20 Restaurants In Bangalore That Satisfies The American In You

20 Restaurants In Bangalore That Satisfies The American In You

American and European cuisines share a lot of similarities because of the colonization. Although, there are stark differences in many  ways, they share almost the same kind of a palate. However, American cuisine has now almost become a global trend and everyone is always in a mood for an All American Burger! The way they cook their eggs, bread and floor the cheese so generously is always enthralling and makes us want for more. As now Bangalore city is becoming one of the best places to experiment with food, it has homed many American restaurants in the city. There are many places that now offer American breakfast that will allow you to taste the global. Here is a list that will help you to satisfy your American sweet-tooth, main course and beverages.

1 Bundar

Bundar, that has bagged much appreciation from the inhabitants of the world in a very short period of time. They have a long list of different kinds of burgers you can choose from that will satiate your cravings. Known for their beef burgers; try their magic shrooms without fail. They also have  the Australian inspired freak shakes  for your sweet-tooth cravings. Their food could be a best start for your day.


2 Thulp

Thulp has been in Bangalore for quite some time and by each passing day, the number of customers augmented and not decreased. Their quantity of the food, the taste and the flavor is extremely pleasing. They are usually generous with the amount of cheese they add in to their food. The burgers are so huge, and lip- smacking that you would not complete it without getting your hands dirty!


3 Millers Forty Six

Millers has a very native American ambience with tribal figures and cowboy feels. It is one of the places to have a luxurious lunch with some of their best cocktails. Their platter and burger is a must try. My personal favorite is their spinach pasta and big fat burger. They will sweep you by the tasty food they serve. Food here is a true delight that almost takes you to the indigenous times of America with that setting and music.


4 154 Breakfast Club

The place is known for all day breakfast and for their extensive variety for breakfast options. Their chicken and sausage dishes are extremely delicious. They are known for their non-vegetarian food dishes more prominently. Nutella and maple syrup pancakes are no less. Every dish available in the menu competes for a first place. It’s a pleasant place to spend time relieving all the baggage that is carried all day.  The quantity of food is reasonable for the prices.  Be ready to wait in the queue if you are visiting on a weekend; its all worth it. Vegetarians, don’t be disappointed: they have got good amount of food options for you too.


5 The White Room

The only sad part of this beautiful place is the breakfast ends after noon. Head here early to have the fluffy pancakes and waffles. The place emasculates all the noise in the busy  Church Street  leaving you to just enjoy the food and music. They offer  good coffee that can wash away the morning blues. This is a highly recommended place to the ones that are in for good waffles, pancakes, coffee, milkshakes and all the other yummy dishes. You won’t be disappointed with the food and the staff.


6 The Local – Burger Bar

Burger is a part of America’s national identity. Although the name of the place says ‘Burger bar,’ it has good pizzas and sandwiches; burgers at its best. A rooftop burger joint that is dimly lit with rock music blaring and the food you cannot resist, gets you wishing for more. The prices are moderate and the quantity is excellent  with first-class American experience. They have got a vast list for bar menu that you can choose from.


7 Truffles

This is one of the favorites of the city dwellers. You will find students, kids, adults, old people; everyone here at all the times. The place is generally crowded and some days you will be put in the long waiting list, but don’t give up. It is crowded for a reason! Their food is very scrumptious and appetizing; you will come here more often than imagined. Their burgers, pasta, milkshakes and desserts are at its best. They have secured a special spot in almost every foodie’s heart.


8. Kick Out The Jams

Kick Out the Jams (KOTJ) is also one of the best burger joints we got in the city for the never ending love for American food. Their beef  is mouthwatering and the place hardly burns a hole in your wallet. Their burgers can be an addiction and can make you more than satisfied. They have also bagged few of the hearts for their tiramisu and other desserts. A place to experiment and make your belly happy.


9 Smally’s Resto Cafe

Started in Church Street and in very a less amount of time, they have opened branches around the city. It’s a small place that has dim lit ambience with rock music in the background and fine food in front of you. Milkshakes, burgers and steaks are something you must try from that big menu which you’ll be handed. They have a good marshmallow ice-cream that you can end your lunch/ dinner with. Lord of the Wings and chicken burger is a must try. They have a cheesy fries bucket available that is topped with gooey cheese that will melt in your mouth. Put it in your ‘must-visit’ place list, if you already haven’t been here. It’s a good option to make a reservation.


10. Socials

Socials, across the country is known for their consistency in food and the excellent addition of flavors in their dishes. Their breakfast is available till 7:30 P.M. offering fluffy golden-brown pancakes adorned with maple syrup. They have numerous options in food and bar menu to choose which will enable you to spend some qualitative time in the process of selection. Unfortunately, we cannot shortlist because the food is so good that there no item that is ‘not good’ here. The quantity of food is very generous. They have a very friendly staff and free WiFi.


11 Egg Factory

Known for their healthy continental and American food, they have around five branches in the city. The best place in town to have egg dishes. Since their modification of menu, they have retained few of the old dishes but, the new menu attracted many people indeed. The puns about eggs in the place is one of the main attractions. Spicy Omelet, butter toast and Spanish Omelet are generally liked. Their caramel custard melts in your mouth and they have good cold coffee that will soothe your nerves all day long!


12  The Biere Club

This is the first microbrewery in South India. Serves you with an all day breakfast of not only American but, includes various other cuisines as well. It has the finest  selection of dishes that you might not find in any other place. Very creative and authentic; little pricy but it is more than worth it. They cannot disappoint you in any way. This place is a guide to a happy belly.


13 Here & Now

Here & Now offers variety of breakfast options along with foosball, carom and other board games for entertainment purposes. Their sandwiches and shakes come to you as a delight. It is a kid-friendly place that will ensure to entertain them. They have an extensive non-vegetarian list of dishes; perfect for a carnivorous tooth.  Homely décor –  they generously fill the plates and tummies with generous amount of food. A must visit to everyone in the city to enjoy their perfectly cooked lamb, pork and their fluffy  pancakes.


14 Art Blend

This cafe blends itself with tasty food and some art of relaxation. The quirky ambience is friendly and relaxing and the café is no ordinary. They have workshops and sell things from NGOs which will directly reach them as funds. They also have a tiny library where you can indulge yourself with a read while having their yum food. Serves all day breakfast and one of their specialties includes thick shakes. They have got a talent of perfectly blended coffee to us as well. It’s a treat to our glutton in us!


15 Peppa Zzing

Monster Burger, Whammy Burger and Zing Burger : Don’t leave without trying these. The burgers are massive and their cheesy fries are finger licking. The milkshakes here reminds you Archie’s Digest giving you a nostalgic feeling. The burger’s bun is soft and fluffy, with a rich flavored patty, melted cheese and crispy edges- if this is not heaven, I don’t know what is! If you are true burger fan, you should definitely put this place in your list for they got  number of  burgers and they are the finest.


16 Once Upon A Flame

Known for their unique sauces and warm service, this place offers one of the best kinds of burgers and steaks.  Disclaimer! This place is favorable to all the meat lovers and there are very limited options for the vegetarians. Their dishes wake the ravenous food lover in you.


17 D’Hide Cafe

Keep your cameras ready. They have a beautiful ambience, you would surely want to capture it. One of the highlights about their interiors is their wall. They have very flavorsome food and it is a recipe for an ideal café. Brilliant burgers, pastas and beverages. Their food is not just yummy but they are colorfully appetizing.  Omelets and breads are finely cooked giving the perfect blend of spiciness of the egg and sweetness of the bread.  Try their waffles, chicken sizzler and vegetarian burger with some milkshakes or coolers.


18 An Egg Story

An Egg Story has a cozy and quirky ambience which grabs anyone’s attention. They serve as the name suggests many egg variety dishes. The use of egg is very prominent in their food and it is the right place for an eggetarian to be at. They have various kinds of omelets and their burgers are spicy and crispy. BBQ burger is a must try.


19 Sotally Tober

Their amazing ambience, great food and drinks makes you fall in love with the place. The place is most suitable for a quick brunch and a great hangout place for friends and family. The food has the right amount of spice, salt and other spices adding more flavour to their dishes. Their breakfast menu is at point and the poached eggs are to its perfection.


20 A Whole Lotta Love

The list is incomplete without this place when it comes to American bites. Name it, they have it and they are good at presenting it. Good music in the background, surrounded with yellow walls and antic pieces, it gives you a very happy feeling. Their waffles, pancakes, eggs, milkshakes and everything else on the menu gets America on your table. The only problem with the place is that they take a while to serve the food but they make up for it!