20 Non-Vegetarian Dishes You Must Try When You Give Your Next Visit To Kolkata

20 Non-Vegetarian Dishes You Must Try When You Give Your Next Visit To Kolkata

We call Kolkata as the city of joy and for me food gives great joy and being a resident here i love to enjoy the foods available here, whether they are street foods or any non-vegetarian food item.

If we talk about only non-vegetarian foods available here in Kolkata, we must say that Kolkata is one of the best cities in India which offers you an array of tasty food items and it also holds rich culinary tradition. Besides its own food recipes and dishes from ancient times, the place is inspired by many migrations and invasions. Kolkata with various inspirations has incorporated various foods of not only others states of India but other country as well and then it has came up with its version of the food item.

History say, the Mughals, introduced the love for biriyanis and thick gravy based curries whereas the love for Hakka Chinese foods started from the time when Hakka Chinese immigrants moved to the city during the Sino-Indian war. They bought with them the recipes of authentic Hakka Chinese foods and when the recipes were made with the local herbs and spices, a distinguished brand, which is popular today as Indian-Chinese food was born. Then there are continental food that got popular from the British raj and other European rule.

Today, for the article will focus on non vegetarian dishes only. Non vegetarian dishes are found almost in every part of the world. But there is some uniqueness and awesomeness in Kolkata non- vegetarian dishes. Whether it’s the zykaa that is unique or the incorporation is awesome. Here is a list of 20 non- vegetarian dishes you must try when you give your next visit to Kolkata:

1.Chicken Biriyani

Calcutta biriyanis are unique, tasty and delicious. The chicken biriyani is always accompanied by a piece of potato and a boiled egg. The delicious Calcutta Style Chicken Biriyani is made by first marinating the chicken pieces with curd, red chilli powder and salt and turmeric powder for a quality time. You can taste the Calcutta Style Chicken Biriyani here in Kolkata. The dish is inspired by Awadhi cuisine.


2.Mutton Biriyani

Mutton Biriyani is another non vegetarian food item which you will love. It’s delicious and tasty and the mutton biriyani in Kolkata is also accompanied by a piece of potato and a boiled egg. The Biriyani is authentic Kolkata style Mutton Biriyani. The specialist of the Biriyani makes this Biriyani so delicious that you will feel heaven on plate.


3.Hakka chicken noodles

With the Hakka Chinese immigrants, the recipe of authentic Hakka chicken noodles came to Kolkata and with time, it became one of the famous and popular non-vegetarian dishes in Kolkata. Kolkata will give you an opportunity to taste the most traditional dish prepared with the chicken and noodles as main ingredients.


4.Chicken curry

The Mughals introduced thick gravy based curries in Kolkata and with time Kolkata created its version of chicken curry. If you are in Kolkata must try chicken curry. This dish is a bit spicy with the flavours of green chillies, red chilli power. If you are a great spicy food lover you must try this good as a part of meal.


5.Mutton curry or Kochi pathar jhol

There is uniqueness in Bengali cuisine and the Bengali version of mutton curry is one of the delicious non- vegetarian foods in Kolkata. The dish is one of the best authentic Bengali cuisines. You can enjoy it with rice or roti or saada paratha.


6.Chicken Butter Masala

This is another delicious food in Kolkata. The difference between Kolkata style chicken butter masala and other chicken butter masala is the traditional recipe which is different from other recipes. It can be one of the main dishes of your meal on a day when you will visit Kolkata.


7.Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is also a delicious dish of Kolkata and you need to try this one also. Tandoori chicken may make your evening a better one because of its lip smacking taste. The marination is purely Kolkata style, different from other styles and you will love the lovely taste of the tandoori chicken here in Kolkata.


8.Grilled Chicken

With local herbs and spices grilled chicken in Kolkata gets a must try on “to eat-list”. In ancient times the chickens were grilled in home made grills. The chefs of that time used some secret recipes to make grilled chickens. This is a story but when you will taste grilled chicken in Kolkata the swaad of the grilled chicken will make you urge to learn many more stories related to traditional recipes for grilled chicken.


9.Chicken Chop

As snacks you can have chicken chop in the evening when you are in Kolkata. Chicken chop is one of the best dish here in Kolkata. The recipe is traditional and authentic. To get the flavors you must taste it.



Mutton Rezala

One of the traditional dishes with various flavors is a must try. The Rezala is a very popular Bengali dish with a unique aroma, a creamy stew yoghurt & poppy seeds and meat. Meat here in Kolkata means Mutton. Taste it to enjoy the popular Bengali dish in Kolkata.


11.Mutton Mughlai Paratha

In Kolkata you will enjoy the traditional version of mutton Mughlai paratha with a Calcutta touch of flavors. It is one of the popular street foods of Kolkata. It is served hot with a potato curry, salad, etc.


12.Prawn Butter Masala

One of the prawn recipes which you will love when you will try here in Kolkata. You will find more than hundred recipes for prawn butter masala on internet and as well as thousands of similar recipes on different YouTube channel but to taste the Kolkata style Prawn Butter Masala you need to taste it here in Kolkata when you give your next visit to the city of joy.


13.Fish Kabiraji or Bengali fish fillets

It is one of the popular items as non-vegetarian food in Kolkata. When you are in Kolkata give a visit to Mitra café, one of the popular place in Kolkata for snacks and enjoy delicious Kabiraji


14.Mutton Chop

As snacks it’s a very good choice. When you give your visit to Kolkata and want to taste a non vegetarian snack item other than fish item, you can have Mutton Chop in your option list. Mutton Chop is a traditional dish prepared with mutton. Can try it as street food also.


15.Mutton Kasha

It’s delicious, tasty and one of the traditional dish. Mutton kasha or Kosha Mangsho is a non vegetarian recipe. Its traditionally cooked and the Kosha mutton with thick gravy. When you come to Kolkata next time, you can give a visit to the old-desi restaurant at Shyambazar, near Five-point crossing. It’s a tiny, old and most loved eatery called Golbari. Golbari’s Kosha Mangsho or mutton Kosha is one of the famous non- vegetarian dishes.


16.Mutton Cutlet

As a snacks item, you can try this food. A evening walk and before coming back having a mutton Cutlet as an evening snacks is always in the wish list for every Meat lover. So if you come to Kolkata do taste the delicious and very tasty mutton Cutlet.


17.Chicken Soup

As a starter, it is a best option to have and Kolkata gives you a unique and traditional chicken soup which is one of the popular Indian- Chinese food.


18.Fish fry

Tasty fish filled fries are one of the fish snacks you can eat in Kolkata. The crust is crispy and within it you will have the piece of fish. With salad and Kasundi you must try it here in Kolkata. It can be tasted as street foods or you can taste it visiting any restaurant. Try to visit some old restaurant to taste the traditional dish.


19.Fish Cutlet

Another fish item you will love. The food lover’s one of the favorite snacks in Kolkata is Fish Cutlet. The traditional dish is a must try here in Kolkata. So when you give your next visit to Kolkata do taste the delicious yummy fish cutlets.


20.Fish curry

Fish curry is one of the most popular Bengali recipes. If you are a fish lover you will definitely love to taste the popular Bengali dish made with fish. Kolkata will give you opportunity to taste the most traditional dish prepared with fish.


In the end want to say this are some of the few dishes which you can taste when you give your visit to the city of joy. For tasting the delicious non-vegetarian food items, you can give your visits to these places in Kolkata: Arsalan, shiraz golden restaurant (popular for Kolkata Mughlai food), Bhojohori manna, Sudipar Rannaghar (popular for Bengali cuisine), Beijing restaurant, golden joy (popular for Chinese cuisine), Mitra café (popular for snacks), and many more other restaurants and eateries which the city of joy, Kolkata is renowned for.