20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes – A Must Try For A Foodie

top 20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes



Malvani food has always been well known for the unique masala used. The masala used here is very different from rest of the Maharashtra. Malvani Sagoti is Chicken Gravy made with Malvani masala to add flavouring. This Masala consists of Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander etc.



You have visited Kolhapur in Maharashtra and not tried the TambdaRassa; this is not at all possible. As per the name the TambdaRassa is brownish in color and one sight of this spicy dish and you want to have it all. It is a non-vegetarian dish made from Goat Meat and lot of spices to satisfy our taste buds. It’s number one on the recommendation list for the spicy food lovers.



This is another mouth-watering food from Kolhapur. A visit to Kolhapur for a foodie is definitely a bonus. The PandhraRassa is a non-vegetarian Chicken or Goat Meat Gravy. The curry here is made from Coconut Milk in addition to Onion Cashew Paste with some Spices and Condiments. This is something unique as most of the Chicken Dishes are reddish in color.


Bharli Vangi

Bharli Vangi is nothing but Stuffed Eggplant. The Eggplants are cut into parts but kept holding together such that the masala or stuffing could be filled in it. This Eggplant consists of a very auspicious masala filling of Ground Coconut, Powdered Peanut and Red Chili Powder. The taste of this stuffed dish keeps lingering on our tongue for long. Some part of Maharashtra also uses Goda Masala as the filling.



Bhakri is almost cooked in every house of Maharashtra. It is a important part of the daily course meals. Bhakri is round flattened bread prepared from the dough of rice, Nachni, Jowar, Bajraetc. The dough for Bhakri is made by mixing the flour of grains with water and spread into a round Bhakri using palm and fingers. It can betaken with any kind of vegetable or curry. Bhakri is slightly thicker than Chapatti. It tastes delicious when hot.


Puran Poli

This is definitely for you if you are a diet freak, but who cares when it’s a Puran Poli. Puran Poli is sweet flattened bread prepared mainly during the festive occasions in Maharashtra.It is almost similar to a Paratha except the difference is in the filling. The filling in Puran Poli is prepared by mixing jaggery along with sweet lentil. This is a must have on every Indian’s list.



This is a must have after a Konkani meal. Solkadhi is very famous in Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. This drink is usually served with Rice or drunk after the meals. Solkadhi is prepared from the fresh extract of Milk from Coconut or Coconut milk along with Kokum, some Salt and Ginger Garlic Paste if required. This is an auspicious Curry known for its great digestive properties apart from the tangy and sweet taste.



Pithale is a very famous Maharashtrian recipe served along with Bhakri. It is also served as a side dish. This is prepared with Chickpea flour along with Turmeric, Mustard Seeds, Ginger Garlic Paste, Chili and lot more if you wish. This tasty dish is served dry as well as slightly liquid; it tastes awesome in any form. Have a quick bite of it and you will learn to cook it for sure.


Kolambi bhat

When it comes to seafood, Kolambi is my all time favorite. Its tastes awesomely delicious and is also known for its no fuss cooking. Rice being a staple diet in most parts of Maharashtra, this is a very famous recipe. Rice and Kolambi are cooked with lot of Spices, Herbs, Onion, Tomato, Ginger Garlic paste and some more seasoning. It is served hot with a garnish of freshly cut Coriander Leaves. The smell of a hot, ready to eat Kolambi Bhat is heavenly.


Mirchi Cha Thecha

Hirvya Mirchi cha thecha is an authentic Maharashtrian recipe prepared from the fresh crushed green chilies. This dish is served as a Chutney with the main course or also had along with Bhakri. This is spicy and also slight sour if Lemon sprinkled with it. Even the recipe of this dish is very simple, but the taste it gives us is very overwhelming.



Maswadi is a traditional Puneri dish. It is a very unique recipe as it consists of variety of flavors. The outer covering of Maswadi is prepared from chickpea flour and the inside is packed with a large dose of flavoring. The filling consists of Ground Coconut, Spices, Sesame Seeds and some Spices. It is served along with a thin Curry which adds to its taste. A piece of Maswadi in your mouth and the flavors packed inside will burst on your tongue. It is a must have for a Spice lover.



Shrikhand is a sweet flavored sweet dish prepared from Strained Yogurt. It is one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian cuisine usually served on special occasions. Nowadays, it is readily available at various stores for everyone to taste it. So if you don’t know how to cook this famous Maharashtra sweet dish one can buy it from a lot of stores.



Chikki is an Indian traditional dish prepared from Jaggery and Peanut Chunks. Chikkiis available as a snack locally, but the Lonavla Chikki is famous throughout India. Today, a lot of different Chikkis are available apart from the common peanut Chikki. A cup of tea and Chikkiat Lonavla(a beautiful hill station)is an ideal thought for a well spent evening.


Kairi Panhe

Who on Earth doesn’t love the sweet and tangy taste of Raw Mango? This a famous summer drink prepared from the juice of Raw Mango along with Jaggery to give it a sweet and sour taste. It is served with a Spring of Cardamom Powder for additional flavor. Now we can have raw mango throughout the year in the form of Kairiche Panhe.




Modak is a very spiritual sweet is Maharashtra as it is considered to be the most loved food of Lord Ganesha. It is similar to a dumpling but the stuffing inside is different. The filling is prepared from Freshly Ground Coconut along with Jaggery or Sugar for sweetness and Elaichi for extra flavoring. Modakis served steamed or fried; both tastes delicious.



The sweet and mouth watering Alphonso mangoes are famous in the whole country. This is a seasonal fruit,but to cherish the taste of our most loved King of Fruits people prepared Amba Poli. It is brought to the foodies by slight boiling of Mango Pulp on heat and adding Sugar and Cardamom if required. This mixture is spread on plates and dried in sunlight to get rid of the water content. A slice of this Ambi Poli will give a feel of having a Mango in reality.


Kombadi Wade

Kombadi Wade is a traditional Konkani dish served along with chicken curry or dry chicken. It is flattened bread with a slight stint of garlic. It is typically served with a mouth-watering combo of chicken curry, rice and Solkadhi.



Aamras is the thick pulp of regional fruit of Maharashtra eaten with Chapatti, Puri or just Aamras. It is prepared by extracting the Mango Pulp by squeezing with hand and mixing with sugar if required to increase sweetness. Sometimes Ghee or Milk is added for flavoring as per taste. It is served with a pinch of Kesar or Cardamom Powder.


Fish Koliwada

Fish Koliwada is a delicious and nutritious snack served by a particular Maharashtra community. This dish is made by the Kola community living near the sea coast. It is a very delicious, savoring snack served along with some Minty Spicy Coconut Chutney.


Misal Pav

Misal Pav is widely available in Maharashtra and a very famous street food. A slight of well served Misal Pav is so pleasant and pleasing. It is thin Spicy Gravy prepared from some Pulses or Sprouts and served along with Farsan and Onion Coriander Mixture sprinkled on top. This street food is a must try for everyone.