20 Mouth Watering Dosas To Try In Mumbai

20 Mouth Watering Dosas To Try In Mumbai

The South Indian food has always been attracting people towards it. One such delicious dish is the Dosa. Just a little bite of the thin, crispy, delicious, juicy Dosa will give our taste buds a wonderful treat. Mumbai is a city of dreams, where people from various places visit. It’s very common for people to live upon street foods here. One such famous street food is the Dosa, but here it’s not just the plain Dosa. Most of the Dosas here are served with a modern punch to it. So if you are in Mumbai, and haven’t tried these Dosas yet, I bet you try this once and surely the taste will keep drooling over your tongue for years.


Paper Masala Dosa

As the name suggests, the Paper Masala Dosa is actually paper thin and at the same time crispy. It consists of a filling of boiled potatoes along with some spices and other vegetables. This Dosa is usually very large in size as compared to the others and can be served with Masala or without it. So, want to show others of your love for South Indian food then surely you must indulge in a Paper Masala Dosa eating competition with them.


Mysore Onion Rava Dosa

For all those who are bored of the plain Dosa prepared from the fermented batter, this is a loophole for you. The Rava Dosa is prepared by soaking the Rava but unlike the traditional Dosa this doesn’t require overnight fermentation. Apart from its instant preparation method, the crispness of the onion is the cherry on the cake. The Dosa is served along with Mint Onion chutney and sambhar. So the Mysore Onion Rava Dosa is for the all people who seek variety in things.


Paneer Tikka Masala Dosa

The soft and delicious flavor of the Paneer mesmerizes almost everyone. Besides, the Paneer Tikka Masala is an all time favourite of most of the vegetarians. So what’s better than a combination of Paneer Tikka Masala and Dosa! This Dosa consists of juicy stuffing of Paneer Tikka, various other vegetables, lots of spices and the best aroma. The moistness of the Dosa and the spicy aroma is what attracts most towards it.


Pav Bhaji Dosa

Living in Mumbai and you don’t love the Pav Bhaji, this is almost impossible. PavBhaji has always been a favourite of every Bombay living soul. This is a delicious treat to all the foodie over there, as the name suggests the Pav Bhaji Dosa consists of stuffing of Pav Bhaji. This is a must have for all those who wish to taste the spicy and tanginess of the Pav Bhaji along with the crispness of the Dosa.


Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa as the name suggests is water Dosa. Neer means water in Tullu. This is different from the rest of the Dosa varieties, it is a light type of Dosa. It is usually served with Coconut Chutney, Coconut Milk and Jaggery mixed with Grated Coconut.


Pizza Dosa

Mumbai street food has a combination of whatever one says. For the pizza loving generation, this is an ideal Dosa. It consists the richness of traditional Dosa along with the desi stuffing of vegetable covered with loads of Cheese. So for all the moms who worry about their kids eating Pizza, just serve them a Pizza Dosa and they will forget the Pizza, loving this traditional PIZZA.


Chocolate Dosa

Another one for kids as well as the ones who have a sweet tooth. The chocolate Dosa consists of a stuffing of different chocolates. The filling is made of liquid chocolate, some grated chocolate. Also the Chocolate Dosa is served with a garnish of chocolate. So let’s forget the chocolate cake for some time, and nourish our taste buds with this chocolate Dosa.


Mayonnaise Dosa

Mayonnaise, almost everyone nowadays loves it. People love it with Burger, Sandwiches, Pasta etc. So why not combine Mayonnaise with Dosa? So here it is the Mayonnaise Dosa. Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy dressing. The stuffing in the Dosa consists of Mayonnaise along with some light spices, which gives it a slight tangy and spicy taste.


Noodles Dosa

Chinese food is a trend nowadays. Almost every street in Mumbai has a Chinese corner where tasty Chinese food is served. So here it is a Noodle Dosa – a Dosa with a punch of Chinese taste. This is a must have for almost everyone. The stuffing is delicious, juicy with various Chinese sauces, along with the rawness of spring onions and cabbage. And not to miss the crispness of Dosa! A bite of this Dosa gives us a ride to Southern India as well as China.


Jini Dosa

Listening to the name one might find it to be associated with the fairy tale Jini, but in reality this is a Jain Dosa. As this is a special Jain Dosa, the stuffing is different from the others. The potatoes and onion in the most Dosa Masala are here replaced with equal quantity of Paneer and cabbage. The Jini Dosa is quite famous as the stuffing is unique.


Rajni Dosa

The Rajni Dosa elevates the Sada Masala Dosa to a heavenly level. The filling of this Dosa consists of Boiled Potato bhaji along with Paneer, Cheese, Onion tossed in Masala of Ginger, Garlic, Chili, Curry leaves and Onion. It is crisp, hot, spicy, juicy, and tangy – all at the same time. I guess so it’s named the Rajni Dosa. So, all the Rajnikanth fans get set to drool over this Rajni Dosa


Prawn Masala Dosa

The Dose Makers are a step ahead and provide a unique Dosa for almost everyone. For the seafood lovers, here is the special Prawn Dosa – Nothing like anything you’ve tasted. This Dosa is highly nutritious because of its prawn stuffing. The stuffing consists of prawn Masala- a mixture of finely Chopped Onion, Tomato and Soft Juicy Prawns.


Mushroom Dosa

The Mushroom Masala Dosa consists of an ideal filling for diet conscious souls. The Mushroom Dosa has a filling of Mushroom along with a lot of spices which gives it a unique taste. It is highly recommended because of its crispness and low calorie filling. So all the diet conscious people, no worry about the Butter Dosa Any more and try this low calorie Mushroom Dosa.



Spring Roll Cheese Dosa

The Spring Roll Cheese Dosa is another example of Chinese stuffing in Dosa. It comes packed with varieties of vegetables like Cabbage, Spring Onion, Onion, Colored Capsicum, Carrot, Green Chili, Ginger Garlic Paste along with Soya and Chili Sauce. It’s a real firecracker for our taste buds with a slight pinch of tangy, spicy, sweet flavor. It’s just a roller coaster of taste. The Dosa is topped with fistful of Cheese over it.


Egg Dosa

The Egg Dosa is a nutritious choice for an ideal breakfast. The stuffing here is an egg; it can be just an egg or egg mixed with onion, tomato and capsicum. This is ideally sought by people because of its high protein and nutritional content.


Sweet Banana Dosa

For all the fruit lovers, who love fruits in almost everything – here is the sweet Banana Dosa for all of you. This Dosa is topped with Chocolate Syrup and sliced Banana. The fermented Dosa mixture is mixed with mashed Banana and the Dosa is prepared as normal. This Dosa has an hearty combination of crispness and mild sweetness of Banana.


Navaratan Dosa

This is a very special kind of Dosa, with the goodness of taste and the richness of complex carbohydrates and proteinaceous lentil. This Dosa batter consists of different grains mixed batter other than the normal rice batter and hence the name Navaratan Dosa. The texture is awesome and no fermentation is required for this.


Mysore Masala Dosa

The Masala Dosa is tasted by everyone. Masala adds that extra shimmer to the Dosa like the lanterns in Diwali. The Mysore Masala Dosa is very famous amongst the daily street sellers. It is tasty, spicy as well as juicy, an ideal for quick eating. The stuffing here consists of the Plain Potato Sabzi along with a red chutney which is light spicy. The Chutney adds a flavor to this ordinary Dosa.



Chicken Chili Dosa

The Delicious dish which combines the tastes of the north and south is the Chicken Chili Dosa. The Chicken Chili from North and the Dosa from the south forms a unique and finger licking dish for the people out here in Mumbai. The stuffing consists of juicy chicken tossed in a number of spices and condiments along with onion and tomatoes. This Dosa is definitely a must try for all the people who visit Mumbai.


Cheese Burst Dosa

Oh!! What did I hear, a Cheese Burst Dosa. Yes it’s a must try for everyone in this world, because Cheese is for all. Yummy!! This Dosa when served has Cheese oozing out through it, it’s definitely a Cheese Burst. A treat to our sensory organs – tongue, eyes and nose.