Best 20 Restaurants You Must Visit In Jodhpur!

Best 20 Restaurants You Must Visit In Jodhpur


Shandar Sweet Home

Jodhpur in all its grandeur will impress you! And in such a place, this simple and small eatery might surprise you. But what might surprise you more here is the powerful flavour of the dishes they make. The first point to be noted, all the dishes prepared here are made with shudh desi ghee. They usually have a limited few dishes, so hurry there. One of the most interesting dishes here is the Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi. Some of the other dishes that you might want to try are Lahsun Dal and Gatta Curry.



This restaurant is always flocked with tourists and locals. It is known for the best Rajasthani Thali in the city. The thali is served with 29 dishes, which will make you feel no less than a royalty. Make sure you go here with an empty stomach to enjoy the regional flavours in the dishes. Look out for the Dal Bati Churma here!


Hanwant Mahal

If you are in Jodhpur, then you cannot afford to miss this beautiful restaurant. Set on a rooftop, this place offers you not only a great view but also amazing food. It is tucked away from the noisy city, which makes the experience all so pleasurable. If you can eat a lot, then you must try the Royal Thali which comes with a lot of regional dishes. Some of the most familiar ones in the thali are Laal Maans and Ker Sangri. And don’t forget to finish it with Gulab jamun!



This restaurant on the rooftop of the Pal Haveli is a fancy spot for your candle light dinner date while you gaze at the floodlit Mehrangarh Fort in the evening. Infact, not only the Fort, you even get to see other prominent tourist attractions like the Umaid Bhavan Palace and Jaswant Thada from here. So if you really want the opportunity of enjoying that dinner here, make a prior reservation. They serve a variety of dishes, in Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. Go crazy with the Kebabs and thali here.


Janta Sweet Home

This sweet shop has multiple outlets in the city and is known for local Rajasthani snacks and sweets. They also serve a variety of fast food and fresh juices. Other than the obvious, you can take away khakra, pickles and what not from this simple local eatery. If you want the best of Rajasthani snacks, then try the onion Kachori and the mawa Kachori and you will be blessed for eternity with amazing taste.



One of Jodhpur’s first boutique hotels, Raas Hotel hosts this restaurant which offers a spectacular view of the Mehrangarh fort. Other than providing the backdrop for a dinner date, they are known for quite amazing food. They say that the recipes cooked here are with spices which are procured from a spice selling shop in Old Delhi, which happens to be more than 200 years old. Other than that, some of the ingredients are acquired from the local farmers, while the freshest of herbs and vegetables are grown within the restaurant’s organic garden.



Risala is known for specialising in the mix of Indian and Continental food. The restaurant offers its customers a spectacular view of the blue city as well as the magnificent fort. The interiors are adorned with portraits of royal heritage of the city. The menu consists of recipes which are age old and have been passed down as a tradition. The food was authenticated at the time of Kings, and hence are a true reflection of royalty.


Sunset Pavilion

This is known to be the highest dining place in the entire city. Located on the ground of Umaid Bhavan Palace, this restaurant has a rather special way to attending to their guests. The guests are taken to the uppermost deck via an elevator from 1940. The journey to the restaurant is rather a vintage one, with passing images and galleries. Once you reach the dining hall, you are presented with a delicious cup of wine to commence your journey of culinary heritage. The restaurant serves royal and international dishes. Other than the food being obviously delectable, the presentation is detailed and meticulous.



A perfect location to share a meal if you are looking for a great fusion of flavours. Other than the obvious fusion of flavours, they even experiment with art and cooking. The place has a lively feel, making it a great place to dine. There are food stations, where the chefs will prepare your favourite food of choice, right in front of you. One of the best things to eat here is the Jodhpuridahi Kebab, although most of the dishes are fantastic.


On The Rocks

A simple yet cosy restaurant that serves some of the best Sangari and Butter Roti in the city…. With an amazing service and amazing food quality, no wonder this place is always brimming with people.


The Good Earth

This one is for all Chinese lovers who just cannot do without Chinese on their holidays. This restaurant promises some of the best Chinese food, specialising the Cantonese and Schezuan dishes.



This one just is a true example of an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the food with exotic cocktails and relax during your vacations.


Gypsy Dining Hall

There is something so different about this simple place. The restaurant is very popular both amongst tourists and locals, for its special thalis.


Padharo Sa Niralidhani

If you want a place to relax and enjoy your meal, then this is it. The food will get you hooked to this restaurant which makes this place worthy of a visit.


The Recipe

This restaurant is known for quick and efficient service and delicious food. What more could we ask for?


Cross Roads Restaurant

If you are in search for a much needed break from traditional food, then this is it.



This restaurant is very close to the fort, and hence a convenient option for those visiting or leaving the fort. The restaurant is ideally flocked with tourists at all times.



If you are in search for some amazing food, along with a view, then look no further. Enjoy the service of humble waiters along with an amazing view with your loved one.



The food served here is not only amazing but also freshly made at all times. It is a marvellous location to eat at in the city, and the dishes will definitely please you with its amazing flavours.


Kalinga Restaurant

The fact that this restaurant is located very near to the railway station makes this a popular place. Even otherwise they are quite popular and serve simple but amazing dishes.