20 Places In Kolkata For The Best Bengali Snacks!


1.Dilkhusha Cabin

Dilkhusha Cabin has been serving customers for more than a century now. Located in a cosy corner on College Street, this place is frequented by everyone who is mesmerized with the classic unchanged menu and the incredible tasteful food they serve. Infact, their Kabiraji Cutlet is one of the best in town. Although this 108-year old cafe once had six other cabins in the city, today, all the others have closed down. The only surviving Cabin is on College Street. So pay this legendary place a visit.


Anadi Cabin

A very renowned cabin in Kolkata, Anadi Cabin has a classic customer service for generations now. It is one of those timeless places which never get old. Because of its history and heritage, it is frequented by people of all ages. Their Mughlai Paratha with a side of potato gravy and onion salad is to die for! This Cabin has been operable for over 60 years now.



The famous Kolkata Kathi rolls from Nizam’s will surely satisfy your taste buds. This restaurant has a number of outlets all over the city and is famous for its Kathi rolls and kebabs. If you’re looking for the best Kathi rolls in town, then this is it!


Laxmi Narayan Shaw And Sons

Laxmi Narayan Shaw and Sons is a place in Kolkata serving the best of telebhaja. Telebhaja is a very popular Bengali snack that means literally fried in oil. It refers to an assortment of vegetables fried in oil after being generously dipped in a gram flour batter. This shop is not only famous for its Telebhaja but also for the fact that it was frequented place by Netaji, during pre-Independence times.


Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is one of the legendary destinations, you must visit! There is barely anything that can replace the feeling of ‘adda’ over here. This architecturally magnificent cafe serves great cutlet and pakoras for your conversations to not end. And since it is called the coffee house, do not forget their cold coffee with cream.


Phuchka at Vivekananda Park

Phuchka is the Bengali alternative to Panipuri/ Golgappa/ Gupchup. Residents of Kolkata argue that their variation is the best and they do it for right reasons. Be it the mashed potatoes with masala, or the crispy phuchka or the tamarind water, nothing can replace the joy of eating roadside phuchka with your friends and challenging who could eat the most. Found almost anywhere in the city, you must try the ones in Vivekananda Park, Sukia Street and Girish Park for the best in town.



Ghugni is a classic Bengali snack made with chole, which is common during Durga Puja. Otherwise, you can always find the best of ghugni in New Market or Maidan!



Jhalmuri/ Bhelpuri is one of the tastiest favourite chaats of Bongs. Made with muri/ puffed rice, this makes for a fulfilling and tasty snack. The Jhalmuri at Maidan is invariably famous.


Zaika Park Street

Zaika in Park Street is another place famous for its rolls. Located in an extremely posh area, it still beats the competition with upscale restaurants. Visit Zaika for the taste of Kolkata’s true Kathi Rolls.


Fairlie Place

The central business district of Calcutta, Fairlie Place sees office going people all the time either visiting the office or leaving the office. The street here is full of stalls which sell a variety of meals meant for lunch for these office goers. Rice and fish curry is the usual favourite for all, and luchia aludom is another popular choice for the people. You even get the best of Chilla and Chaats here.


Dacre Lane

Dacre Lane or Dacre Street is one of the most popular food destinations in the city. You can get a variety of cuisines here from Punjabi to Bengali to even Chinese. So pick whatever you may, they have it all here!



The ultimate destination for Fish Fries and Fish Fingers, Benfish has a chain of food joints all over the city. Their cutlets and fries cannot be replicated and are immensely popular in the city.


Tiretti Bazaar

Part of the older Chinatown in the city, Tiretti Bazaar is a renowned food destination for all those with a Chinese snack craving! They serve a variety of roadside momos and dishes, which will bring you back for a second serving no matter how full you are.


Gariahat – Golpark

Gariahat – Golpark area used to be one of the most ultimate shopping destinations of the city. This would mean they have a variety of place to eat too since people would be hungry after shopping for so long. Thus Gariahat – Golpark has many cafes and food joints and restaurants to put an end to your hunger cravings. You get all types of food in this area. Pick your type and eat whatever you want.


Lord’s More

Lord’s More is an area which is full of food joints and bakeries. The area used to be very popular in the past for its variety of options for food from fish fry to rolls to phuchka.



Mayaram is a shop famous for selling the best Paw Bhaji in town. Haven’t heard of it? High time you go there and find out for yourself!


New Market

This shopping destination tops Gariahat. New Market is the ultimate shopping destinations in the city. Not only for shopping, but it has a number of restaurants and food joints which have been famous for a long time. For the best New Market experience, go to Badshah or the South Indian hotel at the junction. You may try Nahoum’s for some great bakery options.


Mitra Cafe

Mitra Cafe is a legendary cafe which is almost a century old. Located near Sovabazar Metro station, it is full most of the times. You may have to wait in a queue get a table. Also, you might have to share a table. For the best of Kolkata experiences, try the Kabiraji or Brain chop here.



Bappi Da’s momos have been doing the rounds for being the best in town. How to find this place? Locate the swarm of people and you are at Bappi Da’s.


Prinsep Ghat

Another legendary snack is the ghoti gorom, which is bhujia mixed with amra, onions, chilli and salt. Why is it so famous? You have to try to find out!