20 Pickles To Spice Up Your Main Course

20 Pickles To Spice Up Your Main Course

Pickle! For foodies who like spicy food (like me), the name itself is enough to create cravings. Pickles are prepared using different vegetables and fruits. The fruits or vegetables are finely chopped and then pickled with oil or lemon juice, sometimes both.

Pickles can be hot, sour, sweet, spicy or all of these at the same time. Here is a list of must-have 20 pickles if you are a pickle lover.


Raw mango Pickle

Mangoes are our favourite when it comes to making pickles. They come in so many different forms, shapes. We can make pickles out of any part of Mango except for the seed. Out of the different pickles we can make, Raw Mango Pickle being the best.


Lemon Pickle

Lemon Pickle is prepared by following a similar method like any other pickle. The lemons are cut, and the seeds are removed so that the pickle turns out to be only yummy and tangy but not sour.


Tomato Pickle

Tomato Pickle, just like Mango Pickle can be made using different techniques. The standard Tomato Pickle is made using dried tomatoes. This kind of pickle can be stored in jars and can be consumed over a long period . But there is also a recipe for instant Tomato Pickle which can be consumed immediately.


Green Chilli Pickle

Green Chilli Pickle is made using Green Chillies and Mustard Seeds. The pickling process is similar to any other pickle. This pickle requires sunlight to prepare. One might be scared thinking it will too spicy but the heat of chillies tones out once they are pickled.


Carrot Pickle

Carrot pickle also known as Gajar ka Achar is prepared along with mango pieces to bring out the flavour of a spicy pickle. Depending on the choice of the consumer, this pickle can be made either to taste sweet or spicy.


Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle is famous for its zippy taste. You cannot call it a Sweet Pickle nor a Spicy Pickle. It is a mix of both the tastes. It is a must during a South Indian meal. Usually, this pickle is best for Idli or Dosa, or any other Tiffin items.


Gooseberry Pickle

Gooseberry Pickle or as we locals call it ‘Amla Achar’ is a traditional Indian pickle that goes well with Rice or Roti. So it is famous Pan India irrespective of southern region or northern region. This pickle best complements North Indian Parathas or Rotis


Drumstick Pickle

Drumsticks and pickles? Who would have thought, right? Drumsticks are also eligible for making pickles. As I already told you, pickles can be made out of almost anything and everything. You don’t usually find it in any grocery store but this is a really simple recipe to make once you decide to prepare it at home.


Sweet Mango Pickle

This is another version of Mango Pickle, only that this pickle is sweet in taste. This pickle no less than the raw mango pickle and gives tough competition to the flavour of the original spicy Mango Pickle.


Onion Pickle

We all know onions as a smelly ingredient but once you taste its pickle, it’s the best taste in the world. It is just so yummy and nice that you will definitely ask for more. Onions which are small in size are used for making pickle whereas big size onions are used in curries.


Mixed Pickle

Mixed pickle is prepared using different vegetables and fruits. They are all chopped together and pickled just like any other pickle and set aside in tall jars for around 12-15 days. You can use vegetables like carrot, peas, cauliflower, tomato and raw mango to make this pickle at home.


Garlic Pickle

Generally, garlic is smashed to form this pickle but one can choose to keep the pieces as they are. This Garlic Pickle is more famous in Northern and Western regions of India than southern region. The garlic cloves are first sauté in a fry pan on a low flame to remove the smell and then used in the preparation of the pickle.


Red Chilli Pickle

Again, another variety of chilli is used here to make this pickle. Red chillies are considered to have less hotness, when compared to green chillies. So, if you want a pickle that tastes similar to green chilli but with less hotness then this pickle is the one you need.


Coconut Pickle

This one needs no introduction in South India. And all North Indians certainly have tasted it at least once for this is the chutney you get to have along with Idli almost all the time.


Mango Thokku Pickle

‘Thokku’ in Telugu means ‘peels’. Yes, you read it right. The peel of mangoes is used to make this pickle. Sometimes, it so happens that raw mangoes have to be used without peel for some dishes. The peels are then used to make this pickle.


Cucumber Pickle

Cucumber is a great vegetable for someone who is suffering from dehydration. Cucumbers are high in moisture and contain lots of sugar and fiber. You need not worry about the amount of calories while having this pickle. We can see cucumber slices being sold here and there during the summer season. They are famous for their cooling properties. Make a pickle out of them and you get to see the other side of cucumber.


Ladies Finger Pickle

Ladies finger pickle is often prepared to be crispy and crunchy. The vegetables are chopped and fried to form this pickle but one can always choose to have it differently. The vegetable is chopped on the front and back for removing the head and tail. It is then stuffed with spices and masalas and then pickled using either oil or vinegar.


Crunchy Vegetable Pickle

You already know about the mixed vegetable pickle. That pickle is juicy whereas this vegetable pickle is crunchy. The vegetables are chopped and fried together to make this pickle. The pickle can then be garnished with garnishing items of your choice.


Lotus Stem Pickle

We all know lotuses are beautiful flowers with long stems. In some regions of India, the stem of the lotus are used to make pickle. The stems are obviously to be washed properly for them to be edible. Moreover, lotus stem contains only 75 calories which makes you feel full without having any carbohydrates.


Dry Dates Pickle

Dates have a sweet taste and the pickle made out of dry dates tastes both sweet and spicy. They are pickled a little differently for they are dry fruits and need more attention. This pickle is special in regions of Rajasthan, Up and Bihar.

These are the different kinds of pickles that can be made all year long, stored all year long and consumed all year long. Are you thinking of making any of these pickles?