22 Best Foods to Keep you Hydrated

22 Best Foods to Keep you Hydrated

It is very essential to keep your body hydrated inside out for the healthy functioning of body and beautiful skin. Lack of hydration leads to many different illness and diseases. There are some steps which we can take in life by which we can handle our health very consciously without investing lots of money and time. And it is only in our hand to look carefully after our health. We eat and drink a lot of food items during the whole day but we don’t bother much about proper hydration of body. Drinking 4-5 litres of water is recommended on daily basis but we often fail to do so. With a slight change in our diet intake, we can make a huge difference. Here are some food items which are healthy as well as has rich water content. So some of the great options to include in your diet to take care of proper hydration of the body.

1 Coconut Water

Coconut Water is nothing but water inside the coconut but with a different taste. It is little sweet in taste. A fresh tender coconut water refreshes you like anything. So next time when you see this drink around you, go there and have it. You can also ask for the tender coconut of inside after you finish drinking. You can very safely replace your regular soda drink with this which has benefits for your health also.


2 Watermelon

Watermelon has 92% of water content and it is very delicious. Sweet, crunchy, and juicy chunks of watermelon will never make you feel for not having it. It contains lycopene and anti-oxidants along with some necessary vitamins which supports your heart health and bone health. You can make juice or smoothie out of it. You can also mix it with some other fruits and enjoy your refreshing fruit salad.


3 Zucchini

Water content of Zucchini is 94%. Zucchini has many nutritional elements that are good for health. It does not contain any fat and is rich in fiber, so it is safe to include in your diet. You can make curry, stir fried salad, lasagna, or any dish of your choice.


4 Soups and Broths

Soups and Broth contains 92% of water in it. It is healthy because it contains fresh vegetables, chicken, fish, or legumes. You can even add soups and broth to your children’s diet. You can choose vegetables for both according to your likings. You can consume broth alone or you can use it for making soups. A hot bowl of soup can have any taste according to your choice.


5 Celery

Celery has a water content of 95%. It is an excellent source of antioxidants which is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It can be consumed raw also, but not for those people who suffer with digestion problem. You can make celery curry and soup.  Add it with your favorite fruit and you can sip on a delicious milkshake or smoothie.


6 Cucumber

The water content of cucumber is 95%. Cucumber can be eaten raw or cooked, but it tastes best when eaten raw. It contains important vitamins and minerals. You can make sandwiches, juices, smoothies, and salads with freshly chopped cucumber. You can make cucumber raita by mixing it with yogurt and some salt. You can also make cucumber infused water to give little different taste to normal water and this drink really helps in digestion.


7 Oranges

The water content of orange is 88%. Oranges are considered as super food as it comes with lots of nutrients and health benefits. We are often advised to eat colorful fruits and vegetables because of their good effects on our health. You can make juice, orange infused water, and ice cream out of it.


8 Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries

Water content of berries is more than 90%. Berries are super healthy food option and are very tasty. You can eat them raw or try making some mouth-watering recipes out of it. You can have it with yogurt and oatmeal porridge which will add to the sweetness too. You can make berries infused water, milkshakes, lassi, and smoothies using berries of your choice. So next time when you see any berry around, don’t forget to have some of them.

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9 Muskmelon

The water content of muskmelon is 90%. Muskmelons are beneficial for people with blood pressure and hypertension. This fruit is sweet and buttery in taste. You can make some smoothie, juice, or milkshakes with muskmelon. You can try having some fresh muskmelon chunks with some vanilla ice cream.


10 Yogurt

The water content of yogurt is 88%. Yogurt is rich in important nutrients, proteins, and is good for heart health, digestive health, and supports immune system. It also helps in weight loss management. You can consume yogurt in many different ways. You can make lassi, raita, and oats porridge with yogurt. You can mix yogurt with fresh fruits and nuts and have it in your lunch.


11. Bell – Peppers

The water content of bell peppers is 92%. Bell pepper are available in different colors and each colors has a significant benefit on our health. If you find all three color bell peppers around, you must buy it. Even if you do not find these colorful bell peppers, green one is the most common and is available everywhere. You can consume it raw or by making sandwiches or stuffed bell peppers. You can make curry or mix it with another vegetable in curry. You can also cook some of these with your breakfast omelet.


12 Cauliflower

The water content of cauliflower is 92%. Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C and protein. You can make curry using this. You can also have it by just stir frying it along with some radish or beetroots. You can make salad or cauliflower stuffed parantha also.


13. Grape – Fruit

The water content of grape fruit is 88%. The color and the sweet, tangy taste of this fruit is just amazing. This fruit is low in calories and high in nutrients. It contains powerful antioxidants and which are helpful in boosting immune system, fighting diseases, and helps in weight loss. You can consume it raw or by making juices or infused water.


14. Raddish

The water content of radish is 95%. It is beneficial for hearth heath as well as for digestive system. You can consume it raw or cooked. Radish curry, radish stuffed parantha, and radish salad are some of the food items which can be made using this.


15 Spinach

The water content of spinach is 91%. Spinach are good for eye sight. You can make spinach soups in many different varieties. You can add fresh spinach leaves to your sandwiches, wraps, and fruit juice.


16 Pineapple

The water content of pineapple is 86%. This tropical fruit is very delicious. The sweet and sour flavor of this fruit makes it the best summer fruit. It supports bone health, eye health, and immune system. You can consume pineapple raw or by making a lot of different food items to it.


17. Broccoli

The water content of broccoli is 91%. It contains Vitamin K and Vitamin C which helps our body in many ways. You can have this vegetable raw or cooked. You can make salads, omelet, sandwiches, and rice with broccoli.


18 Cabbage

The water content of cabbage is 92%. It is beneficial for the digestive system and heart health of our body. You can make soups and broth, salad, and wraps or find any new way of including this vegetable in your diet.


19. Peaches

The water content of peaches are 89%. The taste of this fruit is really amazing. You can have one in your bag and have it in your lunch time or try making some delicious food items using peaches like mixed fruit shake and smoothie. Peaches are very beneficial for skin health.


20 Cottage Cheese

The water content of cottage cheese is 80%. The best about this food item is that you can make your fresh cottage cheese at your home. It is good for bone and teeth health, supports digestion and weight loss, and is rich in protein. You can consume it in many ways.


21. Tomatoes

The water content of tomatoes is 94%. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which help us in fighting with the bad effect of sun rays and maintains haemoglobin level in body. It can be consumed raw by making salad or sandwiches or cooked by making many different food items. The lycopene content increases when the tomatoes are cooked.


22. Carrot

The water content of carrot is 87%. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is beneficial for our body in many ways. You can make juices, soups, and salad using raw carrot. Drinking carrot juice on regular basis has numerous benefits on our health.