20 Most Delicious Non-Vegetarian Soups We Love!

20 Most Delicious Non-vegetarian Soups We Love!


Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

It is one of the most common and tastiest soups we mostly find at restaurants. The method of preparation of this one is easy and barely takes any time. The soup is prepared with a simple mix of Chicken Stock, Egg White, boiled and minced Chicken, Sweet Corn Kernels and Corn Flour. The resulting mixture of soup is a great product, which tastes perfect with a little Pepper and Vinegared Chillies.


Chicken Manchow Soup

The Chicken Manchow Soup is a great option if you like something spicy. The soup uses a Chicken Stock, minced Chicken and certain mix of Vegetables, with a little Soy Sauce. The final soup is then topped off with  crispy fried Noodles.


Seafood Soup

This is a simple soup which brings out the best of seafood in it. The dish uses a unique selection of Crabmeat, Prawns, Fish and Chicken in it and uses a simple flavour mix.


Chicken Shorba

This dish is an Indian rendition of the Chicken Soup. It contains Indian flavours mostly and is known to be a great dish. It may seem that it is a simple dish, but you’ll be surprised to find out the flavours are powerful.


Gosht Shorba

This dish is exactly like the Chicken Shorba, but still different because it uses Mutton in the preparation instead of Chicken. The fact that it uses Mutton itself makes this a unique dish.


Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup

If you like the flavour of Coriander and Lemon, then this is the perfect mix of those two flavours. The dish uses Chicken Stock, and Chicken with enough Coriander Leaves and Lemon Juice infusion for the perfect soup. The tanginess of the soup is an added bonus for all.


Cabbage And Lamb Soup

Cabbage Soup is a unique variety of soup that uses an interesting combination of flavours in its making. So to experiment, add the component of lamb to produce this beautiful dish. It is simple, bland sort of Soup, which is best for those cold winter nights. The simple but powerful flavour will surely grasp your attention.



Shrimp And Fish Soup

If you love Asian food, this soup uses authentic Asian flavours into its making. It uses a delightful combination of Shrimp and Fish, which adds that extra tinge of flavours to the dish.


Thai Prawns Hot And Sour Soup

There’s something extraordinary about the exotic Thai flavours. This Soup uses just those incredibly exquisite flavours which make the dish all the more amazing. Use Prawns fried in Thai Sauces for that extra crunch.


Smoked Sausage Soup

We all love Smoked Sausage, so why not add that to the Soup? It may seem like a stretch, but is a great addition to the Soup.


Crabmeat Soup

If you love Crabmeat, then this is the perfect kind of soup for you. Use certain Asian sauces for the best of combinations for this soup and serve to your guests. Crabmeat is incredibly tasty, which adds to the ex-factor of the dish. While deshelling a Crab and taking out the meat may seem difficult, all the hard work is worth the efforts for the taste of this exotic dish.


Roasted Duck Soup

The Roasted Duck Soup is a unique soup, where you get the true flavours of the roasted duck. Use shredded pieces of roasted Duck for the Soup. Although duck is difficult to find in cities, if you want to have a taste of this wonderful dish, you can go to Mainland China. It is one of their specialities and will surely never fail to impress you with the flavours.


Tom Yum Soup

This is a Soup, with authentic oriental flavours. It is incredibly easy to make and a perfect soup for certain occasions. You can easily make this at your home if you have certain Asian ingredients.


Tibetan Chicken Broth

Tibetan flavours have found their way into many cuisines. If not cuisine, then they are actively available in many restaurants all over the country. This is Broth dish or Soup, which reflects the culinary heritages of the Tibetan region. The flavours used are authentic and uses fresh vegetables along with Chicken Pieces. This is a perfect Soup for your sick days.


Chicken Mulligatawny

This classic dish might be unknown to many but is still a very famous dish in certain parts of the country.


Cantonese Soup

There are certain differences in flavour between Cantonese and Chinese food. So, if you are bored of the regular Chinese flavours, then this is a great place to start something new. The dish is made with true Cantonese flavours and resembles many famous Cantonese flavours.


Chicken Thukpa

What’s better than a good bowl of Chicken Thukpa? You’ve been having it for a long time now, but know that it is incredibly easy to make also. The dish uses Noodles, Chicken, Vegetables and a Broth with simple flavours. The flavours might be simple, but the dish is a unique one.


Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a common Chicken Noodle Soup, which you must have been having in restaurants all along. To make this unique and different than the regular recipe, add roasted Peanuts, Broccoli and Coconut to the soup other than the usual ingredients. You can experiment with other local ingredients too, as per your choice.


Chimney Soup

This soup uses a unique mechanism of a Chimney. The soup is half prepared and then served in a container which has smoked charcoal inside the chimney. The heat from the smoked charcoal cooks the soup throughout. It uses regular ingredients like Spinach, Chicken and Vegetables and turns them into something marvellous.



The Laksa has authentic Singaporean flavours and similar along the lines of Khao Suey. You’ll find a mix of Chicken and Prawn along with Noodles in this soup like Curry. The dish also uses Laksa paste, Chickpea flour, Kafir Lime Leaves and Shrimp paste in the dish. Usually, an interesting mixture of exotic Spices is also added to the Soup, to make the dish exotic.