20 Food Items Loved By Children Everywhere

20 Food Items Loved By Children Everywhere

Children are the shadow of God but at the time of eating even God can’t control them. Apart from jokes every parents want that their child should be happy and fit. That is why they do all the possible things by which there children eat food happily. Which type of food item they eat is dependent upon their mood and their mood is frequently changing. Allthe mother tries to make the food which is tasty as well as healthy for their children. If they eat healthy food it will be beneficial for them in long term. So here are some food items which are loved by them and their mother tries to make them tasty as well as healthy.


Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake is every child’s favourite shake. They don’t drink Milk without the Chocolate Powder. The Chocolate Powder is not good in large amount, it affect the body growth. That is why the solution which Indian mother took out of this is that when they prepare the Chocolate shake they mix chocolate energy powder with that so the growth and development of a child’s body should not get affected.


Finger Chips

The food item Finger Chip is also known as French fries. It is originated from France. It is made up of Potato which are cut into slices and deep fried in Olive Oil and served with Tomato Catch-up. It is loved by almost all the children as well as adult. Generally it is taken as an evening refreshment. It is light and easy to make.


Bread Jam

This is the famous breakfast dish to be served to children. It is two minutes recipe and is loved by them very much. Most of the kids prefer this in their daily school Tiffin because it is easy and fast to eat. It can be made by both Brown and White Bread. And Jam flavour is selected by the kids. Many flavours are available in the market such as Apple, Mango, Mix Fruit etc.


Cheese Pasta

Cheese Pasta is the famous Chinese dish loved by kids. The reason to love Cheese Pasta is the cheese which is sprinkled upon it. Any cheese can be used like slice, cube etc. It can be eaten in evening refreshment or in night. But kids love to eat it anytime.


Cheese Pizza

Pizza! It is trend to eat pizza. Mostly people feel proud to eat it. But Indian mothers use to make it in their home because it is healthier from the pizza available outside. And kids do not eat Spinach or Carrot by their own, that’s why all veggies are crushed and shallow fried in butter and poured upon the pizza base. When the kids do not know that they are eating Spinach or Carrot they eat all the Nutrients Veggies unintentionally.



Cookies of grandma are famous in all homes. The homemade cookies are loved by all the kids especially the chocolate one. Even children love the entire thing which consist chocolate in it. Cookies are baked as well as cooked or fried in less butter. Every time when kids go outside for playing or school they take cookies from the jar and goes on eating it.




Pastries are available in many different flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Vanilla etc. It is made up of the Bread and Cream and also includes Sugar and Milk. They are baked in special oven at the fixed temperature. These Pastries are loved by the kids at the time they are roaming outside with their parents and see the bakery and at any cost they want it.


Ice Creams

Ice creams are every one’s favourite desert. It is available in each and every flavour like Badam, Cesar, Pista, Mango, Strawberry, etc. There is uncountable flavour of ice creams available. It is all time favourite time pass for children. And when they don’t get it they go out of control and are impossible to handle.



Chocolates generate the feeling of love in adult but in kids it generates the feeling of being loved. Anybody offering chocolate to a kid becomes their favourite. Kids love all type of candies and chocolates; basically they love it when anybody gives them chocolate without a reason. And if there is a reason the value of chocolate increases.


Cup Cakes

Cupcakes seem very beautiful and are very tasty also. Kids generally are attracted towards it and want to eat it more and more. Indian mothers don’t allow their children to eat the packed food which is preserved food. So that is why they make it in the home and serve it to their lovely kids.



Snacks like Fries of different shape are loved by the kids very much. Kids are attracted toward the different colour and different shapes of them. It is generally given to them when they return home after playing and want something to eat. Snacks are deep fried in the Olive Oil and they can eat cold as well.



The tag line Indian kids use for Maggie is “Meri Maggie”. They love Maggie so much that it is always available in every house where there are kids. It has been said that Maggie is prepared in 2 minutes but to make is tastier and healthy, Indian mothers mix the vegetables in it and it is good for the children to eat like that.



Smoothies are the crush fruits which are mixed with small amount of milk and are loved by the kids. It has many benefits including the proteins and the nutrients automatically going in her/his body (if your child is habitual to having smoothies). If your kid is not habitual of eating fruits then you can offer him or her the tasty smoothie. It is the combination of nutrients and taste.



Noodles are very important part of Chinese cuisine, without it their food is not complete. In China there are more consumption of noodles and are made in different style. Different type of noodles is available in India also but two or three types of noodles are well known. And these are only made by mom at home. It is the thin sliced noodles with the crunchy veggies and different types of Sauce. Cheese is sprinkled in it.



Choco’s is a type of Cereals which is generally preferred in breakfast. The flavour is chocolate and also loved by kids. It is good for the kids as well as for the parents to gain nutrients and protein. Every kid loves Choco’s very much and it is served with the hot Milk. It is also the combo of healthy and tasty food.



Brownie is made up of Dark Chocolate and loved by children very much. It is said that it keeps our stamina strong and also takes you to the world of Chocolate. It also contains little amount of Bread but the Chocolate is the main ingredient in it.


Chocolate Sandwich

You have heard about veg. Sandwich or Cheese Sandwich, but have you ever heard about the chocolate sandwich? The dish is very popular among the children. It is made up of Bread whether it is brown or white and the Chocolate Sauce which is easily available in the market. The Sauce is spread over it and fried half a minute in the oven. Then sprinkle the crush of Candy over it.



This dish is well-known everywhere. Indian mothers generally preferred the homemade burger for their kids because fast food available outside is unhealthy. As well as the homemade recopies also contain good amount of nutrients and vitamins as compare to the food this is available in the market. It consists of the Burger Bun, Aloo Tikki, and some veggies like Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomato etc. Then it is baked in oven.


Puri Achaar

This is the favourite Tiffin food item of all times. Puri is made up of the wheat flour, salt and black pepper and it is served with the mango pickle. It is deep fried in Olive Oil and very tasty to eat. Generally it is preferred for breakfast.


Corn Bhel

This is the healthiest recipe of all the times. It is 2 to 3 minutes recipe and even kids make it by their own. It consists of Sweet Corn, Black Pepper, Salt, 3 drops of Lemon Juice, and some veggies like Cucumber, Capsicum, Onion, Tomato and Veggies available in the home. And everything is mixed and served.