20 Restaurants With Great Views In Los Angeles

20 Restaurants With Great Views In Los Angeles

The diversity of Los Angeles’ restaurant culture has resulted in genre-bending formats and cuisines that have given rise to some of the country’s top makes restaurants, fine-dining stalwarts, and strip mall hidden treasures. Our specialists comb the city for exceptional food and insider knowledge. We value enjoyment, flavor, and freshness and value at all price points.

To set the right mood, you can’t go wrong with a view of the Pacific Ocean or the dazzling lights of downtown. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner date or a casual night out, a magnificent sight may improve the experience. For the sake of the stunning vistas alone, these Los Angeles eateries are worth the trip.

Now that we’ve gotten the regulations out of the way, we’re confident that the restaurants listed below offer the perfect combination of picturesque vistas and delectable fare.

1. Yamashiro Hollywood

This opulent Japanese retreat, perched high above Hollywood Boulevard, serves seasonal Asian cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. There are many options on the extensive menu, including sushi rolls, burgers, and wagyu steak, but the best part of dining at this restaurant is taking in the breathtaking views from the hilltop and the old structure.

Yamashiro Hollywood

2. WP24 By Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck’s elegant dining room serves Chinese-inspired cuisine and offers one of the best views downtown. A sampling of dim sum, full fried sea bass, and roasted ducks “Peking style” are among the items on the buffet. If you’re still having trouble deciding, a couple of tasting menu alternatives is available.

WP24 By Wolfgang Puck

3. Perch

It’s one of the busiest places in LA, especially on weekends, thanks to its open-air patio overlooking Pershing Square and downtown. The menu is more basic, with meals like steak frites, scallops in parsnip puree, and chicken supreme in truffle polenta.


4. Odyssey Restaurant

Everything at Nobu Malibu, from its sleek contemporary design to its breathtaking ocean vistas, is tailored to the tastes of the wealthy and famous. The ultra-chic restaurant is perched directly on top of gently lapping waves illuminated in the evening; this contributes to the restaurant’s already spectacular ambiance and is a good match for the restaurant’s lovely customers.

Odyssey Restaurant

5. Nobu Malibu

Everything at Nobu Malibu, from its sleek contemporary design to its breathtaking ocean vistas, is tailored to the tastes of the wealthy and famous. The ultra-chic restaurant is perched directly on top of gently lapping waves illuminated in the evening; this contributes to the restaurant’s already spectacular ambiance and is a good match for the restaurant’s lovely customers.

Nobu Malibu 1

6. Castaway

If you’re looking for the most incredible valley views, look no farther than this hillside restaurant in Burbank. After a recent refurbishment, steaks, whole roast fish, and spectacular charcuterie boards replaced the country club atmosphere. The patio and the Green Room, a nearby bar subject to availability, are the best spots to catch a glimpse of the San Fernando Valley.


7. 71 Above

The vistas from this skyscraper-topping restaurant were enough to make this establishment a success. 71Above, located on the 71st story of the U.S. Bank Tower, has a prix-fixe menu that includes poached oysters, agnolotti, steak tartare, and scallops to back up its lofty location. Make sure to look out for a pair of tables pressed right up to the windows in the bar area.

71 Above

8. Elephante

In another part of Santa Monica is where you’ll find Elephante, a groovy new rooftop surprise that has quickly established itself as a destination for the Westside excellent kid set. There are plenty of beverages to go around and reclining seats with views of the water, making this a must-visit place this summer.


9. Paradise Cove Beach Café

This beach cafe is still somewhat touristic, but you come here to have your meal with your feet in the actual sand rather than on the decking that overlooks the water. The menu is written in a style that is a cross between a supper on a cruise ship and a snack shop at a community pool, but in general, everything tastes excellent, and the servings are enormous.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

10. Eveleigh

Eveleigh on the Sunset Strip serves farm-to-table cuisine inspired by Old World European and American country cooking in a setting adorned with antiques from all across the country. In the ever-romantic outdoor environment, guests can clink glasses and breathe in the fresh air as they thrill their taste buds with daily specialties. On the patio, you may dine in complete privacy while admiring the spectacular city views in the comfort of perfectly dim lighting.


11. Geoffrey

A seaside New American seafood restaurant in Malibu is what happens when it’s done well. Indulge in their delicious breakfast options as you gaze out at the beach and multimillion-dollar residences in the area. Dine among Hollywood’s elite, who have frequented Geoffrey’s for over three decades, and you’ll experience the restaurant’s charm, class, and ease of accessibility.


12. Margot

If you want to catch a sunset on the Westside, Margot is a great place to do it. Culver City’s Platform complex’s roof offers stunning views of the nearby train connection. If you’re here for the gin and tonics, you’ll be pleased to learn that the menu includes many dishes, including tapas, spaghetti, and large plates of meat. Of course, there’s also the sunset.


13. Marsel

Imagine a dining experience that will leave you feeling like you’re in a dream. Terranea Resort’s Mar’sel, an exquisite restaurant with a view of the ocean, is just that. There is no better place than mar’sel if you seek a quiet evening or an afternoon of contemplation while gazing out over a sandy beach. Let your mind wander while you relax by the fire pit.


14. The Strand House 

The Strand House in Manhattan Beach, which views the ocean, serves traditional meals in a “contemporary heirloom” style. The Strand House’s lovely environment provides a cause to savor the simple pleasures of life, thanks to its locally sourced produce and cocktails like the Sunset Cocktail and the classic Bloody Mary. Take advantage of your time in Los Angeles and go for a walk on the sand!

The Strand House

15. Merois

Sunset Strip seems to get a new, high-end hotel every few weeks. One of the most recent is called The Pendry. A variety of dining options are available throughout the sprawling building’s several wings. The Merois restaurant on the rooftop offers spectacular views of the San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, and even Catalina Island if the smog is perfect. Even though Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant isn’t breaking any new ground, its seafood-heavy menu features meals like seared scallops and roasted octopus that go perfectly with a sunset cocktail.


16. West Restaurant & Lounge

A stunning vista complements the sumptuous lunch. On top of Hotel Angeleno, West Restaurant serves delectable cuisine, an extensive beverage menu, and a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. There is something for everyone at West, whether it’s the Chipotle-Rubbed Ribeye, Moroccan Pink Snapper, or Crispy Tofu Stir Fry. Hang out with friends while sipping on a glass of wine and gazing out over Los Angeles.

West Restaurant Lounge

17. Cabra

There are plenty of light, shared small appetizers on Cobra’s Peruvian-leaning menu that are perfect for large groups of friends and won’t leave you unable to go out afterward. It’s hard to go wrong with any “Cold Stuff,” including the delicious pork shank served with tangerine salad and crunchy potatoes. Everything from salmon ceviche with pistachios to tuna tiradito topped with passion fruit and jicama can be found here.


18. Melrose Place

There are loads of mid-century contemporary architectural elements throughout the new two-story restaurant. The lively crowd at the bar will serve as a gentle reminder that you are not, in fact, a Wilhelmina model. However, the rooftop patio is a must-see for anyone looking to relax. To feel like a real Hollywood star, all you have to do is pretend to be in this glitzy spot with its bar, plush pink booths, fire features, and sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills.

Melrose Place

19. Mama Shelter

Though Mama Shelter’s primary dining room is on the ground floor, you’re more than likely meeting them for a spot on the rooftop, available to the public based on availability. When it comes to hotel-top hangouts in Hollywood, there are plenty. But none quite like Mama, which offers comfort food like adobo wings, zucchini blossom arancini, and the Le Royale Burger on a Hawaiian bun—all served with a splash of color.

Mama Shelter

20. Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach

It is simple to comprehend the factors that have led to the meteoric rise in popularity of this waterfront brewery and restaurant in Long Beach. Because they serve artisan beers and have expansive coastline views, the weekend draws large crowds.

Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach