20 Restaurants To Visit In Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

1. Café Coffee Day

We’ve all been to CCD some day or the other; this place is not a restaurant but a feeling for most of us. We have different memories attached to this place, with our friends, family, and romantic dates, as the café have a perfect blend of quality food and ambiance. Bodakdev’s Café Coffee Day is just another branch of Café Coffee Day that serves you with your favorite food at an average cost of Rs. 700 for two people.

1.Cafe Coffee Day

2. Bread Box

This cozy restaurant should be your choice when looking for tasty sandwiches or other street food; the place offers a variety of sandwiches that their customers enjoy at a very cheap cost, two people will cost an average of approx. Rs. 300.

2.Bread Box

3. Subway

Our likings for Subway are unmatchable as it gives us the satisfaction of choosing the bread and filling of our choice. You can get your sandwich, wrap, cookies, or burger here at an average cost of Rs. 400 (for two people).


4. The Chocolate Room

The name suggests that the place has chocolates and dessert to offer but let me clear you, the place serves not only delectable dessert but also your favorite fast food like pizza and garlic bread. The chocolate room is another well-known and trustable brand where two people can satiate their cravings for yummy food for under Rs. 700 approx.

4.The Chocolate Room

5. Patidar Bhojanalay

If you’re tired of all the fancy food and looking for something desi, then this is the place to visit; the site serves to relish desi Gujarati food with several thali options and has friendly desi vibes to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. The restaurant has good ratings and reviews and serves you at a pocket-friendly rate.

5.Patidar Bhojanalay

6. Jay Bhavani Vadapav

The eatery is famous for offering nice, crispy, and spicy vadapav but has a lot of other fast foods like a sandwich, pizza, shakes, etc. to provide too. Jay Bhavani has made its goodwill in Ahmedabad by serving delicious quality food for years. The place will cost an average of Rs. 200 to two people.

6.Jay Bhavani Vadapav

7. Dilkhush Snacks

The visitors of this place have given outstanding ratings and reviews as it serves you with South-Indian and other types of breakfast at a very nominal rate. The place’s average cost for two people is Rs. 150..

7.Dilkhush Snacks

8. Haute Peppers

A fancy space with fancy interior and duh…. fancy food. The place is an absolute delight and should be your number one choice when looking for a rich experience.

8.Haute Peppers

9. Café Piano- The Grand Bhagwati

The café offers all types of cuisines like, North Indian, South Indian, continental, different fast foods, and beverages. All the khichdi lovers should definitely visit this place for it has all the best kinds of khichdi. The place costs two people an average of Rs. 1000.

9.Cafe Piano The Grand Bhagwati

10. Hotel Rajpath

When on vacation in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, you can always choose this place to stay as they have good service for your stay and food requirements. Their restaurant serves you with authentic and delectable Indian dishes. The food here can cost an average of Rs. 700 to two people.

10.Hotel Rajpath

11. US Pizza

This spacious grill can be your next family outing to have pizza and other fast foods. The place has good reviews regarding hygiene, customer service, and quality food. The place would approximately cost Rs. 700 for two people.

11.US Pizza

12. Oven & Grill

This eating house gives you the privilege to choose nonveg or veg food with delivery-only option; the reviews of this place are flooded with the love of customers as the place very efficiently fulfills customers eating demands; you can order your favorite pizza, pasta, or another fast food here. You should expect an average expense of Rs. 200 per order.

12.Oven Grill

13. Makhni Brothers

Makhni brothers can be your top choice for enjoying nonveg food in this area as it has a plethora of nonveg cuisines like Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, and Mughlai food to offer. You should have a budget of Rs. 250 per order for this place.

13.Makhni Brothers

14. Mocha Café

A perfect coffee house to go on a date or hang out with your friends. The place has interactive staff, a variety of delicious cuisine, and a subtle ambiance with soft music in the background. The place may cost Rs. 1200 on average for two people..

14.Mocha cafe

15. The Red Bistro

As cool as the name of this café is, the food and the interior of the place is also just as cool. You can throw your birthday party or conduct business meetings here as the place has enough space and a good seating arrangement. This place will cost you Rs. 1400 approx. for two people.

15.The Red Bistro

16. M.A.D By Tomato’s

This winner of TIMES food Awards 2017 has a never-ending plethora of dishes to offer. This is the place you don’t want to miss out on for their fun ambiance, excellent service, and heavenly food. This place has an average cost of Rs. 1300 for two people.

16.M.A.D By Tomatos

17. Mr. And Mrs. Somani

A showy restaurant with a decorated outside seating area that has different types of delicacies to feed their customers. The space has good music and a dance floor to show your moves on. This casual dining place can cost Rs. 1500 for two people.

17.Mr . And Mrs. Somani

18. Huber And Holly

A vegetarian eatery that is famous for its various desserts and fast foods, the cheesecake, Belgium chocolate, and croissant is the specialty of this café and highly enjoyed by the customers. The average cost you can expect here is Rs. 700 for two people.

18.Huber And Holly

19. The House Of Makeba

The house of Makeba offers North Indian, Mexican, Italian, South Indian cuisines, etc. The popular dishes here consists of Aglio e Olio pasta, ras malai, and pizza. You should have a budget of Rs. 900 for two people to visit this delightful place.

19.The House Of Makeba

20. 1944 Restaurant

One of the main attractions of this area is this restaurant by Havmor, where you can enjoy North Indian and other continental cuisines with your friends and family. You’d want a budget of Rs. 1000 for two people for this place.

20.1944 Restaurant