20 Soulful Hyderabadi Restaurants That Will Make You Run For A Bite

20 Soulful Hyderabadi Restaurants

Aren’t you bored from your daily diet? If yes… then why not try something different, for example, Hyderabadi Cuisine what can be better than an Hyderabadi dish! Many people don’t know, but Hyderabadi Cuisine is also termed as Deccani cuisine.
The most unique feature of hyderabadi food is that, it has distinct recipe for every different occasion.For weddings it’s different and for festivals it’s different and these soulful flavoursome dishes like murgh do pyaza and malai korma are found in following hyderabadi restaurants…

1Barbeque Nation

Barbeque nation in Hyderabad offers an amazing and enduring dining experience. Delightful ambience. Barbecued starters are the pre fixed menu items.This menu includes 5 different starters and they are the actual highlights of the Barbeque Nation outlets. All the tables are equipped with a grill that customers can use to keep the starters warm and obviously there is a glaze accompanying the grill and also the table is decorated with a variety of marinades and sauces in bowls. The most unique part is all tables is, they have a little flag and that is a sign of alert for the staff so the service provides the starters to the guest until the flag is up. If a person wishes to take a break or proceed towards the main courses they have to signal the staff by folding the flag down.

The spread of a number of varieties of dishes offered at Barbeque Nation is actually influenced by an international cuisine but is actually originated from India’s national fare. Here a large variety of buffet is offered which is just not limited to non-vegetarian, vegetarian food is also served. Barbecue kebabs and crab curry are something you must try.

Address: This food nation is located on 1st floor near ANR center road, in Banjara Hills aka Heart of the City.


2Paradise Restaurant

This place is worth a visit!It is one of the most flavoursome places.To step in this place is like a food empire and the specialisation here is not limited just to Hyderabadi food, Indian and Chinese delicacies,and the ambience of this restaurant, is delightful and enormous as the spaces serving different variety are connected to a common compound.Amazing isn’t it? For a little café that established in 1953 to serve people tea and a coupe snacks and has now ended up with a restaurant serving large varieties in eateries all under the same roof. The reason behind its success is biryani this place is famous for hyderabadi biryani and there are also different branches of this restaurant is in Hyderabad itself.

Address: This restaurant is located near Mahatma Gandhi road, Sappu Bagh Apartment, Hyderabad.



Now this is basically the second most famous spot for biryani. So if you stay far away from paradise and are craving for a delicious flavoursome biryani, this place won’t disappoint you and your hunger hormones,especially if you are a non vegetarian this place is your cup of tea.Besides non-veg they also serve vegetarian biryani but the most famous one is of steamed basmati seasoned with bits of marinated mutton meat.This dish is seriously mouth-watering and besides biryani bawarchi also serves traditional Asian meat dishes like noodles, fried rice and kebabs.

Address: ploy no 66, RCT cross road opposite to Sandhya theater



Chutneys are said to be Asians’ dip. They are available in India, actually not just India but in entire South Asia, they are made in incredible variants and in unbelievable variety. It is made with the combination of certain spices that prove to be delicious at the end tables in any Asian hotels or restaurants that are equipped with at least 2 varieties of chutneys as they take food to another level and this restaurant is famous for its Hyderabadi chutneys. It is a restaurant that serves Hyderabadi dishes with a combination of the set of six signature selection of chutneys and they also serve South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, pesarattus and the best of them all is upma one must visit for breakfast.

Address: Plot no. 3-6-111/8 at 1st floor in far east Plaza, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad.




Hyderabadi cuisine mainly focuses on seafood that is fish and other sea food,apart from those of countries’ in northern regions.So if you are a fan of sea food and south Indian dishes this place won’t disappoint you as the chef here specialises in south Indian specialities and also look at the prominence of sea food or dishes inspired by sea food and not just they serve the combination of South Indian and seafood but also have delicacies of south like payasum that is a mouth watering Kerala stew. The most amazing part about this place is it adds a new and different touching an extremely different flavor to the dishes that people eat every day.

Address: It is located near Greenlands road, Hotel ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet, Hyderabad.5

6Minerva Coffee Shop

The most famous and favourite spot for foodies!This place is seriously worth a while it has been here since a long time and the most unique feature about this place is that it serves a combination of scrumptious authentic Asian cuisine that is both north and south Indian dishes which is quite different as both are distinct from each other.So do visit if you want to try something new and refreshing. Ambience is quite good and so is staff. It serves from morning till night i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most popular cuisine of this place is hyderabadi thali.

Address: Located in Minerva coffee shop on 6-3-1110 ground floor in Amrutha mall, near Raj bhavan road.



Gufaa means cave.This is a themed restaurant and should be chosen for a cynical dining experience as the name resembles gufaa,i.e. a cave.The restaurant resembles inside of a gufaa which means a carved cave it is carved with sculptures of elephants n tigers head on the rocky wall then the roots and the creepers creep the walls and make them look like a real ancient cave.

In olden times people use to draw warli paintings that are also painted on the rocks. Warli paintings are basically ancient rock paintings and this is not the end, they have dim lightings to plunge the restaurant into half darkness and the chairs are made of bamboo sticks with zebra skin cushions to enjoy the authentic Indian meal.

Address:Located in Guffa Ohri’s cuisine court | door no. 5 9 30/16-12 that is in Ohri’s cuisine court opposite to Gandhi medical college near basher bagh.




This restaurant is run by Chef Rakesh Singh and this restaurant is highly recommended by people as it sells the distinctive aromas of the country.All kinds of spices from all places are brought together and their combination is enjoyed by people this place basically celebrates the country’s diverse nature and is mainly recommended to experience NorthWest Indian gastronomy.The most interesting part is that it is inspired by Peshawar tradition from our neighboring country that is Pakistan. Besides the food and its history is another forte of this restaurant is the beverage department. Not only this, the restaurant serves a fine selection of teas.

Address: Kangan near rahejamindspace in hi-techcity.



Cynically amazing ambience and so is food, but this place will amaze you and make you pause and wonder for a while that you are still in Hyderabad or you have been magically teleported to some Greek island where this place is dope. It has an amazing interior from pin to toe and the tables are also covered with floral pink table covers that are just beautiful to look at and no words are enough to describe the food only the drinks are limited.

Address: Olive bistro near road no.46 juilee hills at kona’sdurgamcheruvu.


10Sahib Sindh Sultan

The unique feature of this place is that it is crafted to celebrate the occasion of 1853 when the first ever train started in India.The elegant decoration and the royal cuisine is what makes it distinct from others.

The royal food with the touch of Indian heritage is what amuses the most.The food here and specially the cottage cheese used in it is really delicious and most importantly murg peshawari is something one must order it’s delicious and finger licking good. The place is 10 on 10 on the basis of everything food, ambience and service as well.

Address: City center mall, BJN road, 5th floor, banjara hills.


11Mainland China

Cuisine speciality here is Chinese and seafood and is one of the finest Chinese restaurant the starters are quite good specially the prawns.Besides prawns, chicken curry and mixed fried rice here are extremely delicious and not just that, the service is also quick and a really decent place to move for good food peppery chicken soup can surely be your cup of tea if you crave for spice. Ambience is also fine with dim lights and simple wooden decors. Crackling spinach and soups are a must try thing, highly recommended.

Address: Plot 1 & 2, Rohini Layout that is Opposite Shilparamam in Hi-tech City.



The speciality of this place is north Indian food. It has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet and veg is not something that will amuse you.But hands down when it comes to non-veg and the best part is it is pocket friendly and stomach filling and the ambience is quite decent but the staff and food is thumbs up, they are amazing and if you are a person that is into kebabs than this place must be somewhere in your list for sure and if its not then add it because the kebabs here are fantastic.

Address:6-3-1186/1/1 Opposite to CM Residence, Green Lands Road near Teachers Colony.


13Ohri’s Boulder Hills

If you are craving for Continental and North Indian food, step into this restaurant, it will surely satisfy your hunger hormones. Food and mock tails both are worth a taste and it has really amazing ambience and what makes it more beautiful is that the restaurant is away from the busy hustle-bustle of the city and the outdoor is even better.Mutton Shorba is worth a try and if you are looking for veg food then dosa specially the cheese dosa and curry rice are the best things to have a bite of you won’t be able to stop. Paneer tikka and paneer curry are also good.

Address: Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club that is Opposite Indian School of Business, Manikonda, Gachibowli.


14Ohri’s Nautanki Gali

This place is cynically amazing right from the door you enter, to the ambience, to the food, till the desert everything is dope have no words to describe the beauty of the ambience as the restaurant.The name says nautanki,i.e. drama it is a theme based restaurant and that you can see from the moment you enter there will be puppets rickshaw seating and the entire decor seems like you are in a village.

Moving towards food cutlets, salads, non-veg salads, wadda tikkis everything was flavoursome especially the chicken dim sim it was simply awesome. One must surely try chicken kali mirch curry and mutton curry those were the best part of main course each and everything here is so good that you’ll probably get muddled from where to start and what to order they firstly have end number of variety and superb service. Overall the best place to visit.

Address: Ohri’s Cyber Pearl, Block 1 in Madhapur near Cyberabad in Hi-tech City.


15Cinema Social

If you are in search of a peaceful place with good food, then this place is the perfect for you.It’s calm and cool, and the food is simply amazing starting with what is so awesome in starters it is…crispy chicken and honey chilly potato besides this strawberry banana drink is something one may fall in love with. Cashu curry and mushrooms are highly recommended for you vegetarians out there and honestly I’ve never ever in my life tasted more delicious garlic rice than this placed served me hands down to the combination of both. This place is pocket friendly as well and can prove to be your favourite hangout spot. Service here is also awesome worth a visit.

Address:Road 2, BNR Colony at Venkat Nagar near RK Cineplex in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.



The ambience of this place is beautiful as the roof top is covered with small water enclosures and there is greenery all over the buffet was just for Rs.564, the cheapest but the delicious one ever.Prawns at this place are beyond flavoursome and gajar ka halwa is worth it.Chicken clear soup and veg munchow soup is something I’ll never forget.Paneer chilly baby corn and sea food were so awesome that they are just something I can’t put into words. This place is pretty good as service is fine but rest everything is just perfect.

Address: Opposite Audi Showroom on 5th Floor in 12th Square Building near Road 12, Banjara Hills.



A perfect place for weekend hangouts, ambience was pretty good,in fact great!There are tables all around and dance floor like space in the middle music was quite decent and not so noisy.

An enjoyable experience!Moving towards food.Food is pretty great aachari murg kebab is something one must try, a bite of chicken pizza was way more amazing than I expected it to be starters were the highlight of this place. Nachos were pretty good.

Address:5th Floor in Sri Tirumala near Towers, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.


18Maya Bazar Restaurant

This place will drag you to the era of Emperors and Kings as the ambience is like a kings palace in village food and service both are amazing.Naan and parathas are awesome and non-veg curries are the soul of the restaurant they were just flavoursome to eat and mouth watering as well.Another dish that took the limelight was prawns.If you are see food lover you need to try this one.

Address:174, Vasavi Colony in Karkhana near Secunderabad.


19Pine and Dine

This place is enchanting!The ambience looks like a perfect movie, the only difference is, there are many tables in place of one.Moving towards the food, the laila biryani is a must try part among other food items and so are paneer tikka, chicken drumsticks, chicken butter masala and egg biryani. The place is 10 on 10 in terms of everything.

Address:Plot 73 in Jubilee Enclave near Hi-tech City.


20Heart cup coffee

This place is a perfect hangout with friends in all terms.It has an amazing ambience and a DJ as well and that is worth a dance.Step in once and you’ll get addicted to this place.This place is dope, seriously the food and the beverages are all perfect and the place will never bore you and yes the most important part they have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. According to me it should be mandatory for everyone to try MY HEART CUP COFFEE at least once it is just amazing and so is the grilled chicken.

Address: B 7 & 8 in Jubilee Garden Behind TCS Building near E Park in Kondapur.