped cream. It is topped with coconut flakes and whipped cream.


14 Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a Gujarati dessert dish made with Hung curd. Ingredients used are hung curd, sugar, cardamom powder, almonds, sunflower seeds, fresh fruits, or dry fruits. The yogurt is beaten with sugar; saffron is added and again beaten. Cardamom powder, sunflower seeds, and almonds are added to it.


15 Chicken Khada Masala

Chicken khada masala is a yummy dishmade by cooking chicken pieces in creamy yoghurt. Ingredients used are chicken, ghee, onions, yogurt, fresh cream, chili paste, pepper powder, salt, garlic, cardamom, bay leaves, cinamom sticks, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, red chili, basmati rice, and mace.


16 Egg Stuffed

Eggs are stuffed with mixture of curd, nuts, masalas, cheese, and tamarind paste. Ingredients used are onions, cumin seeds, bay leaves, mace, anise, ginger paste, garlic paste, garam masala, tomatoes, curd, salt, black pepper, walnuts, apricot, and lots more. Stuffed eggs are garnished with turnip, cucumber, and carrot.


17 Aloo ka Raita

Aloo ka raita is a dish made with beaten curd and pieces of boiled potatoes. Ingredients used are yogurt, salt, potatoes, red pepper powder, cumin seeds, and coriander leaves. It is garnished with red pepper, cumin powder, and coriander leaves.


18 Yogurt Kebab

Yogurt kebab is a healthy, yummy dish made with cheese, yogurt, almonds, raisins, and oats. It’s a mouth-watering dish with a great texture. Ingredients used are onions, ginger, fresh coriander, pepper powder, cardamom powder, salt, and corn flour for dust. It is served hot with chutney for a delicious spicy taste.


19 Mango Yogurt Ice

Mango yogurt ice is a delicious dessert served with ice cream. Ingredients used are sugar, jaggery, mango puree, water, sweet lime, whipped curd, mint, and butter. Fruit and ice cream are used for decoration on top.


20 Cinnamon Curd

Cinnamon curd is a chilled delicious curd enjoyed with a French toast. Ingredients used are hung curd, cream, cinnamon powder, jaggery, and lemon rind. It has benefits in cough and cold, acne and dry skin, hair and beauty, diabetics, digestive aid, and lots more.