Best 20 Rainy Day Food For The Soul

Yes, that is how we typically think of the monsoons: drizzles, showers, leisurely hours, and pleasant days. With the arrival of the monsoon, people can finally say goodbye to the oppressive heat of summer and say hello to the new season. Who doesn’t appreciate the rain? Getting soaked in it is a relief after the summertime sweating. In addition to the lovely weather, the monsoon season is one in which we much enjoy eating. The excellent cuisine with the chilling rain breeze is hot, sour, and spicy. Whether inside or outside, a downpour always makes us need some mouthwateringly crispy cuisine. Although there are meals that are available all year long, they taste better during the rainy season. Here is a list of meals that remind us that rain is a blessing in our busy lives when many of us associate it with sluggish long lines of traffic. These foods will give us the best chance to take advantage of the monsoon.

1. Tea

Tea and rain is a match made in heaven. Tea, the second-most popular beverage in the world, is the beverage of choice when it’s raining. And coffee is usually an excellent substitute for those who do not enjoy tea. Enjoy the shower and a cup of kadak chai this monsoon as it starts to rain heavily while you are waiting for the bus to arrive.

1. Tea 1

2. Samosa

There is no denying that samosas are arguably the most well-liked food in India. Nearly every Indian enjoys this delightful drink, and it is very filling. The Samosa has been a beloved snack in India, since the beginning of time. It is the most reasonably priced food in today’s inflation-ridden world. Sudden downpours are a regular occurrence during the monsoon. The easiest way to pass the time when traveling is to eat samosas.

2. Samosa 1

3. Palak Bhajia

Palak, or spinach, is used to prepare various delectable dishes and is a highly nutritious food item. Spinach may be helpful when we wish to enjoy something crunchy during the monsoon. We can make spinach bhaji. Some prefer to thinly chop the spinach before making palak bhajia, while others dip the leaves in the batter. This homemade snack is a better option for health-conscious people, because it is more nourishing than fast food.

3. Palak Bhajia 1

4. Bhutta/ Corn

A pleasure during the monsoon rains is bhutta or corn grilled over charcoal on a high flame with lots of butter and spices. It feels lovely to have charcoal burning, especially after a rainstorm when the temperature cools. The corn tastes entirely different because of the smokey flavor.

4. Bhutta Corn 1

5. Hot and Spicy Soup

It is one’s advise to take a little more care with our health during the monsoon season. We require a bowl of steaming soup to replenish our nutritional needs. It simultaneously satisfies our hearts’ and stomachs’ cravings. A delight for the weary soul is to savor a bowl of hot, tasty soup while taking in the drizzle outside.

5. Hot and Spicy Soup 1

6. Egg Chop or Dimer Devil

A group of friends, a plateful of egg chops, and tea. The ideal time! Something that relieves all the tension and worry is thunder, lightning, downpour, uninterrupted chats, and a sip of tea or coffee, coupled with the modest yet delectable egg chop – A cause for celebration.

6. Egg Chop or Dimer Devil 1

7. Paneer Tikka

Even just looking at the food is so gratifying. All will drool over the paneer that combines with red, yellow, and green bell pepper, cooked over a high flame, and dusted with various spices. This delicious food will work wonders whether it’s a gathering or just you and the rain.

7. Paneer Tikka 1

8. Cutlet

There is a wide variety of this meal, an everyday favorite among Indians. Vegetables, mushrooms, poultry, and even mutton are used in making cutlets. This tasty dish is one of the most excellent snacks during the rainy season.


9. Break Pakora/ Bread Chop

Some folks almost always eat bread with butter or jam for breakfast. However, during the monsoon, people prefer hot and crunchy bread over the traditional breakfast options. Therefore, bread assumes a new avatar during the rainy season significantly dissimilar from the one typically associated with bread. The bread chop, indeed. Here, the bread is deep-fried after being dipped in a thick batter and packed with spicy potatoes or other vegetables. Delicious, doesn’t it sound?

9.Break Pakora Bread Chop

10. Misal Pav

A specialty from the Indian state of Maharashtra is misal pav. As sprouts are the main component of the alluring dish, it is pretty healthy. It has over time become one of the most popular street foods. Another dish that is particularly popular during the monsoon is missal pav. This sprout curry, when served hot, satisfies one’s craving for spicy cuisine during the wet season.

10.Misal Pav 1

11. Onion Fritters

As simple to make as a food that is cooking, onion pakora is a good option for an evening snack. Some people prepare the pakora by cutting the onion into rings and dipping them into besan batter, while others chop the onion, mix it with the batter, and deep-fried it. It preserves the mild sweetness of the onion. Family time with onion bhaji and a hot beverage is usually a hit during the rainy season.

11.Onion Fritters

12. Bhel Puri

Many people do not like bhel or puffed rice. Bhel takes on a new dimension when boiled potatoes, finely chopped tomatoes, bhujia, masala, salt, tamarind syrup, and jaggery syrup are added to it. The typical Indian is driven insane by the alluring bhelpuri. Nations all over the world recognize the dish’s enchantment. It’s common to see people eating bhelpuri at roadside kiosks while taking in the monsoon drizzle. Bhel puri can be cooked at home, where it can always be enjoyed while inside admiring the lovely rain. The most amazing thing about bhelpuri is that it disappears quickly due to its tempting mouthwatering taste, even though it cannot be preserved for later consumption.

12.Bhel Puri

13. Poha

Poha is a dish that has gained popularity among Indians and comes from Maharashtra. A subtle yet persistent flavor is imparted to the plate by adding boiled potatoes, peanuts, and spices to soaked flattened rice. Each person has a different preference for garnishing; some prefer bhujia and coriander leaves, while others prefer the aroma of curry leaves. Poha becomes more fragrant because of the monsoon breeze.

13.Poha 1

14. Jalebi

People enjoy the mouthwatering, twisted Indian jalebi in different ways. Others pair it with a spicy or salty snack, while many prefer it with ice cream or yogurt. However, eating jalebi in the rain is an entirely different sensation. A sugar syrup-dipped, hot-fried jalebi. Yummy!


15. Kachori

In India, kachori is a well-known food that varies significantly from state to state. Moong dal and besan (gram flour) are the main components. The stuffed gram flour dough balls are deep fried after being formed into balls and filled with fried moong dal. It is created with an onion filling and is both crunchy on the outside and crispy on the inside.


16. Khichdi

A plateful of khichdi is called for when there has been a lot of thunder and lightning, it has been raining heavily, your heart is grumbling, and you are hungry. The meal is being improved with the addition of papad and pickles.


17. Chaat

One of India’s most delectable foods is chaat, and the rainy season undoubtedly increases its mouthwatering factor. So why not spice life up with a spicy, drool-worthy plate of freshly made chaat while it’s raining outside and you’re feeling down and sullen?


18. Rolls and Wraps

One of the most delicious fast foods is rolls and wraps for on-the-go drinks. These diets assist with self-rejuvenation after a long day. Rolls and wraps can be a lifesaver when one is trapped in traffic due to a torrential downpour. They are spicily hot and filling.

18.Rolls and Wraps

19. Chips and Dips

The most easy to unwind is with a bowl of chips and chutney or dip made with favorite ingredients. People who prefer to enjoy rain indoors can do so with chips & dips while listening to the pitter-patter of showers.

19. Chips and Dips

20. Garlic Naan with Butter Chicken

One well-known Indian bread is garlic naan, which pairs beautifully with butter chicken. The most incredible option for vegetarians is always paneer, and naan pairs well with paneer tikka masala. A stomach-rumbling dinner is soft, fluffy naan with a silky gravy like butter chicken or paneer tikka masala. On a wet day, the spicy gravy is deliciously tasty, especially when hot is being served!

20.Garlic Naan with Butter Chicken