20 Most Loved Tandoor Items In India!

20 Most Loved Tandoor Items In India


Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is by far the most popular Tandoor dish, ever made. It has found its popularity into other countries as well. It is a simple dish which is prepared in the simplest of manners but still is a powerhouse of flavours. A dish for all celebrations, parties and occasions, the love of Indians for Tandoori chicken is not new. The slightest thought of Tandoori chicken can even bring you to drool. The secret lies in the Tandoori Masala. The Tandoori Masala traditionally is prepared with a combination of Spices which are ground together to form the masala. Although now, one doesn’t have to through all that, as readily made Tandoori masalas are available in the market. To prepared tandoori chicken, you need to marinate the chicken pieces (use whole breast and leg pieces) with Curd, Tandoori masala and oil. This is then mixed very well and allowed to rest. Once the chicken is done resting, it is then grilled with a scarce amount of oil if you are preparing at home. Traditionally it is prepared by putting the pieces on a sheekh and putting the sheekh to roast inside the tandoor. Once it’s cooked, it is taken out and served with onions, chaat masala and coriander yoghurt chutney.


Tandoori Prawns

The process of preparation similar in the case of most Tandoori items, as the principle of preparation of any Tandoori dish, is that it shouldn’t use any amount of oil during cooking. Usually, Jumbo Prawns are used for this dish, but you may use the smaller variety also. The Prawns are marinated in Yoghurt and Tandoori Masala mixture and rested. The Prawns are then grilled in a Tandoor.


Tandoori Quail

Although Quail is not a common Meat in India, it is still consumed by many and is a very tasty variety of meat. The meat is mixed with the Spice and Yoghurt Mixture and then grilled in an oven.


Tandoor Tikka Seel Kand

This is a preparation which is different from regular Tandoori items. To make this dish, Breast pieces of chicken are stuffed with Onion, Pepper, Garlic and Mint. Then the chicken is marinated in a tandoori spice and finally grilled with charcoal. It is best served with mashed Potatoes, Coriander and Mint Chutney and roasted sun dried Tomatoes. A totally unique dish, this will woo your guests.


Tandoori Gobi

Tandoori Gobi is a quick and tasty variety of the Tandoori family. Similar to other Tandoori dishes, the florets are to be marinated in a spice mixture and then Tandoor grilled.


Tandoori Pomfret

Tandoori Pomfret is a classic dish, which most of us have had already. Although it belongs to the same family as Tandoori chicken, the dish still tastes unique and different in its own way. A classic beach dish, it is easy to prepare and barely takes any time. The fish is marinated in Yoghurt and Tandoori Masala. It is then grilled till the Fish has a brownish texture on the outside.


Tandoori Murg

A lot of people must be wondering how this dish is any different from the classic Tandoori Chicken. Well, unlike Tandoori Chicken where pieces of Chickens are used, this dish uses the entire Chicken body. The Chicken is marinated in the spicy mixture and grilled in a Tandoor. It must be ensured that the Chicken is cooked thoroughly and evenly.


Tandoori Fish Tikka

Tandoori Fish Tikka is a great dish for parties. It is prepared with marinated pieces of Fish fillets, and slow cooked on a grill.


Tandoori Naan

There are various types of Indian bread cooked in a tandoor, all of which are quite different in taste. The major types of Tandoor Bread are Tandoori Roti, Naan, Kulcha and Lachha Paratha.



Murg-E-Kalmi uses a Spice mixture that is a little different than the regular Tandoori masala. For this dish, Chicken pieces are marinated in a Spice and Yoghurt mixture, which is then grilled using a Tandoor.


Murg Aatish Burra

This dish requires you to marinate the Chicken twice in different Marinade mixture to infuse a rich combination of flavour in the chicken. The Chicken pieces are then grilled using a Tandoor and serve along with Coriander Chutney.


Bhatti Da Murg Pindiwala

This is a common dish, found in the by lanes and lanes of Punjab. The Chicken is cooked on a grill over Charcoal. Usually, leg pieces of Chicken are usually preferred for this dish. The legs are marinated and kept overnight for them to flavour well when cooked. This dish will give all other street foods a run for its money.


Chicken Bharta

Although Chicken Bharta, is a not a dish which is cooked in a Tandoor entirely, it uses certain elements where the chicken is cooked in a Tandoor. The chicken Tandoori pieces are grilled and are then cooked in gravy using Cream, Cumin powder, Butter and Tomato Puree. A further addition of Cream is done to dish, for a creamy gravy.


Tandoori Fruit Chaat

Tandoori Fruit Chaat is a simple dish where Green Apples, Pineapples and Bell Peppers are first marinated in a mixture of Spices, and then roasted in a Tandoor.


Tandoori Aloo

This simple dish is a delight for vegetarians and Potato lovers. The boiled Potatoes are dipped in the Marinade and then grilled on a slow flame.


Tandoori Malai Tikka

Tandoori Malai Tikka is a preparation where boneless pieces of chicken are marinated in mixture with has Yoghurt, Spices and Cream in it. The Chicken pieces are then roasted on a Tandoor.


Peshawari Sheekh

To prepare this dish, you need to make a mixture of Cottage Cheese, roasted Cashews and Corn. Blend them in a blender with other Spices and marinate the Chicken with this creamy mixture on a Tandoor.


Balochi Aloo

This is a unique variation of the Tandoori Aloo and is just a bundle of flavours. The Potatoes are hollowed out and filled with vegetables, Cashews, Cottage Spice and Spices. The Potatoes are finally roasted in a Tandoor.


Tandoori Mushroom

It becomes a task to find a great vegetarian dish to prepare for your guests. Well, not anymore. Marinate your Mushrooms in a Tandoor Masala along with a Chilli Garlic paste. Then sauté the Mushrooms with slight oil or just grill them in an oven. Serve on a bed of mashed Potatoes and fried Onions along with Coriander and Mint Chutney.


Hariyali Kebab

What could keep this one off this list? Prepare a mix of Coriander Leaves, Yoghurt, Green Chillies and Mint in a blender and marinate the Chicken with this mixture. Grill the Chicken pieces on a Tandoor for the best of Hariyali Kebab.