25 Places You Need To Eat In London

25 Places You Need To Eat In London
25 Places You Need To Eat In London

Most of the time we go out to restaurants to meet friends and eat great food, but sometimes that’s just not enough. If you want your meal to come with a side order of entertainment, fancy getting stuck into some activities while you nosh or need the whole experience to be a talking point for the group, head to one of London’s quirkiest restaurants or cafés.

1 Poptata

At Poptata they use potatoes from British farmers which are the finest of the lot. Hence, the quality of their fries is of premium quality. Then they manually peel and cut them and then double fry since it gives a crunchy exterior which makes Poptata fries so special. These piping hot fries are served with a range of signature dips and sauces.



It is the best place for millennials as it has an area dedicated to entertainment and fun. The interior is a fiery mix of pinks and vibrant upholstery, tropical wallpaper, neon signs with a fusion of greenery. It is also the only waterproof dining room for water activity sessions for adults.


3 Florentine

Florentine is an all-day restaurant and bar. It serves Brasserie- style menu and a bar filled with Britain’s crafted beers and a range of signature cocktails. The most popular dish over here is the enormous breakfast with an ostrich egg. It is served with fried tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans, sourdough bread, and sausages.


4 L’antica Pizzeria By Michele 

It is known for its authentic Neapolitan style Margherita and Marinara Pizza. It serves traditional Neapolitan pizza using the original recipes and the ingredients get imported from Italy itself.


5 Coppa Club

In Coppa Club there is a wide range of weekend brunches and alcoholic beverages. The main attraction is the igloos.

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6 Cereal Killer

You can find the best cereals from across the globe all in just one shop! They let you customize a bowl of cereals with your choice of toppings, milk squash, and pop tarts. If you like cereal any time of the day then this can be your favorite restaurant to go to.


7 Snowflake Luxury Gelato

This place has handmade gelato flavors from traditional pistachios to the most unique and unheard flavors like popcorn and honey and date. The gelatos are made using organic milk and cream and sugar.


8 Max’s Sandwich Shop

This shop sells only three sandwiches. It has ham hock, fried egg, piccalilli, and thin shoestring potatoes. Each sandwich has a complex layer of flavor and spices which all together taste scrumptious.


9 Avobar

If you are looking for an all-day superfood restaurant then this is the place you need to come and visit. The only superfood the restaurant uses is the avocado.


10 EL&N

This is one of the most Instagram able café and lifestyle brand. Everything is a beautiful shade of pink and the look is very chic. So, the next time you need the most amazing picture for the gram just go inside EL&N and take your pictures. They are worth a million likes!

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11 Sophie’s Soho

The ambiance of Sophie’s Soho is bright and airy. Although the chairs are leather the look is still dainty. The significance of this place is that the menu has a raw section.


12 Patty & Bun Soho

This eatery has several goodies including affordable British patties, with names like Smokey Robinson and Hot Chic chicken burger. These mouth-watering burgers are served with garnishes and chips with rosemary salt.


13 What The Pitta Camden

They are the original creators of Vegan Doner Kebab and have pride in themselves that each bite of every single wrap is special. They bring a meat-free twist to the classic British Kebab.


14 Yi Fang 

They serve traditional fruit tea and tapioca pearl bubble drinks made with only natural ingredients which include cane sugar, fresh fruit slices, and dairy and soya milk. No artificial flavors are added to their drinks. Yi Fang’s signature drink is Bubble Milk Tea.


15 Choco Fruit

They sell London’s most favorite dessert. The luxury Belgian chocolate covering fresh fruit skewers topped with yummy toppings. If you don’t enjoy fruits that much, this place can surely make you fall in love with fruits.


16 Blondies Kitchen

Each cookie is hand-rolled, finished, and baked daily. They use organic ingredients, flour, and a free-range of eggs. They individually roll each cookie dough ball and weigh every chocolate chip into the cookies for perfect eating every single time.


17 Bubblewrap Waffle

This place has a large variety of waffle bases from plain to matcha, fillings like strawberry cheesecake to bananas. It is topped with a gooey sauce with its range from salted caramel to red bean. These bubble waffles are then folded into a cone.

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18 Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

This place is best known for affordable and delicious ice creams. They don’t just sell ice creams; they sell goodness and create a cultural experience.

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19 Yamagoya

Yamagoya’s signature ramens have toppings like pork belly, marinated bamboo shoot, mushroom, and marinated egg. The most popular dish is the raindrop cake. It is clear and looks perfect for your Instagram feed.


20 Oli Baba’s

It is famously known for the ‘halloumi fries.’ Oli’s focus is meat-free cuisine. The menu has authentic Fattoush and toasted pita sandwiches.


21 Chin Chin Labs

They create ice creams using nitrogen and expensive machines to create each one. The main aim is to put a smile on their consumers and allow them to experience and try something new.


22 The Mac Factory

They’ve taken your regular Mac ‘n’ cheese and transformed it into a gourmet dish. They are sprinkled with Sourdough based parmesan and thyme crumble.


23 La Mia Mamma 

The specialty of this place is that they have actual Italian moms who cook meals. They interact with the customers and make them feel like they are in an Italian household.


24 La Gelatiera

The aim is for each individual to meet and eat gelato and sip coffee and have a social gathering. You can choose the flavor whether it is sea salted caramel or dark chocolate or even vegan!


25 Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery

The menu focuses on beigels, baked in the traditional Jewish style. It also serves pastries and sweets like Danish rolls and cheesecake.

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