20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes

20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes


Made from Chenna (Indian cottage cheese) and semolina flour. Rasgulla is perhaps the most loved and popular sweet of India and thus deserves the number one spot. Although the origins of the dish is unclear, it is known to have started in West Bengal and Orissa . It is made by mixing Chenna and Semolina Flour together, then boiling it in sugar syrup, with or without rose water. The end results of this ball-shaped sweet is amazing, regarding its chewy texture and the taste. Thus earning it the top spot.



Gulab Jamun

It’s round, it’s sweet, it’s syrupy and it looks like a darker colour version of Rasgulla. However, when you break apart the soft, cushy ball; inside you’ll find the sponges, a vibrant dark yellow colour. And that’s when you know you’re about to eat one of the most celebrated sweet called Gulab Jamun. Made from milk-solids (Khoya) and prepared in a similar manner as Rasgulla, the Khoya is kneaded into a dough and then deep fried in medium heated oil, which is then soaked in flavoured sugar syrup (traditionally flavoured with Cardamom, Saffron and Rose Water). And the reward for all the hard work in preparation of this dish? A mouth-full of syrupy goodness.




The orange and golden circular sweet known as Jalebi is one of the most popular sweet in India. Made from Wheat flour (Maida) and generous amount of sugar, this simple dish has struck the palate of many Indians and many others too. The method of preparation is simple and easy as well. It starts by making a batter out of Maida Flour and then deep-frying it hot oil in any shape(mostly circular). Once it’s cooked, the Jalebis are soaked in sugar syrup. This simple ingredient and cooking technique gives Jalebi one of the most interesting texture and taste.



Kaju Barfi

Barfis are popular sweets that are distributed during festive seasons. There are many types of Barfi such as Kaaju-Barfi made from Cashew Nuts, Besan-Barfi made from Gram Flour etc. However the regular Barfi, also the most well known Barfi is made from condensed milk and sugar. The easiest way to identify this sweet is from its colour and shape; a white diamond cut sweet.



Besan Ladoo

A ball-shaped sweet made from gram flour, ghee and sugar. Popular for its rich taste. The Besan is roasted with ghee, to give that nutty flavour and once it turns golden brown, the sugar is added along with nuts. And after it cools down, the cooked Besan is shaped into medium-sized balls.



Badam Halwa

Who doesn’t like nuts? That’s a rhetorical question. Everybody likes nuts. It can be Pistachio or Almond or Peanut etc. And this is exactly the kind of dessert for people that loves nuts. Traditionally made from almonds which are grated then cooked in coconut oil or ghee (as per taste). It can be made from any kind of nut that you prefer. Thus making its way into number 6.



Carrot Halwa

People say carrots are good for you. Imagine if you could take those carrots and make it into a delicious pudding. How good would that be? Say no more, next on our list is the famous Carrot-Halwa, more commonly known as Gajjar Ka halwa. Made from grated carrots which are fried along with ghee, nuts, sugar, etc. It is a flavour packed pudding filled with good nutrients from nuts, carrots etc. This is one sweet that’s making children adore carrots.




Also called the Indian ice-cream, Kulfi falls under the frozen dessert category. Made from milk which is flavoured commonly with Elaichi; the milk is then slow cooked on fire until the water from the milk is evaporated, leaving behind a condensed form of milk. The condensed milk is then frozen in cups or any other container. Once frozen, the Kulfi is ready for consumption. Best time to eat a Kulfi? A hot sunny day.




Ras-Malai as the name indicates is a sweet made of two different elements. First is the Ras which is made from Chhena (Iindian Curd Cheese) and the second element is Malai which is flavoured clotted cream. Its creamy texture and richness gives this dish a well deserved thumbs up and makes this dish one of the most popular in India.




Kheer is a rice pudding which is widely consumed before or after meals depending on the customs and tradition from region to region. It is a festive sweet which is made by boiling milk, sugar and rice and flavouring it with elaichi and nuts. Kheer is one delicious pudding which needs a second helping to satisfy our stomach. There are different types of kheer, some made from broken wheat while other are made from vermicelli etc. Some versions require frying coconut in ghee before adding the milk and rice. However the preparation of kheer maybe, It still tastes delicious in the end.




Another sweet loved by Indians. Made from Khoa (dried whole milk) and sugar, flavoured with nuts, cardamom, saffron, etc, Pedas are a delight. The shape of Peda can range from round to oval or thick patty like shape. Though it is not as popular as other mentioned sweets, it is still widely consumed.




A dessert popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Shrikhand is made from strained yogurt or hung curd and sweetened using sugar or Jaggery. Eaten as a dessert or as a complimentary snack with other food items, Shrikhand is one tasty and sweet food.



Meetha Dahi/Mishti Doi

Another dish from the region of West Bengal and Orissa, Meetha Dahi also known as ‘Mishti Doi’, is made from sweetened fermented curd or yogurt. Sweet and creamy, this sweet is one favourite from the land of sweets.



Soan Papdi

Crispy, flaky and cubed shape. Soan Papdi is a popular North-Indian sweet. Made from gram flour, sugar, cardamom and a whole lot of technique to achieve that flaky texture. A famous festive sweet distributed during festivals and pujas. There is only one set back to eating Soan Papdi and that is you have to get messy.




A popular sweet dish from Maharashtra. It is a sweet dumpling stuffed with Jaggery and Coconut. The dumpling dough is made from rice or wheat flour or a mixture of both. Modak holds an importance to Hindus as it is believed to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite food.




A pancake type of sweet, widely popular in the regions of West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, etc. Malpua is a flat type of sweet cake which is served during Holi and other festivals. Sweet and flat, it caters to the taste buds of many more regions of India. The Malpua batter can be made from flour, grated coconut mixed with sugar and milk or water and then shallow fried in oil. Some are made with crushed bananas too.




Another Ladoo made from grated coconut. This particular Ladoo is famous for its rich coconut taste and texture. Although not as popular as the Besan Ladoo, it does top the list as a popular choice of sweet.




The Bengalis must be a master when it comes to sweets and desserts because here on our list we have ‘Sandesh’. Another sweet from West Bengal with simple ingredients used. The two main ingredients are Paneer and Sugar, which is then mixed with fruits or other flavouring agents to give the sweet a refined taste.




Similar to Jalebi in appearance and colour, this particular dish is made from Urad flour. However, it is traditionally much thicker in size compared to Jalebi. Made in almost the same way, Imarti is much more syrupy than the Jalebi due to its size and also much flavourful as it is soaked in cardamom flavoured syrup. Just give it a try.



Peanut Chikki

A mixture of Peanuts and Jaggery (Gur), this simple sweet is as tasty as it gets. Crunchy nuts with sweet gur!! You can eat this the whole day. Mostly eaten as a snack or a pass time, it is one of the widely popular sweet item eaten by everybody.