20 Oatmeal Dishes You Can Have For Breakfast

20 Oatmeal Dishes You Can Have For Breakfast
20 Oatmeal Dishes You Can Have For Breakfast

It is essential to have a wholesome meal that is easy to digest, and enhances your body metabolism. Breakfast is one such meal of the day where you take meal after a gap of many hours and it is necessary to eat wholesome dishes to keep going all day. Oatmeals are one of those trending dishes that are categorized among healthy options to have in breakfast. Though eating that same oats recipe would be boring for anyone, so to help you out having different variations of oats, we have listed the 20 recipes made with oatmeal that you can make and enjoy your breakfast.

1Banana Foster Oatmeal

This delicious sweet bowl tastes just like banana Foster and can make anyone crave for it. You have just to get water, milk, butter, oats, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, bananas, vanilla, and nutmeg to prepare this tasty recipe. You can even enjoy this as your first meal of the day.

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2.Oats Upma

Upma is a traditional dish of South India, which is prepared either with rice or sooji. Still, this super delicious upma recipe can become an ideal breakfast option by replacing its base with oats. You just have to cook your oats with some chopped chillies and spices to enjoy this delicacy.

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3.Oats Idli

Isn’t it something new and creative? Yes, you can also make idlis using oats. To prepare this recipe add the roasted oats along with curd, veggies, salt, in a pan and cook with mustard seeds, after cooking, mix these items into the idli batter and cook them like normal idli in an idli pan.

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4Carrot Cake Oatmeal

This dish, when served hot for the morning breakfast, is a treat to taste buds. It is easily prepared by only cooking oats and carrots slowly in a vessel, and adding nuts to it for crunchiness.

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5.Pineapple Oatmeal

Pineapple is that one fruit that really goes well with oats. They provide sweetness to the dish naturally and you don’t need to add any artificial sugar from your side. They are perfectly sweetened and are fulfilling.

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6.Oats Kheer

It is a simple recipe prepared just like normal rice kheer made at our homes. The recipe includes heating up of milk and sugar by further adding roasted oats to it and stirring till it gets of thick texture. Adding almonds, cashews, and walnuts to it makes it even more delicious.

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7.Overnight Maple Oatmeal

To prepare this recipe, you need milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, vanilla yoghurt, nuts, a fruit, of your choice, and oats of course. You just have to combine all of them and refrigerate them overnight, and they are ready to be consumed the next morning.

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8.Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

This oatmeal recipe is delectable and cannot be resisted. They are topped with apples dipped in caramel sauce, which gives an extraordinary taste to this recipe. It is a gluten-free and harmful chemical sweetener-free dish.

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9Oatmeal Cookies

Are you bored of those regular biscuits available in the market? No worries, we have a suggestion of preparing Oatmeal cookies that are super crunchy and easy to make. The procedure is similar to that of a regular biscuits; you only have to add oats into the biscuit batter.

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10.Oats Tikkis

These tikkis will be the crispiest tikkis you would have ever tasted. To prepare it, you mix up oats, mashed potatoes, paneer, and a few other veggies together by adding up some masala to it and then just fry them. To make them crunchy, coat them with coarsely ground oats after applying little milk to them.

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11Dahi Oats

It is a no cook recipe that requires only 10-15 minutes in its preparation. By adding oats into 2 cups of curd along with veggies, chillies, and sal,t you are done by your part and now let it rest for a few minutes so that oats absorb the water properly.


12.Oats Waffle

Do you love baking and trying creative and innovative experiments to it, then do try this oats waffle, which is extremely delicious in taste. The ingredients used are baking powder, oats, milk, butter, and any ingredient of your choice for toppings. You can make this dish for your kids as they love waffles.

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13Vegetable Oats Porridge

It is an ideal choice for someone who is bored of eating the regular porridge. You just have to add veggies and salt to the oats and cook them for few minutes with water and your tasty and spicy oats porridge is ready.

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14.Oats Khichdi

All the ingredients used in this recipe are similar to those used while preparing regular Indian style khichadi except that rice. The rice is replaced with oats and prepared in the same way. The taste is delectable and cannot be resisted once you eat them.

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15.Oatmeal Pancakes

This is a healthy version of pancakes you usually prepare to satiate your sweet cravings. The batter made with oats and cooked on a pan when served hot by topping it with either hot chocolate or caramelized fruit of your choice is delectable and worth tasting.

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16Oats Coconut Ladoo

If you love oats a lot and want to prepare an Indian style sweet dish using them to serve the guest, then you might try out this recipe. Theseladoos are prepared by combining roasted oats with coconut and adding jaggery to them for a sweet taste.

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17Golden Milk Hot Chocolate Oats

We bet you would not have eaten a healthier recipe than this. Everyone knows the magic of turmeric milk, and the magic increases by adding of oats to it. To add a flavour to it, the chocolate sauce is used, which enhances its taste.

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18.Oats Chilla

Besan chilla is a traditional snack or breakfast option in India. Though if you want to try variations in chilla, then oats are highly suggested. The oats chilla is crispy and tastes delicious when eaten with green spicy chutney.

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19Creamy Banana Bread Oatmeal

It is a creamy version of banana bread and even tastes quite similar to it. Adding nicely riped banana to oats is enough for giving it a sweet taste. For flavour, you can add cinnamon and enjoy the taste of gluten-free bread.

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20.Banana Oats Muffin

This recipe is actually a way to make your children eat healthy recipes in a way they like it to. Probably, there is almost no child who does not like muffins, and making muffins out of oats are a good option. You can dress the muffin with cream cheese, nuts, or chocolate and serve to your kids.

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