20 Types of Biscuits You Must Try

20 Types of Biscuits You Must Try

Biscuits are a handy fast food which are easily available. No grocery shopping is complete without adding biscuits in the cart. There are many varieties of biscuits available today with numerous ingredients to make...
Top 20 Festive Dishes Of India

Top 20 Festive Dishes Of India

1.Chole Bature:This is a typical Indian dish which is famous all over the world. The dish is the combo of two things which areChole and Bature. The Chole is the type of Sabzi made...
Mouth Watering Delicious Kashmiri Foods

20 Mouth Watering Delicacies Of Zaeka-e-Kashmir (Kashmiri Food)

The heaven of earth as it is known as not just has an alluring beauty to the eyes but also has the capability to mesmerize your taste buds. These Mouthwatering and finger licking dishes of...

Top 20 Foods from the streets of Ramnagar

Each state has its own cuisine since India is a land of diverse culture. Not many people know this, but there are plenty of delicacies in Ramnagar to satisfy your hunger. While walking down...
20 Ritter Sport Chocolates That You Have Got To Try!

19 Ritter Sport Chocolates That You Have Got To Try!

Ritter Sport is one of the leading German chocolate companies when it comes to the making of  real chocolates. Not only are they delicious to have, but also delicious to look at it. They...
20 Different Types of Dry Fruits

20 Different Types of Dry Fruits

1 AlmondAlmond is an edible seed and native to Southwestern Asia. It can be eaten raw, blanched, or roasted. Almonds are used to make marzipan, a sweet paste made in Europe. Almonds have 22%carbohydrates,...
20 Dishes Made From Milkmaid

20 Dishes Made From Milkmaid!

We love to eat different kinds sweet dishes, but is really tiring and time- consuming to make it. Well, milkmaid makes it easy to make them. With milkmaid, it looks like the sweet dish...

20 Best Eating Joints in Chikmagalur

1. Town CanteenTown Canteen in Chikmagalur is a well – known place for their variety of Dosa items and they’re delicious. They only serve South-Indian Cuisines. They also make desserts like Gulab jamun, Kheer,...
Top 20 Types of Dry Cakes

Top 20 Types of Dry Cakes

1 Butter CakeButter cake means a cake with lots of butter. Sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and baking powder or baking soda are used as its ingredients. This cake is perfect for an afternoon tea....
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20 Types of Fries You Should Try

French Fries come in all shapes and sizes, and they are served with sandwiches, burgers, and also alone.They are made from cutting out potatoes into wedges or sticks and then deep fried.Here is a...

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top 20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes

20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes – A Must Try For A Foodie

1.MalvanisagotiMalvani food has always been well known for the unique masala used. The masala used here is very different from rest of the Maharashtra....
top 20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

Street Food has always been a distinct part of Cuisine of each and every state in India. Indians love street food mostly because it...