20 Places To Get The Best Biryani In Kolkata!




One of the most popular Biryani places in Kolkata, Arsalan in Park Circus, is hardly ever empty. In fact, it is so famous that on Weekends and Holidays you’ll find a long queue in front of the restaurant where people eagerly wait for a table to eat their favourite Biryani in the city. Arsalan has opened up a few other new outlets like the one in Chinar Park, where again it is occasional; to see people queuing up with their cars to take home their favourite biryani.



New Market in Kolkata, is not the ultimate stop for shopping but also for foodies as it holds some of the outlets in the city since time immemorial. The Aminia in New Market has an age old heritage to it. It has several outlets in the city and is one of the largest Biryani sharks of the city. The one in New Market was established on the Independence Day and owes its popularity to Mohun Bagan football players. It is learnt that the famous club players probably would return after a day’s game to enjoy their favourite Biryani.


Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz has over six outlets in the city and is one of the oldest biryani serving restaurant in the city. One of the first Shiraz is on Park Street. It receives a lot of crowds owing to its popularity especially due to it being in such a prime location. Shiraz has found its success in different cities like Bhubaneswar even!



Kolkata has an immense variety of Mughlai food pioneers. Rahmania is one of such famous Biryani sensations of the city. It is known for some of the best mutton delicacies in the city. Do not forget to try the Chaap other than the Biryani. The kebabs from Rahmania will leave you wanting more!



Although Kolkata Biryani has a mild taste, Zeeshan’s rendition of the Biryani has quite the spice. It serves one of the spiciest forms of Kolkata Biryani. Not only is it spicy, but also quite heavy on the stomach.

Other than the Biryani, you must try the Chaap and the Kebabs too. The prices are quite affordable which makes all of this better!


Royal Indian Hotel

Royal India Hotel serves the true Lucknowi Biryani true to its original recipe. Although other variations have the potato, this one is mild and lacks the potato. You’ll find it busily occupied most of the times. The Biryani and Firni are to look out for!


Biryani House

Biryani House is one of the cheapest and affordable Biryani destinations located in the central city. It’s common for people shopping in New Market to end up at this place after a long day of shopping.


Oudh 1590

As one of the newest additions in the Biryani market, Oudh is pretty famous already! It has two outlets- one near Deshapriya Park and one in Salt Lake. The best thing about this place is the variety and the options of Biryani available. Not only the Biryanis but even the other dishes are extraordinary and mouth watering. The succulent and juicy Kebabs are exquisite in their make and taste. Although it is a little expensive, you’ll still find a queue on weekends. Do not forget to try their special Raan Biryani!


Dhaka Biryani House

The Dhaka Biryani is different regarding the flavours and spices as compared to the Kolkata Biryani. Although not quite prevalent in today’s market, it still exists. The Dhaka Biryani House is one such outlet which serves authentic Dhaka Biryani. The gravy dishes are quite rich and use a little more oil than usual.


Only Alibaba

Only Alibaba is another famous biryani chain in the city. It has many outlets and sub-outlets which are the reasons behind its popularity. The rolls and the biryanis are to die for!


Honey Da Dhaba

Honey Da Dhaba in Kankurgachi, is known for its North Indian delicacies and its Biryani. It has been popular in the area for the amazing taste of its Biryani, which most restaurants fail to achieve.



Tamarind is a South Indian speciality restaurant which also serves North Indian dishes. In a city which majors in Kolkata Biryani, the Hyderabadi biryani from Tamarind is unique at best!


Haji Saheb

Haji Saheb is a Biryani Centre which is located on Diamond Harbour Road and has a cult following of its own. Not only does the place serve Mughlai dishes, but also Chinese and North Indian dishes. The prices are quite affordable. The place is also unique for the reason that the same plate of biryani, when packed, is more in quantity than when served at the restaurant.



Nizam’s has been popular in Kolkata for Kathi rolls and Kebabs. What little people know is that along with their expertise in Kebabs, they make wonderful Biryani too. It’s often difficult to find a place to sit and eat at Nizam’s, but it’s worth it. They serve generous proportions at affordable prices.


India Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata, which has been a regular spot for many is the India Restaurant. Although the place is famous for most of the food that they serve, their Biryani is authentic and quite extraordinary.


Mughal Khan

A little difficult to locate, this restaurant is a jewel of a kind. Located in Dum Dum, Mughal Khan truly serves tasty and delicious food, especially Mughlai as the name suggests! A taste of their biryani will bring you back a second time.



Hangla is the Bengali word for greedy for food, rather gluttony! The name is thus ideal for all those gluttons of the city. It is popular for its biryani and combination meals. Hanglaatherium has in fact quite a few outlets too.


Zam Zam

Located near St. James Church, this one is a little tough to locate. Although you might be compromising on the decor and ambience, the taste of the Biryani makes up for it.


Dada Boudir Hotel

The infamous Dada Boudir Hotel may have a generic name but has indeed an incredibly tasty palette. Their biryani is scrumptious and will give expensive outlets a run for its money!



A newer competitor in the ever-busy Biryani market of Kolkata, Marufaz has been doing well with three outlets so far with two of them being Express outlets for delivery. The food is not also tasty but also economical. Do not forget to try their Biryani Combos.