20 Sweet Dishes of New Town Kolkata

20- Sweet- Dishes- of- New- Town- Kolkata

On most occasions, or even daily, the Bengalis will have a lot of sweets as part of their post-meal ritual. When eating in Kolkata, there is always room for sweets, whether in the form of jalebi for breakfast, mishti for lunch, or the traditional rosogolla during a wedding.

1. Rasogolla and Rajbhog

Bengalis and rosogollas go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is one of Bengal’s most well-known sweets. A soft chhena (cottage cheese) ball coated in a sugary syrup is known as rosogolla. Rajbhog is a near cousin of this beloved dessert, with a delectable stuffing consisting of dry fruits, saffron, cardamom, and other spices in the center. It’s frequently tricky to eat just one of these desserts.main-qimg-c98979966bad367887a336a6cd425255

2. Chenarjilipi

This Bengali treat is ideal for individuals who adore jalebi and enjoy experimenting with the flavour and cooking method. It’s made using chhena, kheer, and flour and looks like a jalebi spiral but has a unique and exquisite taste. It’s preferable to eat it while it’s still warm and fresh.unnamed

3. Kheer Kadam

This delightful treasure from Bengal is no exception to the rule that all good things come in little packages. Mini rasgullas covered in milk cream and topped with grated khoya are a sweet lover’s favoritegreetings, happiness!kheer-kodom-pakwangali_520_060416033743

4. Sandesh

Sandesh is a dry Bengali Mithai that comes in a variety of flavours. This dish is made with condensed milk, sugar, and, or jaggery, can be moulded into various forms and designs. A Nolen GurerShondesh, is produced using a unique and delicious type of jaggery. Multiple shapes, strategies, and toppings are available for Sandesh. Nolen gurer Sandesh and jol bhara Sandesh are two of the most sought-after Sandesh. You can now try delicacies like chocolate Sandesh, which are part of the new trend of fusion desserts.Kesaria-Sandesh-1-1920×1080

5. Sitabhog

Sitabhog is a traditional Bengali dish from the Bardhaman region. Sitabhog is a delectable delicacy that is also visually appealing. It has the appearance of pulao (a savoury dish), yet it has a sweet flavour. There are several variations of this which were traditionally made using white rice and gulab jamun. People nowadays prefer to eat vermicelli instead of rice. The white rice flour, cottage cheese, and sugar are then combined.

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6. MalaiChomChom

MalaiChomChom is an amazing rendezvous, thanks to its excellent golden-brown tint and thick, dense texture. It’s finest served chilled and made with chenna and a dash of kesar. This is a must-have for any party!


7. Rabri

It is a sweet and delightful delicacy prepared with condensed milk. Dry fruits and nuts are used to adorn the dish. Spices and sugar are used to season the dish before serving. The recipe is substantial and filling, so make sure you have room for it.Rabri-Recipe

8. Misti Doi

Low-fat milk, curd, and unsaturated brown sugar are mixed overnight to make a delicate and lightly sweetened ‘mishtidoi’. The result is to provide good luck to students; this is the main dessert for special occasions, festivals, and even before exams.photo (2)

9. Naru

When it comes to sweets in Bengali culture, Naru is one of those names that has a rule, Naru is produced by moms at home, and youngsters are known to wait for an auspicious moment to take and devour some extra Narus. ‘Naru’ is coconut balls made with sugar and elaichi powder. Narus can also be produced with jaggery in some cases. Once you start eating soft and delicate Narus, there’s no stopping.Coconut_ladoo_narkoler_naru_edited

10. Sar Bhaja

This delightful treat, also known as Shor Bhaja, is comprised of deep-fried milk cream. The recipe takes some time to prepare, but the result is well worth the effort. While Sar Baja is not well recognized outside the Bengali community, it is one of the best Bengali sweets that has been created. Sarpuria is a dish made from layers of cream milk baked together. Before you can eat the fried or baked pieces, they must first be soaked in sugar syrup.Krishnanagar-er-Sarbhaja

11. Patishapta

Patishapta, a Bengali festival, commemorates Makar-Sankranti. This popular dessert is typically produced on this occasion, and in addition to being delicious, the recipe is also nutritious. Patishapta are rice-flour crepes filled with coconut, jaggery, or sugar, and occasionally kheer. This soft Patishapta melts in your tongue with the first mouthful, hot or cold!5c54cd81600ddb1bdc2d90be_website-cover-patishapta_mnrqci

12. Nolen GurerPayesh

For Bengalis, Nolen GurerPayesh is a winter delicacy. It’s made with milk, rice, and a particular ‘gur’ that’s only accessible in the winter. With the richness of jaggery and a lot of stirring while cooking, this meal is perfected!Nolen Gurer Payesh

13. Malpua

Pancakes are also included in the list of Bengali desserts. Get your hands on Malpua and experience the wonder of these sweet pancakes for yourself. Malpuas are made of flour and sugar, as well as other ingredients, including coconut and dried fruits, and are deep-fried before being dipped in sugar syrup. This well-known dessert is well-known not just in Bengal, but also in north India and Odisha.63025336

14. Amriti

As the name suggests, amriti is derived from Amrita, which means manna or the gods’ nourishment. They are spiral-shaped and decorated with beautiful curlicues around the edges, similar to jalebis. Ghee is used for frying the ground dal, sugar, and cardamom.jalebi

15. Rasmalai

Everybody enjoys the Rasamalai, which is a popular Malai, or milk, with cardamom and chhena balls make a beautiful combination. Saffron-infused rice pudding with pistachio-studded cream is called Rasmalai. It is made with sugar syrup, saffron, and milk. As a result, the taste is terrific.15RASMALAI@2x

16. Jaynagarer Moa

Moa is a dry mixture comprised of jaggery, puffed rice, and ghee rolled into a tasty spherical ball. We propose the Joynagar-er Moa, which is one of the most delicious Bengali sweets you’ll ever have and is only accessible during certain seasons. This particular variety is also flecked with dried fruits and nuts. ‘Muri’ or ‘Khoi’ can be used to make moa.Tourisim-Moya-Joynagar

17. Lady Kenny

Langcha, sometimes known as Lady Kenny, is a type of Pantuwa that is packed with raisins and coated in castor sugar. Lady Charlotte Canning, Lord Charles John Canning’s wife, washonoured with these chenna balls. She first tried this sweet in Bengal, and it became her all-time favorite. It is cooked on the most fortunate days and tastes delicious.d005c847-2780-43c1-8683-090c00801bd7

18. Milk Cake

Milk Cake is a traditional and easy-to-make Indian sweet dessert with only two ingredients: milk and sugar. It is a traditional Bengali lovely dish that would satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Milk cake is considered the most sanitary sweet food by Indians due to its simple preparation technique and the fact that all of the components required for its creation are readily available at home and may be added as desired. Nobody can dispute that milk cake is the creamiest and most nostalgic Indian delicacy, and if you like sweets, this cake will satisfy your cravings.milk-cake_1601631472

19. Mihidana

The words ‘mihi’ and ‘dana’ literally mean fine and grains, respectively. In the literal sense, Mihidana is a miniature version of traditional Bengali bonde. The origins of Mihidana can be traced back to West Bengal, India. The significant material used to decorate Mihidana is saffron. In temples, this meal is served as a prasad (religious offering). Mihidana and Sitabhog are believed to be inseparable.Mihidana_bardwan-1

20. LabangaLatika

Cooking and presenting this exotic treat is an art form that demands both patience and skill to pull off. In Bengali tradition, this is a defining characteristic Choya, maida, grated coconut, cardamom, ghee, almonds, and khoya are combined to form a pastry, which is then carefully folded and sealed with a clove.DSC02622