Best Restaurants In Jalandhar, Punjab

Best Restaurants In Jalandhar, Punjab

1. Chatter Box

Amazing food, Excellent Service, and a fun atmosphere! Definitely  place to go in Jalandhar for a great meal with family and friends. Also don’t miss the window  side coffee service, it is fun to watch roadside scenes, the coffee is delicious. The drinks that you get at this place is out of the world and the exclusive variety of food is just awesome.


2.  Baba’s Veg & Non-Veg

Baba is an excellent and well-patronised non- veg eating joint in Jalandhar. The repertoire is mind blowing, exhaustive and preparation fantastic makes for a nice eating out experience every time. Food in Baba’s  chicken corner is simply  awesome especially butter chicken, tandoori chicken,and fish.


3. Chick Chick

It is famous for its variety of chicken that they are offering,in North India chicken has many varieties like lemon chicken,butter chicken,tandoori chicken,chicken curry etc etc.So if you are a chicken lover too then must visit this place once.


4. Nik Baker’s

Nik Bakers have been around for about ten years and it never ever fails to surprise me. It is definitely my place to go whenever I feel like having delicious cakes and bakes. Be it their mouthwatering pasta, sandwiches or pastries and waffles, this place never disappoints.
Being a regular, right from using their brown bread and birthday cakes, it is impeccable how they have maintained their quality for many years.
Though all their desserts are scrumptious, personal favorites include Nutty Caramel Tart, Choco Almond Tart, Chocolate Praline Cake,vanilla with dark forest, Strawberry Chocolate Cake and the comparatively brand new addition to their menu-Vanilla Cream Cake. The Chocolate Chip Cookies,Almond Biscuits and Honey Almond Dry Cake are definitely worth a try. I am also a big fan of their shakes they are offering, the Ferrero Rocher one being my favorite. Although this place seems to be on the expensive side compared to other old and new bakeries, it is definitely worth it keeping in mind the heavenly satisfaction you feel after eating it!


5 Heat 7

It is the place both to dine with the family and having fun on the dance floor.They have a large variety of food and beneath the restaurant there is a disco which has the great collection of the songs.


6. Aarkay Vaishno Dhaba

As its name signifies that  it has a Dhaba touch in its food. The best dish they offer is dal makhani with butter naan just a wow element in this can’t explain if you want to taste this wow element then you have to visit this place.


7. Food Bazar

This is the best place if you  love the street food roadside food which are spiciest, tastiest and also hygienic like golgape, tikki and so many other street food along with this they are offering the main course in veg and non -veg. both sections.


8. Lovely Bake Studio

This is the place if you love sweet, the quality and taste they are offering are simply mouthwatering. The best sweet which I like the most is Sandesh a Bengali sweet made up of coconut.


9. Mojos’

This place is best for the fast food, you can choose the toppings of your choice for burgers or for any other thing. If you are fed up of eating again and again  the same burger then try this place this is heaven for you if you too are a burger lover.


10. Sodhi Jalebi Corner

As it name signifies this place Is famous for jalebi, The most favorite sweet of a North Indian it is  one of oldest shops in Jalandhar.


11. Baithak

Baithik is a dhaba which offers the delicious food.It has a Punjabi touch in his food that makes it more delicious and eye soothing.


12. Hotel Kings

This is the best place for food and service, the dishes on the menu are great. You are happy when you leave the restaurant and its not that much expensive. The staff was awesome and it will make your meal very pleasant.


13. Eat Well House

This place is pocket -friendly and also served the good food.And also if you are visited here then  do taste their spicy food that is simply awesome.


14. Leo Fort Hotel

If you are here then do visit the cafe Manhattan here the classy coffee they are offering is something you even can’t imagine. The royal taste of the coffee you can not easily forget in your whole life and this will bring you back to this place again and again.


15. Haveli

Haveli a name well known for its hospitality, where  a good food with awesome and friendly environment is given,All the Punjabi’s dishes and the presentation of old culture is very mind-blowing. Even we can see that there are several things viz. dummy well,an old man weaving the threads, shops,camel and horse riding and what not all the small details are properly showed by these things.The Thali served by them included all dishes of Punjab. We can say it is the miniature of  Punjab, which shows each and every thing.


16. The Maya Hotel

If you are ready to spent money then this place is for you,richness and comfort are on another level.The dishes served by them is so delicious and the staff is so cooperative and nice towards its customers.The hospitality is so good and personifies word Super Luxury to an extent.


17. The President Hotel

At President, we offer a distinctive and tastiest dining experience, one that explores the rest of the finest Indian and international cuisines, dishes and meals, serving traditional style and contemporary favourites. This hotel is famed for the super tasty food served by them and also the sweet staff who will do each and every thing for your comfort.


18. Rangla Punjab

This is the another place for the Punjabi food. It offers the oldest,tastiest meals of Punjabi which are prepared in old style using ‘Chulah’ for giving them a special taste and fragrance. When you enter, the flash back of old  Punjabi’s culture starts there are puppetry shows, students played with marbles, Punjabi songs and dance is going on  etc it made a stunning  and powerful environment which drags you in old Punjab.


19. Radisson Hotel

It is situated in  the center of the city.Employees are good and sweet by nature and  food that is served are simply awesome. Especially the kebab factory it serves the best kebab and another non- veg. items. It has  a bar in the hotel with good collection in it, the tastiest thing according to people poll is sweet crispy chicken wings with pudina chutney.