Best Casino Party Food Ideas To Serve

Best Casino Party Food Ideas To Serve
Best Casino Party Food Ideas To Serve


Planning a poolside party or a party at your favourite resort is always a tiring yet entertaining task. The first step towards organizing a party is deciding on the location and the theme of the party. Once you have settled on which theme you would like to follow, you will have to focus on the type of menu you will serve your guest. If you wish to make your party a big hit in the town, you must choose the food themes. You can try out the winter wonderland, or bringing Las Vegas to your backyard or living room would be one of the unique ways to savor your guest’s taste buds!

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For the holiday party in Vegas or, more specifically, your living room, you will have to make the decor accordingly. The casino parties are pretty distinguished from the ordinary ones, yet they are a lot easier in terms of decorations. All you need to do is add some neon lights, playing cards, black and red decor, and dice. In the end, you will have to figure out what dishes to put on the table when you have the casino theme all set.

The casino food items are well-known across the globe because of their delicious servings and the ambiance. Vegas is full of such outstanding and remarkable restaurants. You can keep those restaurants in mind and opt for foods such as a prime rib, baked potatoes, or many others serving in the most famous casinos in the world.

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1.Casino-themed Beverages

The first and foremost thing which people need and focus on is the drinks. An attractive table in one corner of your living room loaded with casino-themed beverages would be a big plus! You can include the most common and the most famous drinks from the casinos, such as the Lady Luck, Poker Face, Wild Card, Snake Eyes, and Face Card. They are a mix of different fruits, tequila, or other drinks per your need and comfort.


2.Dice Cheese ball

The appetizer is another big hit of most of the parties and casinos. The appetizers might look like a tiresome job, but they are the simplest and most accessible of all the available options. For example, you can add a ball of dice cheese to your menu and see how much people will love it. All you have to do is cut the cheese into cubes and add the olive dots to both sides to turn it into a yummy dice ball.

Dice cheese ball

3.Prime Rib

No matter which dish you opt for, be it a finger food platter or a buffet of casino-style, you will find prime rib there. Prime Rib is more like the king of fine dining at the casino. Your dine-in experience would be incomplete if you would not opt for the prime rib. You can add the thick slices of prime rib with some amazing curry or sauces, or you can go for smaller chunks of the prime rib and garnish them to eat with the toothpick. The decision is yours. The people who love to gamble at casinos love their food as well, so bringing such options to your living room will be a great idea!

Prime Rib

4. Shrimp cocktail

Shrimps are one of the favorite food items for many people. However, it gets difficult to eat while playing at the table. So there is a fantastic option that is the shrimp cocktail. You can treat your guests with small cups of unique cocktails, which can be eaten while playing the games on the table or talking to your friends.


5. Mini Baked Potatoes

If your guests are one of those who like to gamble or bet on different odds, then baked potatoes would be their most favorite staple. You can serve them in the form of huge baked russets, or you can slice them up and stuff them with cheese, sour cream, and chives. This will make a fantastic combo for the casino-themed buffet.

Mini Baked Potatoes

6. Slot Machine Fruit

Last but not least, you can add sparkle to your casino-themed party by adding some healthy foods as well. Some of the guests might love the idea a lot. You can opt for chilled o the slot machine and let your guests enjoy the delicious fruits. You can also add a few sugar sprinkles to make it tastier.

Slot machine fruit